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  1. Nah, twas not a t tail.... The chap that kindly showed the flight plan tracking for the osprey, no, sorry, c130, Hercules, the other day, any info on that app ? It seemed to be flying from Snowdon area, down the nantlle valley, heading more or less to RAF llandwrog that was, area, maybe onward to RAF valley ?
  2. no, aircraft had canards........
  3. nope, not a saab draken but could have been a saab viggen ?
  4. NANTLLE VALLEY, some way north of the mach loop..... the aircraft i saw yesterday afternoon, may have been the typhoon eurofighter with leading edge "slats" well down, but the wing shape looked wrong, more like a saab draken thing. Twas quite low, quite slow, not much engine thrust heard above the quite loud continual "whistleing". We only see ( feel as well as hear ) a eurofighter at speed locally. This aircraft i saw yesterday afternoon waws not a eurofighter as far as i could tell. a eurofighter low and slow, makes a whisteling sound ?
  5. Was that a Saab draken ? That flew down nantlle valley low and slow and *whistling" quite loudly yesterday afternoon ?
  6. Google shows some with 8 blades even... 👍
  7. Cool, so you must live some distance from the airfield. It's a lovely day here again today, all ready hot. Aurora hunting with the lad tonight...he has a good camera and he's on annual leave... Have s great day chaps and chapeses...
  8. Hi outrunner, Do they seem quieter than h ercs of old ? If you can see the propellors, are they an odd shape compared to props of the old RAF fleet ?
  9. Thanks John, Yep, that looks like it... Looks as if it has multi blade rotor rather than 4 blade paddle type prop. The long dashed line, actual flight line or proposed flight line ? Mach loop is some distance away from peny. If dashed line was proposed flight line, it was way off line !!!! Waiting in caernarfon bus stop, saw American helo, about ten mins ago now...
  10. was in raf camo colour scheme as far as i could tell. was not noisey, quite quiet, not a typical herc noise, did they fit multi blade fans instead of the 4 blade paddle type prop ?? defo a herc, i have been in a few, but could not see the outside.......😁 yes i knew the fleet had been "pensioned off" which prompted me to post asap. people on here have that app giving flight plan info ?? anything mentioned on that ? was at bus stop in peny, looked like he passed tv mast with it on his starboard green side, and at a lower altitude than the top of the mast from my view point..... mast guys stick out quite a bit, national grid pylons close by, he seemed to climb a bit to fly over Carmel, would have been lower than my mates place, if he was outside ( beautiful day here again ) , he would have been looking down at/on it, but as said, seemed very quite. as to osprey, bloody yanks........ saw one which seemed to be flying just above our kitchen floor level, across the other side of the valley. It was below the level of the first "hill" height, very very very low and very very close to rising ground on his side of the valley, rising ground to his port side. he was heading out of the valley in the direction of the mast and pylons. Very limited opportunities to gain height, similar for change of heading. I did not hear a crash and the lights stayed on..... i reckon he flew under the pylon wires !!!!! i will ask mo later, if he saw the herc..... any flight plan app info ??
  11. About ten mins ago watched s hercules fly over penygroes by caernarfon, lower than the top of TV mast z heading towards rsf valley perhaps. Tail ramp was open. No exhaust smoke seen and was s bit on the quiet side. Rotors instead of props perhaps ? 16 + mins ago now due to delays in message
  12. Do things start going wrong during the take off phase, or a few seconds after ? The Tx has "rates" I assume ? Does your friend fully understand the "abort take off" principal before actual take off ? There is no shame whatsoever in an aborted take off attempt Fighting a take off run, and fighting a lift off an climb out, is not how it's done. How do free flighers do it ? Perhaps an old style "indicator" needs fastening to the Tx, or s white line down the runway. Have any "wag it's tail during a very long take off run" excersices been done. You may have a very short runway, seems trees are quite close ??? Pit him back on a buddy lead for more practise, no shame involved.....
  13. Bye laws ? Local council offices, enterwrb, public library ? Is it national trust site ? Maybe RC gliders in winter, manned ( or womanned) flight in summer... Bmfa would have details I would of thought, or paragliders national body/clubs ? Hate to say this but para porkies?? I don't think for one minute it's pars porkies, buy you never know......very naughty if it is....
  14. No problem dg...👍
  15. Your wife has permission to play in your workshop ? A truelly liberated woman, but what happens when a car tyre is flat or gutters need cleaning or two tonnes of wood needs sawing by hand etc. ? 🤓
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