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  1. Thanks, yes I'm aware about the need for a spotter. To be honest the price of the goggles might kill the idea - I suspect it is just a whim, sure I'd like to try it but I suspect I might grow board of it - the camera and the transmitter are reasonably priced but the goggles might make it too expensive.
  2. I have recently bought an FMS Kingfisher which has an alternative canopy that will take a camera for FPV. Is there a good guide or video that describes what you need to fit out a foamy like the Kingfisher, Tundra, Timber with a goggle-based FPV. I get that I need a camera, transmitter and goggles (and some goggles don’t include a receiver which needs to be bought separately). Cheers, Nigel
  3. Would be happy to do that if possible but the specification says 4S and I read a thread on here about a build where they couldn't balance with a 3S 3000 (and my batteries are jus 3S 2200). Cheers, Nigel
  4. I had a IC powered Limbo Dancer many years ago and I fancy getting getting something similar but electric powered. I see you can still buy the Limbo Dancer in both IC and Electric versions but I notice it takes 4S batteries. Is there anything similar that can use 3S batteries as I have a stack of them. Also, I'm not opposed to kit building but would prefer ARTF (foam or built up) if possible.
  5. Thanks, the fuselage in this case is polystyrene, not carbon fibre. I like the idea of ‘flat’ as it is less likely to get knocked but not mind pitching it at 30 degrees. But, personally, I doubt it will make any difference. Cheers, Nigel
  6. I am going to make an antenna mount for my Futaba FASST receiver - basically a small mount with two plastic tubes at 90 degrees to keep the antennas tidy and at right angles - it will be fixed to the outside of the plane. Question - so imagine the tubes make a right angle V - is it okay for this V to mounted flat on the top of the fuselage or is it better if it were tilted up at 30 or 45 degrees. I'm guessing it doesn't matter that much as on past aircraft they have just be stuffed inside the fuselage out of sight not even with proper 90 degree orientation - but thought I'd check with the experts here. Cheers, Nigel
  7. It can be rather unpredictable I’m afraid. Some of the bigger sellers are now claiming that they include UK VAT in their prices which they collect onto the UK government - they may say this but I’m not convinced that they actually do it. But if they do then there is nothing extra to pay. Otherwise, there is VAT and duty on import and the shipping companies add there fees to. VAT is easy - 20% on the total. Duty is more complicated - depends on value and whether it gets classed as a gift or not. Admin fees vary with shipping companies - I usually guesstimate £15 Of course there is still a chance that it sneaks through but now that the shippers can make a nice little earner with their admin fees (which are often higher than the actual shipping) this is less common. Buying from a business the purchase shouldn’t be classed as a gift, in which case anything over £135 is subject to duty and the rate depends on the type of product - unfortunately there isn’t a convenient list - I guesstimate 3% So for your purchase best case figure - £0 worst case figure - £56 and it could be anywhere in between as Far Eastern companies often understate shipment value. Cheers, Nigel
  8. Yes. Weird one though. There wasn't any obvious misalignment, everything looked good. It has been doing it since new not just after the crash. I can only think that when I first assembled it the fin and the tailplane didn't seat quite right but not in a way that was evident. Cheers, Nigel
  9. Would like to slow down the flaps on a plane but my radio (Futaba T8FG) doesn't have any fancy built in features to do that. Looking at the Fusion Servo Slow that I can get from my local(ish) model shop but I can't find any information about how it works. It also has a warning saying that it is not compatible with some radio signals but doesn't elaborate. Anyone got one - how does it work - and any ideas what it is not compatible with. Cheers, Nigel
  10. I took the tail and tailplane off. Refitted and tried again. Flew fine after that. Can only think it couldn't have been seated properly. Even able to remove the tail weight without any adverse effect.
  11. Hi, Although you can move the motor my hand when it spins throughout the rev range it stays very axial. I suppose you can think of it as like one of those flexible mounts - if you push spinner the motor will move slightly but when it spins up it stays aligned, it doesn't move around. With this type of foamy there are no hinges as such the tail plane and elevator are a single moulding with a thin toughened interface between the two so it is 'hinged' along the whole length. The control rods and horn are fine, as are the servos.
  12. Lot easier on the Wot 4 because it has a cowling that you can remove. The Acrowot isn't like that, there is really limited access to the motor and mount. Cheers, Nigel
  13. Thing is they are all like that - it is a 'feature' of the foamy Wots - build a brand new one out of the box and it will be like that. Look at the motor shaft it does have down and right thrust already. I'm not denying it might move a little, there are foamy Wot threads on a number of forums all saying that, but what I'm not convinced is that would be enough to induce a tight loop as if I had yanked back on the elevator. Cheers, Nigel
  14. I will try that - unfortunately not allowed to use the flying field this weekend so will have to wait until some time next week. All I can say is that the recommended CoG is 75mm from leading edge. I have set it to that which needs a fair chunk of lead at the back. I have also tried it without the lead which pitches the CoG well forward. Whether the CoG is forward or backward I get the same pitching up behaviour and when I trim it out (large amount of elevator trim) it behaves very nicely - so in my mind it doesn't seem to be a CoG issue. But I will try what you say - but given that when it is trimmed it flies pretty much hands off I think it is going to level out nicely from a gentle dive. Cheers, nigel
  15. This a foam model. As I have said before this is a foam model with a well-known badly designed motor mount. If you grasp the spinner and gently apply pressure the motor will move. They are like this new out of the box and it is well documented that the thrust line moved over time. Plus none of the documentation indicates what the thrust line should be. All I can say is that based on the way the spinner backplate is sitting in relation to the fuselage it looks about right.
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