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  1. Good point .Think you are right Frank It might be better to have no gyro in the Pitts after all .Problem and some money saved Thanks
  2. Someone told me the Wings and Wheels Model show was back on I thought it had all been cancelled ????
  3. Bit confused here.I can by the Fms Pitts but have to buy the Reflecks seperate and it is not installed in the model .So the Reflect will not be programed to any model .So the Reflects will have to be programed to suit the Pitts .It all sounds a bit to confusing to me .Think I will buy the Pitts and just just install Spektrum AS3X/SAFE receiver in the model .Job done
  4. I am not sure but I have heard you have to programe it from your computer .Me and computers do not get on very well I am looking at getting the FMS 1400 Pitts but you have to buy the reflects separate and programe it on a laptop or computer .If that is the case I might be better just getting a Spectrum AS3X / SAFE receiver
  5. I notice now FMS models now come with the reflects system has an extra The FMS models do not come with refects installed .Which if I am correct you will have to install the refects yourself.Is this an easy install ,or is it a nightmare to install and would it be easier just to buy a Spectrum receiver with AS3X and Safe ???
  6. Hi .Decided with all this crap weather .I need a little hack model to fly in all this windy weather.The Max Riot comes to mind .The recommended lipo for a Riot is a 3s 2200 but I hear most people are flying it on 4s .Will the Riot take a 4s without any mods ?
  7. Thanks everyone .You have all been a great help.It is quite clear what has to be done.The club rule will be enforcing the rule If those who want to change the rule will either except the club rule or leave the club.Of course the other option is to stand for a committee position but like most clubs they quick to moan but will not want the hassle of going on the committe and doing something to help the club instead they just think of them self and no one else
  8. Think that is the route we will have to go down.Trying to please everyone does not work .I have emailed every members saying if we fly on kart racing days we will lose the flying field Most member now realise.that now and are coming round that it is better to lose 10 weekends a year then 52 weekends a year A few member are still insisting they want to fly on kart racing weekends but they will be told to find a different club to fly at
  9. Have a reply from the BMFA and Andy was a great help .It is going to be sorted now .The Flying Club Committee are on safety grounds going to enforce no flying on Kart racing days and thosee members that do not like that will be told maybe they should find a different club to fly at We might lose a few members but at least we will still have a flying club
  10. We will lose The Kart Club have said if we fly over the race track while they are racing. They will contact the farmer who owns our field and the farmer has already said if that happens .We are history .So these selfish members are going to lose us the field .It is a no win situation for the committee
  11. I think Freewing have discontinued the Venom now but you may still be able to get a limited number of spares
  12. Unfortunately when we take off or land we have to fly very if not over the kart track.To me it is ridiculous to fly.So I have made a personal choice not to fly when the karts are racing..Think I will just come off the committee and let them get on with it .That way I know I know I am safe .If we still have a flying field this time next year is now down to the members who want to fly when the karts are racing.!!!!!!
  13. Yep due to a few selfish members who just want fly regardless. We could end up with no flying field 😩
  14. Taken all your advice and now contacted the BMFA about this . Waiting on the BMFA reply
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