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  1. I Imported this from the USA but pretty certain I'll never get around to building and using it. http://garyhethcoat.com/ New in the box as received, fibreglass fuselage "clam shells" canopy and the short balsa and ply kit. You will still need sheeting materials for the wings and lets be honest everything else. Based on 70mm fans though i have heard someone shoehorned some 80mm items in. Prefer collection but may be able to post subject parcel size, costs etc £799 saving you postage from the US, import duties, VAT and Fedex ransom Near Stansted airport
  2. Two set of plans on good quality paper, rolled in tube although the Horten plans came to me folded. Messerschmitt Me 163 B is a MAN by John Moss. 3 sheets The Horten is HO229 V3 by Jack Lynn Bale 1:8 2 sheets (has some hand written notes) Collection or post.
  3. Hi Trevor, Simon, Parallel to wing/datum and some mixing sounds good. the wing although Concorde "shaped- ish" in plan view is completely flat underneath and like the Millennium Dome on top. The manual suggested some reflex but that had to be dialed out as it just wanted to climb on throttle or bob about nose up. Simon, I looked at your Concorde before when I was bothering people with this, looks great, wish I had the time and patience. Any dis/advantage of separate ail/ele over elevon on her. The Robbe was designed as separate but must most seem to have ended up as elevons. I would have liked to use 4x 30/35mm edf but not enough go and 4 x40mm just no. The 50s seem to have more than enough and a guy has printed me a series of thrust and inlet tubes to play with Im keen on the pair that been flattened at the outlet, sorry cant think of the actual term. With the removal of the standard servos etc I may even be able to get some functional retracts on her, I've knocked up a nose wheel for testing (Freewing Lippisch unit with a pivot at the rear to retract forward) and it tucks away nicely, mains im still looking at CG and fan placement
  4. Hi Jeff, I couldnt remember the exact figure but you are correct £919 for two £195 small lumps of foam. You are also correct on import tax, VAT, handling charge. I got caught out on some lipo's I received a ransom note from Fedex to pay before delivery.
  5. July, nothing has changed time to buy elsewhere, everyone else has it sorted. Looked at the new Gloster Gladiator, bit of chuck it in the boot fun and a bit different. I had essentially two in the cart one plus spares whilst they are available as they usually run out of the breakable items. Check out was a wee surprise virtually £1000 inc postage to the UK from Global for a £195 model, result is I'm NOT the proud owner of the new Gladiator and wont be spending another penny with them. I also needed a new prop for my old MK24 Spitfire 5 blade. This is where the nonsense starts, Spinner from global to home, no problem. Blades from EU to family in EU and five blade hub from USA to family member in the States as no postage option to the UK. Strange family members were able to send here with no fuss. HK has made a choice.
  6. Hi Paul, The original owner ignored the instructions, ditched the standard servos with separate ail & elev and went with elevons with 9g servos they also fitted brushless motors of unknown parentage and a 2200 3s with 6x4 counter props. It sounds terrible. It currently puts out 800g static thrust, as I understand this is considerably more than standard. It also weighs about 30% less than standard I have a pair of fms 11 blade 50mm fans putting out about 800g each when tested, an ebay member has produced some really nice custom thrust tubes, we've played with the eflux to get the right performance so I'm hoping even with a horrific 50% loss I'll hopefully still have an improvement on standard and it sounds good. Also I cant leave anything alone.
  7. Hi, I bothered members with Robbe Concorde questions before and am planning to fit edf's and now have everything in place. Its no shelf queen so the conversion is the right way to go in my opinion. The twin pushers are angled down at quite an angle. I've taken a few measurements etc and found that the thrust line of the motors runs up through the point of CG and to a point above the nose!. it also has the elevons set with some reflex/up elevator, almost a upside down helicopter. My plan was to mount the motors at a more conventional angle. i'm absolutely certain that there are members out there with better knowledge of these things than me and thank you in advance.
  8. I think i'll probably keep it, it looks a simple quick build but I will end up making it heavier. 100% it will end up with landing gear etc. There is some visible delamination of the wings but im not about to open the wing "sandwich" to find out how much unless I've cleared the decks to build it. As well as the doublers there are some seriously chunk lumps of balsa that could be hollowed out to save a gram or two. Depron fuss?
  9. It may be "how long is a piece of string" or as much as anyone is prepared to pay at any particular time. I have a 43" Cambria P51 Fun Fighter kit. Has been stored in house office for years, box and contents are pretty much perfect. I understand that the P51 & the Me 109 were the better versions in the series? I'm thinking of selling but not 100% and thought about building and adding non essentials like a throttle if you read the manual ! I would rather keep it for some future time than let it go for peanuts. Anyone more familiar with these kits and values?
  10. Hi Steve, I managed to contact 4Max/George just in the Nick of Time, £22.50 later and its in the box with my "George" recommended BT Mossie electric conversion. Thanks
  11. I found a number had sizes similar to a couple of automotive set I already own, so tested them, they hold the pin but wont crimp it. I've ordered one from 4Max as in the link from Earlybird
  12. Thanks, Missed that one, not sure how as I have a current order with 4Max, If im quick I may escape an additional delivery charge.
  13. Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable item. I looked on-line and found a few listed but not at model shops ranging for £7 to £300!. Checking a couple of the automotive crimps I have revealed one showing the same size range as that shown for our purpose. However a quick test run showed it was way too big for purpose but this size is being listed for RC use. Thanks
  14. Unfortunately there is no charging provision within the DX6 for this battery, so a 2pin to banana cable is sold by Spektrum but neither of my chargers will recharge it, both identifying different faults
  15. Thanks Shaun, I have a order for 4Max so I'll add this in.?
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