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  1. Well on first look through it I am largely in agreement with the BMFA / LMA responses. The response makes a good case about the number of reported UAS incidents and how many of those were model aircraft, however I would like to know out of the reported incidents how many were actually confirmed as being UAS and then how many of those were model aircraft. I will have to read it again but I don't see why the response is 'Agree' to both 23 and 24 if in each case it is both impractical and disproportionate.
  2. The 200 has noticeably more power than the 180. I used to have a 180 in my first ESM Hurricane which I then changed to a GA30 (Laser petrol 180), there wasn’t much difference in performance. My latest ESM Hurricane weighs quite a bit more and is powered by the 200 in-line and it gets hauled around the sky much easier than the 180 powered one did. I also have a Great Planes Giant Super Sportster and that has had a Zenoah 38, an NGH 38, Laser GA30 and now a 200 in-line. The 200 provides far more performance than any of the others. Of course the 200 also sounds so much nicer too!
  3. Thanks Eric, food for thought, although Elmo thinks it should be IC powered anyway, or maybe that was just his reference to inhaling can of bis? Who knows?
  4. I am now having some 'help' in the design, seemingly it's not quite right!
  5. Rabid Models sell a profile B17, 45" wingspan. If I do progress mine it will be the same construction as the others, box section fuse with a KFm4 wing section. Both the wing area and tailplane area have been increased from pure scale and it will utilise the same 2212 1200 motors as the other models. The only other thing I'm pondering over is the battery, the Mossie uses 2 x 1300mAh 3s in the nacelles, so I could go for 4 x those or with 2 (1 per wing) or just 1 in the main fuselage. PS, like the Corsair
  6. Just got to change or check out one of the aileron servos as it was glitching (hence the twitching in the early parts of the flight).
  7. Well here it is, finished And here is the maiden flight
  8. And the second maiden, my own design Depron Mossie, boy am I pleased with the way it flys
  9. Beautiful day today and 2 maiden flights! First up the XFly P68 And its second flight which was somewhat better having trimmed it and fitted a lighter battery
  10. Sharing data with family plus sharing data across multiple devices. There are also a lot of software programs (and increasingly more so) that rely on cloud storage. Just because the data is stored in the cloud doesn’t mean it isn’t yours (sorry Mike!).
  11. Rubbish - scaremongering. Any real proof of that? I’ve been using ‘free’ cloud space for years and have never been charged. I also have paid for space too and as a result have stopped using my NAS devices.
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