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  1. One wing panel down. One more to go when I get some more balsa for the flap and trailing edge and another roll of solarfilm
  2. Just a little thread as I go along Incase anyone else fancies modding one of these cheap little Chinese gliders
  3. Had a fly fly ASW 28 gifted to me, after a little trawl online reading various threads, info and horror story’s decided to do a little four servo wing and aerotow conversion. Not to hard so far, stripped off the wing and whittled down little aileron stock to fill in the trailing edge and flap leading edge, stripped out the rudder servo tray and reinstated just behind to make room for the tow release
  4. Currently hoping to get one at popham airfield in June 🤞
  5. Why should the drone racers have all the fun 😉🙃😉 For three years now we ve been running Fpv Wing Racing and Funfly weekends with the help and support of a few friendly local BMFA clubs in South wales and the midlands Rolling out our big inflatable race gate, course flags and enough leds to light the night the weekenders have been enjoyed by the pilots and clubs alike enjoying a good dose of adrenaline and pilots to bump up their flyins and open days and weekends If anyone fancies a nose at fpv Wing Racing pop over to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/share/rmVWN7zMH5pJk7mX/?mibextid=K35XfP or our website at https://wrl-uk.com/ We re organising a few race weekenders ready for this summer with our first kicking off at South Wales Valley Flyers in May With the sport still in its infancy and not requiring a specialist all out race model to compete the events are catching the intrest of pilots of all capabilities from some of the top uk drone racers eager to try a new discipline to club fpv pilots and all in between. Our races are open to any epp wing up to 40 inches and up to 4s in a pusher configuration (purely to prolong the life of our inflatables) and with a motor up to 2300kv. Running your usual 5.8ghz fpv gear and capable of transmitting at 25mhz, we be even been working on introducing dji fpv and walksnail heats new for 2024 All our events are streamed and timed so you can keep up with all the fun and shenanigans on our website through the live feeds on the day. EE7EE0C7-981C-4C26-9537-DF0EDFE6A557.mov 33823709-C3D5-4F8E-8F15-2FA729FFECFE.mov
  6. To be honest back in the day we taught a few people to fly up on the slope. Normally down the field they’d turn up with a trainer and after a week or two once they had a basic feel for it and werent completely over sticking the model we use to invite them up the slope with an old combat wing. Give them about half a hour one on one just to settle their nerves then tell them we wouldn’t try and combat them until they had a try for us and let them get on with it lol. This was normally enough to push them as they’d want to join the swarm. Normally a few Sundays and we d go back down the field again and it would bring them on no end and really shorten their training time
  7. Full video of the day showing the microlight on the ground and conditions of the flight.
  8. Hi all. Yes I normally feel exactly the same way when I see anything involving manned aviation Andy but the microlight pilot in question is a member of Carmarthen model flying club and operates out of their club. Was asked by him on the ground to get some footage of him over the field. We had full ground to air communication with him at the time over two way radio and the flight was kept all well within the confines of the club land within sight. I was actually quite a way back and the few seconds of the footage is highly cropped in with the go pro 10. If it wasn’t for the simple fact he had asked personally himself and we d worked out the flight plan between us and had full communication from ground to air with him with me communicating where I was back behind and him calling out what he was doing I would of down right refused the flight tbh.
  9. Thankyou Engine Doc, thankyou Rich, oh yes there’s def a hole in the heart without a nice ic or petrol warbird nowadays in the fleet
  10. Yes I know exactly what you mean, I’m the same tbh. Normally if I do record it’s for myself to look back on or if someone’s asked me to film a model tbh 👍👍👍 Thankyou so much for the kind words David.
  11. We were due to race the wings there at wings and wheels again this year but it’s been cancelled now as well unfortunately. All the shows are dropping like flies I’m afraid
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