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  1. Diacov 1000 would be my choice. Tough as old boots and no issues in the sun. Got to be worth a metre from Sarik to test and see what you think of it. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/diacov-1000-adhesive-film-for-model-aircraft/ and the Diatex website https://www.diatex.com/diatex-produit/covering-fabric-diacov-1000/
  2. Very happy with my Ender 5 S1 with the Klipper Sonic pad. Depends a lot on what you want to do but the Ender is less expensive than the Bambu labs printers and works fine for my requirements. Even with Klipper 3D prints are measured in hours rather than minutes.
  3. Have a look at Bartsharp https://www.bartsharpairbrush.co.uk I got mine from them, very helpful and quick delivery. It's worth emailing them with what you want to do with it and they will advise on the setup to go for. If you want to spray wings and things an airbrush isn't ideal. Something bigger is needed really. Great for detail and small areas. Also, I can imagine solvent based paints would make the airbrush a pain to clean. I use Vallejo acrylics. It's fun but there is a bit of a learning curve.
  4. Result. Tenacity wins the day again! Will check out OpenCore Patcher. Maybe bring my old iMac back to life.
  5. I'm just speculating from what it says in the link. Note: Fusion 360 will continue to work on the operating system after the March update, but will no longer continue to update. Eventually it will stop functioning correctly, as it no longer meets the minimum system requirements to run Fusion 360. As it's primarily an internet based program (from the login to use point of view) it's possible that they just turned off the servers that Handle that version. Post the question on the Autodesk Forum for a definitive answer.
  6. https://www.autodesk.com/support/technical/article/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/End-of-life-for-Fusion-360-on-macOS-10-15-Catalina-Windows-8-1-Windows-10-Version-1803-older-Effective-March-2023.html This might be the root of the problem given that it's 12 months since they stopped supporting it. Hopefully not.
  7. There have been a few issues recently with Fusion hanging and being slow. I'm running the free version on an M2 Mac Mini / Sonama and also on a 2014 MacBook / Monterey. It's been a bit Flaky on both at times It seems to be a network issue at their end judging by the little messages that pop up, so don't despair just yet. (Link to Auto Desk trouble shooting page and suggestions.) https://www.autodesk.com/support/technical/article/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Fusion-360-hangs-freezes-on-startup-on-Mac-OS.html#:~:text=Check if the issue is,Network Preferences in Fusion (macOS) If the link doesn't work try a plain text search in Google. Should get you somewhere near an answer.
  8. Plus one for the Scam attempt. Lifestream the bank said so maybe there is another one. Cards blocked by the bank and new ones being sent to my home address. Great, except i'm not there. Setting up two stage verification on all my transactions from now on. Seems like a pain until something like this happens!
  9. Those look good! Festivities and travels over I should be back at the bench next week so I'll see what I can come up with. I think I can still get a better quality print once I get Klipper dialled in. There's a lot to learn before you start! All in all very pleased with the printer though.
  10. There is a video on the Easy composites website where they use coating resin but I'm not sure how well acrylic paint would stick.I guess it's going to require some testing. I'll run a few more rabbits off and see how they come out with various finishes.
  11. I have printed a pilot's head and I was wondering what techniques everyone uses to prepare the surface for painting. It's not bad at the moment though the printer will stand a bit more tuning, but I can see the lines showing up once the primer hits it. I would like to get the surface as smooth as possible. It's printed in grey Creality Hyper PLA. First serious attempt other than a few rabbits for the grandchildren. They seem happy!
  12. Thanks for the encouragement PDB. I made the mistake of trying to do the setup while I was doing something else at the same time. Should have known better! Hopefully I will get it to print something this weekend. Erflog, I'm no expert on Fusion 360 but I am beginning to get a grip on it. It is counter intuitive in some ways especially coming from older 2D software. I usually start with a simple version of what I want to do until I figure out how the tools work. For your exhaust stack you could try sweeping between profiles along a path. If you haven't seen it already this might help. https://help.autodesk.com/view/fusion360/ENU/?guid=SLD-SWEEP-SOLID If you do it as a New Component you can delete the sketches and try again until you get it right without messing up the Timeline. I found that getting my head around the 'Project' and 'Project Intersect' commands made a huge difference. Timeline still catches me out occasionally but No retreat, No surrender as Bruce Springsteen once said. Good luck.
  13. ok, scrub that. Senior moment. Turns out it doesn't have a Z axis limit switch. My fault entirely. It's always what you think you know rather than what you don't know that trips you up. Now, where's that Rabbit Hole?!
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