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  1. Thank you Simon. Crikey, it seems you had a nightmare with the laptop! I would indeed prefer a refund but I'll accept a replacement if that's the offer. There doesn't seem to be many options available in sealing irons. There's an Irvine one (which is what I'm using at the moment, thanks to a loan from a clubmate) at around £55 or so and I may buy one of those.
  2. Yes Robert, PayPal do have a dispute procedure. I really hope it doesn't come to that for 35 quid's worth! The silly thing is that the likely result is a replacement which I don't want. After four of the things failing on me I've completely lost faith. I started to wonder if I was doing something wrong but I switch it on, set the temperature and iron on the film. I can't see what else you can do!
  3. Thanks Martin. Yes, it's a very well known UK model shop. As of yet they've not replied to my email but I'll give them a bit longer. If still no reply then maybe phoning them is the next step. I did pay for the goods with PayPal.
  4. As per the subject, I'd like to hear opinions and advice on a matter regarding faulty goods. In March this year I bought a Prolux LCD sealing iron. I've used it to cover an autogyro project I built and was part way through covering another build when it ceased working. It's the fourth Prolux iron I've had in four years and every one has failed with the same error - Err 2, which I think indicates the heating element has burned out. This latest one has lasted just four months. I have emailed the vendor but have received, as yet, no reply. Do you think I have any right to request they offer me a replacement? My other intended course of action, if the vendor doesn't respond, is to email the UK distributor, who is CML I believe. Any thoughts?
  5. At last a bit more progress. I've covered the fin and rudder and, after a hiccup when my sealing iron conked out, covered the fuselage too, using an iron borrowed from a clubmate (thanks Dave). Servos are fitted and control horns added to the elevons. Soooo.... remaining to do is cover the upper wing, sort out the motor and cowl, glue the fin to the fuse, add a control horn to the rudder and sort out the linkages and electronics. Crikey, it's suddenly not too far off maiden flight time!! A word on the sealing iron issue: The iron that has just failed is a Prolux LCD model and is the 4th, yes FOURTH, I've had in as many years. All have failed with the same error - Err 2 - and seem to have burned out the heating element. To say I'm annoyed is putting it mildly. I will NOT be buying any more Prolux irons. I'm happy to hear any recommendations or suggestions. A couple of pics attached. The fin is not glued yet.
  6. Well, my Prolux digital LCD iron has just failed on me, half way through covering a fuselage. Same error as detailed above (Err 2). This is the FOURTH iron that has failed like this in as many years, probably less. This one was bought in March this year. Frankly, this is just unacceptable rubbish. I've contacted the seller to see if they will refund or replace. I'd rather a refund as I've utterly lost faith in this model.
  7. Absolutely hit the nail on the head @Phil Green. The bad manners and impatience among drivers today is frankly shocking. It's weird how people who would probably be perfectly polite to your face turn into ignorant maniacs when behind the wheel. Something to do with anonymity I suspect.
  8. Politics rearing its ugly head. It seems to me this thread has long ago passed the point of being useful or interesting. It’s not much more than pros and antis throwing biased, cherry-picked facts or, sometimes, fantasies at each other. I think it's in the "ignore" category for me now.
  9. Indeed they are. They measure power, which is in turn a measure of the rate of doing work. One Watt is one Joule per second and one horsepower is, from memory, equivalent to approximately 746 Watts. This thread seems to be becoming rather odd and esoteric!
  10. Because I've got 40k to waste and I like driving a new car.
  11. You're right Frank. I've owned a Tesla for close on four years and once you've used a supercharger you wonder why on earth the rest have to be so complicated!
  12. I think they apply a figure of so many miles per kWh and use that as the measure. I'm not sure of the conversion factor but say it's 3 miles per kWh, then they're giving you 5,000 kWh. Obviously they know how much charge you put in each time. It's almost instant as well - I charged at a supercharger yesterday and it updated my total miles remaining within a few seconds.
  13. Well Tesla have just given me 15,000 miles of free supercharging when I bought a new Model 3 so I won't be paying for fuel for about two years!
  14. At last a little progress has been made. The rear wing is covered now - the colour scheme is largely dictated by the film I'd got in stock and my genetic disposition to chronic thriftiness (meanness). I shall add some lettering in due course to make it more interesting. The underside of the wings is white as I thought a contrast might assist in orientation. The fin and rudder is constructed too and the elevon servos installed, so not too much more to do. A week's break down in Somerset intervenes now but I shall push on with renewed urgency when I return. I dislike covering models and one thing always puzzles me: Do I dislike it because I'm no good at it or am I no good at it because I dislike it? There's a philosophical conundrum to tax the grey matter.....
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