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  1. I do have a soft spot for the Rascal due to how much enjoyment I get from the big 110” one I have. The design just looks so good. Having said that I do love my Laser engines and building a ‘Mad Max’ type rendition of the Mystic is also a very attractive’ proposition.
  2. This is a different approach where viewers of my YouTube channel will get to decide which model I build next! This will then form the content for the next build VLOG.
  3. TWIN X14 also supports ACCST D16 and ACCESS modes
  4. It’s always easier to blame the radio gear rather than dumb thumbs.
  5. Then stretch to the X20S or really stretch to the Pro!
  6. Are you near a FrSky dealer Dave? Having said that the X18 and X20 feel very similar but I haven’t tried the X14. I’ve got the X20S and love it, you will find a huge difference in quality between the QX7 and either the X18 or X20 and Ethos is certainly more intuitive than OpenTX. Whatever you do don’t hold an X20Pro, they are superb and you’ll hanker after one!
  7. Many thanks for your kind words Gordon, I’ve said this before but getting these sort of responses make it all worthwhile especially when things have been learnt from them! There will be more build Vlogs as I have quite few to do! Regarding the FW’s speed, for the vast majority of the flights it was flown a bit faster than ‘scale’ so that I could get used to it and it was also flown way faster than scale when I was doing some full throttle fly pasts as that always brings a grin! The landings weren’t too bad as long as the approach is a long one which gives the model time to slow down, the next flights should be better as I’ve now settled on the amount of noseweight required and I now know how it flies. I will be filming it again to makeup for the poor quality of the last one!
  8. The video is currently being uploaded to YouTube. TBH it's not the best video due to the fact that I had the GoPro angled too high and that it was a really horrible sky for photos. The video is actually the second flight as I hadn't go the camera switched on for the maiden! From the launch I didn't need to input any trim changes at all, it just flew straight and level out of the launcher's hand but I felt that it was a bit nose heavy. So for the second flight which the video shows I had removed 1/3rd of the nose weight which made it slightly more sensitive but the 45º inverted climb showed it to still be nose heavy, however the onlookers all agreed that it didn't look as good as it did in the maiden flight. So I will be putting a bit more lead back in the ballast box. The stall is non existent and it was 'planted' throughout its flights showing a good (non scale) turn of speed with WOT, flight times were circa 8 minutes which left just over 30% in the 3700mAh 4s packs. It does take a bit of time to slow down on landing so lower approaches are the order of the day but it comes in nice and flat. Hand launching was easy and there was no torque roll or nose dipping. It's a winner!
  9. Later Eric, it’s the final chapter in the VLOG, Chapter 30.
  10. As a matter of interest did you try and charge the one ‘dead’ cell. I’ve done that on a number of occasions, true it’s mainly been if I’ve had 1 cell that’s badly out of balance but I’ve also done it on an otherwise ‘dead’ cell. Even having done that the ‘repaired’ battery is consigned to desk duty.
  11. I know only too well the problem with WiFi signals as our cottage is built from clay lump which, due to its nature, contains a fair bit of moisture!
  12. You can just drop the (filtered) delivery tube into the bottle, however it is better if you modify the top for both the delivery tube and vent as that will prevent dirt getting into the bottle. I've modified the top for mine and have the pump attached to the bottle with quick release zip ties, that way I can easily put them onto a new bottle when the fuel runs out.
  13. That would explain it, in the heady heights of South Norfolk we are 41m above sea level!
  14. If anyone wants balance boxes and battery trays let me know, I've already cut some for Murat! PM me if you are interested.
  15. If you have used charcoal to weather / detail your FW then make sure that you seal it before flying as damp grass will wipe the charcoal off! I've used a water based satin floor varnish on mine, with 2 coats on the underside.
  16. Just following on with the motor / power them, I tested my Overlander 3548 900Kv yesterday and with a 4s battery and spinning a 12x8 APC it was pulling 60a and was showing just over 800w. So an 11x8 prop would also be OK and may save some landing breakages. If you are using the alloy spinners then balance them first, mine was quite a bit out so I rotated the front piece through 180º and that helped but it still needed some balance weight.
  17. I had to replace the motor on mine, the Overlander that was in the model was faulty so I had to get another one. Tested it yesterday and at WOT with an APC 12x8 it's pulling 60a and producing just over 800W which should be more than enough! A word of caution though if you have the alloy spinners, test them for balance, mine was quite a bit out, turning the front section through 180º helped but it still needed a bit of balance weight.
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