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  1. Oh heck! I'm struggling fellers and I thought I was able to find my way around most Web sites. I've just tried a search for Mini Super, as in Keil Kraft/Ben Buckle. What came up was every post with the words mini and super in it. I gave up after wading through loads of posts about super glue. What an I doing wrong?
  2. Here's my particular favourite guitar player and an old boy as well - my age anyway. Gentleman, I give you the most excellent Ry Cooder.
  3. Several old boys here. Carl Perkins and Friends including Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Dave Edmunds having a Rockabilly session. If this doesn't get your feet tapping, you may actually be dead.
  4. I'm reading the The Good Shepherd by CS Forester, now retitled Greyhound after the film based on the book staring Tom Hanks. It's only available on Apple TV, so I haven't seen it unfortunately, but I assumed that Hollywood would take liberties with the story as they have tended to in the past. I'm thinking about U571 in particular. Friends who have seen it say it's very good, so I was interested to find this review on YouTube which says, by and large, it`s true to the book and reasonably historically accurate.
  5. I've left instructions that should I ever need to go into a care home my wife is to make me a personalised Sensory Aromas kit. Much as lavender oil etc is nice, it don't really stir any memories or emotions in me. Here's some I have on my list. Not in any order of importance. 😄 Balsa Cement. Lagavulin single malt whisky Burnt Castrol R Keil Kraft or any other make of Diesel fuel Freshly applied dope Swarfega Hypoid Gear oil Creosote. Bacon sandwiches Feel free to add.
  6. This was posted on the Balsa Cabin's Facebook page this afternoon :- "Our couriers and ourselves are doing the best we can to deliver your orders, but due to the current situation the UK and the whole world is in please be patient. We will not put up with your rudeness and abuse there really is no need for it, we are human like yourself. Vanda and David" Edited By Dai Fledermaus on 21/12/2020 17:39:59
  7. As someone who knows a whisk and chasse from a reverse turn, it was was good to see a dancer of a certain age, win it. Gives some hope to all us old gits learning to dance. 😊
  8. If you feel that strongly about it Mitchell, why not go around you house and get rid of all the 'Chinese Tat' you find. Include all the products containing 'Chinese Tat' and don't forget to include the device you used to make your post. Edited By Dai Fledermaus on 18/12/2020 18:50:53
  9. Terry, I have a Hobby King Bixler which is very similar to the Easy Star. I found attaching the wings was a real pain, so I now leave the wings permanently attached. I'm not sure the method of fixing the wings would have taken too much assembly and disassembly anyway. The Easy Star may be better in this regard, but I would check it out if you're hoping to pack it in a box strapped to your bike
  10. The announcement from the Government that the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 is interesting, given that several manufacturers, like Rover, Audi and Mercedes, have recently halted production of some of their electric models due to shortage of supply of key ingredients like Cobalt and Lithium used in manufacturing batteries. As a hobby we've seen this problem reflected in the availability and increased cost of Lipo's. Add to this the shortage of Balsa, a situation which doesn't appear to have a short term answer. How do you see the the future direction of the hobby?
  11. Posted by Engine Doctor on 28/10/2020 10:08:44: The man is a genius You need to have a look at his other videos. In one he takes a hacksaw to a Kawasaki Z1 engine and grafts the bits to another to build a six cylinder engine. Amazing engineering skills.
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