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  1. Good job I checked. Could have gone to Hucknall but that too cancelled. Anyone want to give us a hand to build an ARk!!!!
  2. Probably already done, however just an idea which may help and aid in stopping drips and oily tissues.
  3. Its no fun if you dont share. This place is the ideal town square.
  4. Im pretty sure the purists will have a fit. This is my Boomerang. It flies easily and is a cracker. The prop is a 13 x 8.
  5. Surely filling the nose or even printing part of it a little thicker the chu k rhe nose weight in there. May give a luttle more strength and help c of g! Or am i being a bit naive
  6. Sad thing is the best flight is one before the last one!
  7. I am well aware of the fuel tank position argument in relation to engine inlet position, i.e. below the engine inlet. Trouble is I have a Tucano complete with retracts and the tank outlet sits above the inverted engine inlet. Unless I remove the front retract, daft solution, I have little space to reposition the tank. I could perhaps set way back in the fuselage, is that a good idea, find or make a tank, subject to dimension and position, or maybe make a bladder tank. The engine will run and is easily started with the model inverted, its the flooding issue when fueling and starting when its upright. Please bare in mind the model was designed this way and I know that they are flown.
  8. If uou really want to enforce the club rules make it plain you are quite happy to let BMFA insurers aware of the disregard should any incident occur. I would also alert the errant members that theybmaybr liable personally even if insurers pay out part of the claim
  9. Bath of hot water helps mpve the paper. Xperimental airlines vidoes are good as you say. I also found flite test videos useful. The master series shows how to create curves in foam board. You can also use it as a spar in wings. Good luck
  10. I have watered the pitch at Aston Villa, think its good for the weeds...
  11. Spring has indeed sprung and the sooner we find the bloody thing and plug it the better!!!
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