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  1. Go for it, I think Richard still has a couple of kits left but they are truly a lovely model especially with the U/C.
  2. OK so here is the test flight of the retro fit retracts with dangle mod, on grass, enjoy - Richard, you can skip to the end but you'll miss some good bits.
  3. Clever bit of engineering Nick.
  4. C'mon Paul, you know that your just have to get your danglies hanging just right (or maybe just left) especially when rolling on grass.
  5. Today’s update, the revised UC geometry has worked very well and all grass ops were completed without any issues. I’m currently uploading a vid so you will soon be able to tell for yourselves but as I’m up at the field it may take a while!
  6. Not a marmalade sandwich then?
  7. The revised rake on the legs seems to have worked and I had 3 successful flights this evening, well one landing was poor which resulted in the wheel cap and wheel coming off. I had previously lost the other one when I had the nose over yesterday so put a thread on that one, I will do the same with this one.
  8. Tilley hat for me, as per my avatar, that’s how people spot me on the flight lines!
  9. That’s exactly my point, get someone with experience to fly the model after he’s set it up as per my post, or GG’s above. All this faffing about with incident meters / inclinometers is, at this stage of Toto’s flying career is completely OTT. Let’s face it, he could spend hours fiddling around with his dangle meter and get it all beautifully setup, give the model to someone with experience who then makes changes to suit the way the model is flying in the air, not on the desk. There is nothing to stop Toto doing all the things you’ve mentioned later once he’s got several flights under his belt.
  10. Part B - the completion of the retracts retro fit
  11. Ron Gray

    Laser 180

    Yes there was, the GA30.
  12. But not necessary imo, I’ve only ever bothered going down that route when I attempted F3A! TBH with all new models I make an ‘educated’ guess as to what I think the throws should be, regardless of instructions then go and fly the model. What it behaves like in the air determines, for me, the correct settings.
  13. Hell's teeth Peter, that's enough to scare anyone off setting a model up. My suggestion, set the controls up so that everything is at neutral when the sticks are centred, then if the instructions say 22m up / down for ailerons set rates so that is the MAX then half that for MIN and somewhere in between for the MID rates. Repeat for all control surfaces and make sure CoG is as per the instructions. Then, now here's the good bit, get someone else (experienced pilot)to fly it for you first and let them trim it and feedback on the amount of control throws. Job done.
  14. I managed to nip up to the field to try out the U/C and, as feared, it wanted to nose over as soon as I opened the throttle. I only had time for that one run so back home and inserts have been fitted to the underside of the rear retract mounting plate. I went a bit upmarket and used ones from John Lewis rather that McD’s but a blast around the garden shows that it’s much better behaved.
  15. Already in place, my order should be arriving tomorrow and so much cheaper than MT.
  16. I will take some stirrers with me when I go flying on Monday, Justin Case (he had a brother called Brief and another called Ed).
  17. Yep been there several times! The grass at the flying field is a lot shorter than at home (🥴) plus I do have tarmac as well so I will see on Monday.
  18. oh yes, they do look good don’t they? 😉😉
  19. Lieutenant Toftington giving it a pre flight check over
  20. Retracts now fitted plus a tailwheel. Initial taxi runs show that (as Richard has done) it may need a sliver of wood under the rear of the units to rake the gear forwards to prevent nose overs.
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