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  1. That what I meant 4 thou.4 thou feeler gauge goes through but the 10 thou feeler gauges does not .Going to try it tomorrow to see if it has made any difference 🤞
  2. Set the tappets to 0.04 and I had a 16x6 prop on .Changed that to a 15x8 Not mentioned it is installed in a Hanger 9 Carbon Cub.It used to do a loop no problem now it is struggling to do the loop .Hoping the resetting of the tappers will bring it back to life 🤞 The Saito 120 is not that old and done hardly any running.So it can not be worn out yet
  3. Found the inlet tappett tight with no gap .Adjusted it to 5 thou .So would a completely tight tappet with no clearance and an exhaust tappets with a massive gap could be the reason for lack of power ?
  4. My Saito 120 is down on power .Going to check the valve clearance. Anyone know what the valve clearance should be on a Saito 120
  5. Rocker

    Laser 180

    Just out of interest .Am I right in thinking the Laser 180 is = to a 30cc petrol engine ?.Or is it not that simple
  6. With the Seagull 98 inch Bird dog being over £500 .Think the Laser 180 might be to powerfully for the Bird dog .So do not want to buy the model only to find the Laser 180 to powerfully for it Do not really want to buy the Bird dog and a another engine .Might just put the Laser 180 in the draw for the time being Not really sure what would suit the Laser 180 that is available at the moment Shame the Wots Wot XL is discontinued, that was perfect for the Laser 180 😒
  7. I now have a spare Laser 180. Was thinking if buying a Seagull 98inch Birddog .Seagull recommend a 35 to 40cc petrol engine for this model.So thought my Laser 180 engine would be perfect for the Birddog .Now everyone in our flying club think the Laser 180 will be to much for it and say go with a 120 or a 150 size engine .Would really like to put the 180 in it but am told the Laser 180 is to powerful for the Seagull 98 inch Birddog Its flying weight is 16 lb Any advice weather to put a 120/150 Laser or stick with the Laser 180 would be great fully received
  8. You were 100% right Jon .Just fond a loose aileron horn on that servo. So you were right .Had a loose horn which caused aileron flutter which strip the servo gear .Thanks Jon 👍
  9. Thanks Jon .I take your advice I hope you are OK and life is good for you now after Laser Going to miss you and Laser
  10. I did have aileron flutter .That is why I landed because the left wing had aileron flutter and the is the aileron that had strip gear .Got me worried now .Maybe there is an outlining problem ???
  11. The servos I had powering the aileron where Futaba S3010
  12. I have been told the HS 654 MG is a good one .So I will properly get 2 of those
  13. Just had both my aileron servos on my Edge 540 180 strip out on me .Luckily manages to land it with out any damage .Think I need to get some metal gear servos for it .Anyone recommend what would be a good servo for the ailerons on my Edge 540 180 ? Look but it is just a load of techno gargon to me .Just need someone who understands all that stuff to recommend a good servo for me to put in my ailerons on the Edge
  14. That is true about Old Warden model show being more of a fly in and you can not really compare it to Weston Park Model Show but Elveninton LMA Model show in August ,entrance fee £15.Think that is about right .It most properly me beeing a tight old grumpy git but I think £25 is a bit much for a Model show but I expect Weston Park will be busy and good luck to them .Just not for me
  15. Blimey £25 to get into Weston Park this year I must be becoming like Scrooge in my old age .Just been to a fantastic model show last weekend at Old Warden .Free to get in.Think I be giving Weston Park a miss this year🤔
  16. Good point .Think you are right Frank It might be better to have no gyro in the Pitts after all .Problem and some money saved Thanks
  17. Someone told me the Wings and Wheels Model show was back on I thought it had all been cancelled ????
  18. Bit confused here.I can by the Fms Pitts but have to buy the Reflecks seperate and it is not installed in the model .So the Reflect will not be programed to any model .So the Reflects will have to be programed to suit the Pitts .It all sounds a bit to confusing to me .Think I will buy the Pitts and just just install Spektrum AS3X/SAFE receiver in the model .Job done
  19. I am not sure but I have heard you have to programe it from your computer .Me and computers do not get on very well I am looking at getting the FMS 1400 Pitts but you have to buy the reflects separate and programe it on a laptop or computer .If that is the case I might be better just getting a Spectrum AS3X / SAFE receiver
  20. I notice now FMS models now come with the reflects system has an extra The FMS models do not come with refects installed .Which if I am correct you will have to install the refects yourself.Is this an easy install ,or is it a nightmare to install and would it be easier just to buy a Spectrum receiver with AS3X and Safe ???
  21. Hi .Decided with all this crap weather .I need a little hack model to fly in all this windy weather.The Max Riot comes to mind .The recommended lipo for a Riot is a 3s 2200 but I hear most people are flying it on 4s .Will the Riot take a 4s without any mods ?
  22. Thanks everyone .You have all been a great help.It is quite clear what has to be done.The club rule will be enforcing the rule If those who want to change the rule will either except the club rule or leave the club.Of course the other option is to stand for a committee position but like most clubs they quick to moan but will not want the hassle of going on the committe and doing something to help the club instead they just think of them self and no one else
  23. Think that is the route we will have to go down.Trying to please everyone does not work .I have emailed every members saying if we fly on kart racing days we will lose the flying field Most member now realise.that now and are coming round that it is better to lose 10 weekends a year then 52 weekends a year A few member are still insisting they want to fly on kart racing weekends but they will be told to find a different club to fly at
  24. Have a reply from the BMFA and Andy was a great help .It is going to be sorted now .The Flying Club Committee are on safety grounds going to enforce no flying on Kart racing days and thosee members that do not like that will be told maybe they should find a different club to fly at We might lose a few members but at least we will still have a flying club
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