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  1. When I enquired in boots the chemist, I was thought of as a terrorist. When I enquired in the other chemists shop in town, and explaining why I wanted these liquids, the prices where just stupidly expensive. Internet, eBay, us cheaper but delivery is the problem. I probably will go with Weston's when my present stock runs out, defo by autumn. Saving hard for a petrol engine about a 40 size. The laser jar has been relabeled.....
  2. You mean assembling the porche engines rather than machining ? Do you live on the llyn ? Back to the diesel, when compression screw backed off a bit, do you hear the sometimes quite loud crack of the contra piston returning, and a small amount of smoke ? May I ask about the atom minor, crankcase machined from solid, or a casting ?
  3. As Jon says.... If you move prop from bdc, over compression, and stop at say 15 degrees atdc, reverse direction to 15 degrees btdc, and repeat, how many "cycles" does it take for compression to reduce to zero ? Atom minor, nice...will you be starting a new thread for that ? Still need to read this thread from the very begining to read of the "engineering" involved. I only have a basic machine Mart lathe ( new, small one ) with imperial and metric lead screw etc. and 4 jaw chuck, no milling machine, yet.... The old atlas lathe is not "accurate enough" for model IC engine but ok for steam engine and general none high precision jobbing lathe, it's well worn and used quite a bit, being ok if you "work with it"....
  4. Hi hill climber, A good source of ether is John Deer easy start', about 70 percent from memory. Have you tried warming the engine prior to starting ? Does the warming reduce compression....I presume you are happy the engine is "pumping", and has good crank case "depression"... I am sure you can "knock up" a suitable "pressure indicator, for both negative and positive pressures..... On priming, via exhaust port only, just a single drop of fuel, a small drop at that....printer ink kits have smallish syringes, if you ask nicely at the chemists ( and tell them what you want it for ) they will sell you some small syringes, just be really really carefull with the needles !! As has been said, take a break from it, come back refreshed... What fuel are you trying it on by the way ?
  5. Dare I comment... I use those cool looking ( coolness or fashion are not part of my life ) reflective mirror like glasses when it's bright. From time to time I fly with the sun low in the sky, and it's directly into wind. Like with a car, a sun blind or sun visor is needed, that box thing I hold in my hands, flying above it or below it when it's used to "block" direct sunlight.
  6. Hi diamond geezer, Parcel arrived at noon, well packed and the pisty even used the door knocker ! Seems the rarebird has been started with fuz longerons joined, then broken to fit the box ! No matter, not a problem. Briefly check contents, all seems to be there. Thank you so much, very much appreciated. I am giving you a sales rating of 100percent, from a happy bunny. Thanks again, from rich.
  7. I believe paw can supply castor oil. Would have to check on model technics fuels... During a recent telephone conversation with Weston's about zip diesel fuels and glow fuels, I was told that they can mix "any" customer specific fuels to order. I was told some time ago now that Weston's fuels did not contain any caster, but it seems that is not correct these days. Perhaps worth having a chat with the young sounding chap who mixes the fuels at Weston's ......
  8. Brilliant, thank you so much, very much appreciated, thanks, rich👍
  9. Any news yet dg ? A white envelope or RM red card ? Over...
  10. Vast Majority of instructions on download ( translate German to English function comes up on screen ) are bilingual, German and English. Some stuff on page one needs some translation, Google or the lad will help me with that. Great that the download is A4 friendly, only £6.20p cost to print out in library, black and white. Not fully studied yet so esc info may be hidden in download somewhere, such as type, amps etc.. The site and mag looks very interesting, again translated into English... Other stuff shown not just aero subjects, a little bit like rcme used to be..... Enjoy
  11. The very inexpensive foam chuck gliders ( £2.99 is the cheapest I have seen, last year/summer season ) seem to sell quite well. Not a lot of instructions/graphic on the labels...... The much cheaper ( 50p ) coloured profile chuck gliders are quite popular too. Maybe parents should route out indoor flying event locally and take the kids along. Dad took us kids ( all the boys at any rate ) to a slope soaring event in churchstoke was it ( long mynd ) , some 60 miles plus from home. All us boys joined the ATC and had flying experience. My elder brother and myself are aeromodellers, my younger bro, hang gliders...my lad, ppl but could not afford to keep up experience, way too rich for our meagre budget at the time. Such is life... Looking forward to kits arrival... Thanks dg.
  12. As if you didn't know before, this is one reason why slope soaring is so fantastic !
  13. Diamond geezer, look out for largish white envelope, first class post should be with you tomorrow. Please confirm its safe arrival, and dispatch of your parcel when posted. Thanks again dg......rich.
  14. Do you think the posty can see the road signs ? Like me, they cannot see the large sign in the window right next to the front door that says " Deliveries, please use the DOOR KNOCKER provided". The posty says he can read.
  15. Cool, so £32 in total ? Saw pm with address, trying to see address again...
  16. Yeah, suppose so....
  17. Thanks leccy, eye test booked, 🤓👍, much appreciated.
  18. Hi again dg, kits still available ? Any update on postage/carriage cost ? Over ....
  19. Thanks GG, very much appreciated. I am hoping john stennard will reply.... On page 69, top rh picture, that motor from Swm, Steve Webb models ??? Again, help greatly appreciated. The 20p picture, the very small Rx on the rhs, a microaces jobby ?? Anyone ?
  20. I read with interest in mays rcme issue, The Insider, by John Stennard, page 67, top rh corner picture, saying " at around £4 a time these little power units have proved popular with indoor fliers ", please please please John Stennard, or anyone in the know, from where are these units available please ? I know about the micro aces stuff. I presume the small brushless motor is from ( swm ) steve webb models ?? Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. Hi Dd LL54, caernarfon area north wales
  22. Hi again dd, I am assuming both kits are complete and unstarted, is that correct please. Please could you show content s . The beechcraft kit the box lid just lifts off. Not sure about Rare bird box, may be a lift off lid, may be a contents slide out type of box. Sorry to hassle.... Over.....
  23. £25 plus postage ? About how much would postage be dd please ? Over...
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