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  1. Just ordered 2 from wheelspin models, just under £16 each delivered... Will study blog for tips/advise etc. And then amass the light weight radio stuff for one. Hopefully ready by Llyn bring and fly in a few weeks...
  2. Site won't let me start s new thread today... And FM's website won't display alpha jet glider info... Are there two sizes of this foam model ? An 18 inch wing span 467mm and a 600mm wing span version please ? Thanks
  3. Thanks dadflier, will study later... Turns out home bargains in covland stocks foam board, the wife spotted it there this morning.. The last time I was in there I asked a members of staff...no, not stocked. I did the same in the range yesterday, girls said no, but the old guy said yes, follow me... I will check home bargains again on Monday.
  4. We finally went to the range shop some twenty miles away and got some foam board. Any/all suggestions welcomed but how do you guys use this material please ? Paper on or off, glues, joints/joining etc. Etc. Etc. Thanks...
  5. Tanalised to stop the rot ? I wonder what they used in Norway ? Did anyone watch the TV program about oil and Exxon last night ? Misty here today...
  6. The cold water from the tap is quite warm here today in Snowdonia, thermometer in conservatory is a nice 20degrees c. Same thermometer showed 40 degrees c a few days ago. Conservatory barn door always open unless it's windy or rain horizontalal from the south... Seems a little chilly today...
  7. Slight drift but related... Seen on you tube quite a few bus fires, quite spectacular and no doubt terrifying for passengers. Recent iet mag article, hydrogen powered fuel cell to complement battery system... Also government thinking of "lost revenue" relative to ev 's. Payment by miles driven...increased charges for ev charging electricity, rationing, even charging overnight... The lad reminded me of the current price difference per mile in "fuel" costs... Makes no difference to me as I will never be able to afford an ev, even with my pension now being sorted ( only taken 3 months ) but a lottery win would help.
  8. Modern petrol contains ethanol these days ? Anyways petrol seems to clean off my engines when soaked. You can see the goo floating about in the Petrol that's in the jar the engine is in submerged. I tend to Filter the petrol for a second go, or for another engine. Works for me apart from the really baked on stuff. Even that ( d1000 and mt gn15, 5 percent and straight castor ) given time comes off. Meths works but not as well as petrol in my experience. Even though petrol has gone up in price it seems the best compromise cleaning ability versus price etc.. Heavy hail stones at the moment in Snowdonia !
  9. JIS screw X heads can also get filled with castor goooo... Is the picture from a honda superslug carb, air cut off/economy diaphragm/power diaphragm ? I use a good soak in petrol to clean off castor goooo using great care due to the fire risk. Baked on castor goooo and the baked on other lubricant residue can be quite difficult to remove... I also tend to use a saucepan to heat sufficient car engine oil to allow the model engine in question to be submerged...again with fire and burn precautions.... The petrol soak and hot oil treatment takes place outside in suitable weather. Hot oil and rain do not mix well, you seen a chip pan fire ! Heavy handed techniques on a model engine is a bad idea...
  10. I used to fly from a beach and it was wonderfully. Our local council bye laws did not mention RC planes, but did mention the use of radio equipment, probably meaning loud music boom boxes and alike... No one questioned me about my RC activities on the beach at the time. I live in a different part of the county now and have enquired as to bye laws. The reply was why/what do you want to know rather than where I could see a copy of the local bye laws... Bye laws should be available for viewing at the public library... Gwynedd, north Wales.
  11. Interesting....and the Vulcan take off... In one of your pictures it shows the battery, as a matter of interest, how did the white outer wrapper become split please ? Still looking and learning about electric propulsion... Interesting the motor windings are not "epoxied" or taped ?
  12. Just tried to pm George p via his profile page, error 504 again...
  13. Happy retirement Ron, hope you have no problems with the pension people like I have... Emergency payment landed in bank this morning as promised, just waiting for letter of explanation to arrive. Still no explanation of the "mistake" by them in February, but that was "corrected", "temporarily reinstated", then more mistakes happened...makes you wonder. Demoralised workforce, 9,000 redundancies in the offing...
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