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  1. Ron you are correct we have a document with points for discussion, the document being a fact. If there is no approval and one can fly with RID why go down the approved site path. You could argue that by non approval and the requirement to have RID imposes an unwarranted 'burden/expense' on fliers and that would certainly be one to be challenged as it would be arbitrary. I can think of all manner of gremlins lurking but until we know more I do not wish to stir the pot, let alone give the regulators the opportunity to consider money making schemes which they have not thought of.
  2. Again we are making our minds up with no concrete facts. But I will say this, should the CAA deem a site unsuitable, despite the fact it may have been located and used for many years I think claims for compensation MUST be sought. certainly if you have paid a rent in advance or have a lease running, I would expect and urge the BMFA to go to Court on this matter and maybe even go to Court to overturn a CAA decision. And members of the BMFA should encourage it to do so as OUR national body. However we need to see the factual proposals before we can make a considered response.
  3. Would like to set up remote station. We have solar panels so power should be ok but how do yoi zet it up for remote access vua mobile or web and at what sort of cost for temote access. I assume some here have such a system and can pass their wisdom on.
  4. Some shafts have a circlip in addition to the grub screws and need carefull looking at to see them.
  5. Sunny and no wind, jus a little cool. The CAP 232 out today after its maiden some weeks ago. 3 flights but last landing not so and pulled undercarriage off. No other damage so lucky. However noted the elevator servo is quite stiff so think I will change it. The foamboard Bloody Barron had two flights. Its a real treat. Wednesday looks a potential nice weather day ??11
  6. You can always put them in a cup or bowl of hot water prior to use. Dont microwave the bottles melt!!!@
  7. I have failed to.make my predictions a couple of times already, this one being the latest. Hey ho. Congrats to the leaders and all of yiu whi remember.
  8. Digital storage is fine, but it can decay and come the day when energy to power equipment isnt there or heaven forbid authority takes and limits control paper will still be about. I appreciate photos can fade, particularly from digital printing. Old style photos fade too i know. But keptin albums pages closed not so readily. We have books and manuscripts going back thousands of years....
  9. If it has the AS3X option then yes you can according to stuff I have read.
  10. Two via e mail one from Microsoft Inc re my e mail account needs verifying. Yeah right [email protected] I dont think so. The other from Natwest fraud team telling me my mobile number has been changed and if not please click on link below. Another 'F wit'
  11. I enjoyed the lower ranking play as well. The seedings were based on pre covid positions and with no matches being played they went back to that. So though Warren Gatland is right the fact is the games were not played.
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