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  1. Today was a lovely day for flying but I couldn’t go, still I’m at Old Warden tomorrow and another club day on Sunday.
  2. Lovely model that Martin, reminds me of my Giant Super Sportster.
  3. I bought the Hobby King one that they used (?) to sell a few years back, didn't enjoy it so it's sat at the back of my workshop gathering dust. Launching them requires a special knack, as you said in your vid!
  4. Part 6 - Fitting the dihedral braces with the big nasty knife and a hacksaw blade!
  5. I would mount the engine at approx 45º which is what I did with the LA-7. Jon Harper built one and is running that with a Laser 80 in it.
  6. Following on from Eric's post above, as a guideline, for the laminated LE glue it to the wing so that the ply is about 1/3rd of the way up: And the laminated TE glued with its bottom surface level with the underside of the balsa false TE (sand that to the wing profile before gluing the laminated TE on).
  7. Yes it does work Eric, and a nice bit of flying. You’ve also reminded me that I’ve still got that kit to build, my intention was for it to be powered by a Laser 80, like my LA7, but I’m now thinking of leccy instead - shock, horror!
  8. I think people may have felt a bit apprehensive about positioning the cut but the wings already have that in place, through the top veneer and 2/3rds through the foam core so it is an easy cut to make, don’t be afraid of it. The sanding to an angle is also really easy, you can do it like I did or as Richard did with the sandpaper on the board, holding the wing at an angle and caressing it backwards and forwards a few times on the sand paper (I must admit that I prefer my way!). The dihedral braces are full depth, one just behind the LE (where it meets the foam core) and one further back approx mid chord. You can form the cuts for these (they are only thin ply) before you cut the wings, after you’ve cut them or as I’m going to do, after I’ve joined them. I will do a vid including this bit of work but I plan to use a long thin bladed knife (old kitchen knife) to slice right through the wing then use a hacksaw blade following the slice to form the slot. I will then glue them in place with Gorilla Glue brown - simples! Like most WR kits (well maybe not the Mustang) don’t overthink it coz that’s the route to madness. You’ve got to remember who designed this (I mean the boys, not Richard and defo forget Paul - Paul who?) and I suspect they were under the influence of something at the time anyway.
  9. Goriila Glue make several glues such as PVA (white), foaming (brown) and non foaming (clear), they also make a lot of other glues too. The clear one is a very strong glue, is waterproof and dries clear, the only downside is that it is quite expensive but well worth it imo. None of the aforementioned glues have an instant grab like superglue does.
  10. You know I knew I should have videoed that bit but only thought about it afterwards! The wings come with pre cut slots which go through the top veneer and about 2/3rds of the foam. I just used my razor saw to cut through the balsa LE and TE then the remaining foam and veneer. I was going to use my panel saw (similar butchery to that which Richard adopted) but decided that the razor saw would be a bit more subtle! A hacksaw blade would also do the job well. Regarding the angle for the dihedral, tbh I did it by eye, I placed each cut section flat on the workbench with the end over the edge then used a sanding board to sand back to an angle on both mating surfaces. It doesn’t need to be too much, in fact I overdid it on the first one so had to sand it back a bit. I try to get the best fit that I can between the finished mating surfaces but if you use Goriila Glue brown (the foaming one) then it doesn’t matter too much if there is a bit of a gap (no more than 2mm?). If you are using a non foaming glue such as epoxy then you want a good close fit between the panels.
  11. I would lightly sand the mating surfaces then either use non fuming (odourless)super glue or Gorilla Glue clear.
  12. Love the colour scheme Eric. Don’t worry about the build, I’ve been flying the flag as it was too wet for tractor maintenance.
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