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  1. Flew my L.A. 7 for the first time this year, I'd forgetten how well it flies and how stable it is on landing absolute joy. Tonge in cheek now hopefully the mossie will be just as good!!
  2. Oddly enough a young lad turned up at our field with one of these. He has never flown before so I had the first flight, in intermediate it coped with the wind reasonably well, in expert it is a nightmare due to the wind. The lad had a couple of flights with it once at a decent altitude and it servived him getting it back in the ground as it is so light that a hard arrival does not damage it. I could see in a calm day it would fly quite well.
  3. Managed to get a quick bit of chaos in before the wind got up. All flown and returned.
  4. It's got to be a Mossie, dolly take off and belly landing. You know it makes sense Richard!😎
  5. We also fly several hawks together, can you let us have info on the strobes you have used ?
  6. Pussycat weighs 1lb 3oz or 540grms without battery. Having looked a bit closer the prop is 6 x 4, it draws 27A and 300 watts. The motor gets quite hot hence the cooling slot at the back.
  7. I'll weigh mine tomorrow and put a,watt meter on it.
  8. This is the tail end of my very old pushycat which is still flying. The motor is an outrunner with a high kv, the prop is 7 x 5. I get about 6 mins flight time with 3s 2200 battery.
  9. There's a danger we are getting more fun out of playing with our dollys instead of flying !!!😎
  10. They were 3d printed to make sure they had enough of a flat to run on the gutter
  11. These are a couple of dolly that I've tried, both have worked to a certain degree. The one running in a 4" gutter is good if the grass is longer it wet. The other is a better bet and is steerable as it has a rx linked to the model and programmed to the rudder.
  12. The new pla is definitely stronger,but also a bit heavier.
  13. We have a prolific 3d printer member in our club. He printed a Vulcan for me that has survived for a couple of years. It's a bit like the well known new broom, some parts are original but not all. I agree with PR P they are quite delicate and needs nothing other than a perfect landing.
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