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  1. Thankyou all for the info, much appreciated
  2. So the full cost is 47 pounds? I'm about to sign up to bmfa, is this everything I need paperwork wise and insurance wise?
  3. Cheers John much appreciated 👍
  4. Yup I'll be fully on board with the rules. I do want to progress onto warbirds that are 1.1m etc eventually. And primarily stick with warbirds. Just love them
  5. Hello all, look forward to asking lots of newbie questions haha.
  6. Hello all, Names Ryan from South Wales. I'm looking to join a club in the near future if anyone knows a good place please let me know thanks. only plane Ive had was a top rc spitfire 450mm. Had a few crashes but overall flew successfully in the end, and could land without crashing or coming down to hard for that plane. After weeks of research I've decided that I want to stick with eflight models and spektrum gear. Purely because they do make it seem easy to bind planes with BnF, with pre set data for BnF planes already in the transmitter. I know some people hate eflight and spektrum reading comments on youtube. Sorry if I've offended anyone lol. I'm thinking of buying the nx8 now for trainer planes and for future planes as I get better. The spektrum s2200 g2 charger. I'm looking to get the umx p51 detroit miss just for fun really and the umx sabre 30mm.the eflight turbo timber evolution to train for future warbirds, would love to progess to the bigger warbirds and bigger EDFs. Just wondering what you think of my options?One big question is regarding SAFE select and as3x. Say I bought a eflight plane and bind it using the pre set BnF feature, using the nx8, will safe and as3x be automatically assigned to a switch or will I need to forward programme a switch? Thanks for your time Ryan P.s reason why I don't want futuba or something else is because I don't understand them to be honest haha 😅 spektrum just seem streamlined from a newbie perspective. But I could be wrong?
  7. Hello, my names Ryan 33 and I'm living in South Wales. I'm a novice, my one and only plane was a TOP RC spitfire 400mm. I did crash of course, but nothing serious. Usually going to slow on landing and pulling up too much, resulting in a nose dive situation 🙃 anyways egar to join a club and learn. Ryan
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