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  1. Handful of flights, but the sun was in eyel8ne had to wait for a cloud lol. Ideal for combat????
  2. Bright sunshine. Wind? questionable will know more when get to field. Suncream and water a must
  3. I dont see a CAA registration number, had the pilot completed his drone certification, and was there any RID on board..... just asking p.s. Does Bruce (X jet Know)
  4. If I have a real issue with Radiomaster it is their rm 86 and 88 receivers, gash. Hiwever everything else i have tried works perfectly. Total radio failure, now how many times have we heard that, and not soley to Radiomaster. Yes the op system may seem a little hard at first but persevere. I am more than happy, as stated with m8ne.
  5. Radiomaster I have no problems with it Gary W. And the ELRS option is very good. Currently all my Spektrum receivers work on the Radiomaster, as do the Frsky rx's I have. And I still have my Spektrum kit.
  6. Have you yried to get hold of the old spektrum app which was for mobile, which didnt work to well but is fine on a pc.
  7. Welcome. Have a look at rc videoreviews on youtube. The guy is quite the expert on edge tx so that may help. Like you pensioner, using edge tx on rm tx16. Everday is a skool dae.
  8. I think the best way to fly fpv would be with your eyes open.
  9. Keep right on, but remember don't overdo it. That old adage, the more I practise the luckier I get. Be Lucky!
  10. Zflyer

    Electric Cars.

    Don, you say you disagree but accept that costs are known. It doesnt matter whether its cheaper to do it now ornot. The issue is none are brave enough. And there are those of the population, regardless of the'greater good' will be reluctant to help in making transition. EV 's are are prominent and visible solution but only are small part. Jeremy Vine may have his bike but Taylor Swift has a couple of private jets. Try telling her fans to sray at hime and watch her on the tv. Like John i have an i.c. and am getting on. I wont be changing it,but my legs and bike are getting mire exercise
  11. Zflyer

    Electric Cars.

    I dont think governments are in denial, i think theyhave worked out the costs in the medium to long term. The public however and wherever they sit on carbon zero are not able to get honest figures. Not just about the weaning off of carbon fuel, and it has to be a weaning, but also the true cost. No one is prepared to accept compromise.
  12. Mention for RC Logic. I had an issue with Spektrum DX8 (Gen2), the display gave up. Sent off to RC Logic who replaced the screen. This was in March. Used it three times and on 3rd occasion screen lit but displayed nothing. Contacted RC Logic explained problem and they thought it maybe the mainboard. Anyway sent it away Wednesday (29th). Received e mail today (31st) advised it was dodgy screen which they have replaced, gratis, and it is on its way back. Brill.
  13. Not yet maidend, and made fatal mistake of putting a bit of paint on first. The Flitetest Corsair.
  14. And whilst we are on the theme, a little imagination please: Telephone Rings and is answered: "Schrodinger Residence" Caller, " Can I speak to Mr Schrodinger ?" Receiver, "I'm afraid he is busy right now, I am his wife can I help" Caller, "Can you tell him we have found his cat" Receiver, " You can keep the bloody thing.." Sound of phone being slammed down.
  15. Spend less on dictionaries, have money for other things............. John, when you were a lad God's dog was still a pup.
  16. You made my point Ron, i really must get a dictionary
  17. They are commenting Ron, as is their right, as is the right to label it a whinge. Its a forum after all
  18. Maybe expensive but consider you have acpipleof full size displatsand the evening pyrotechnics!!! I am sure that those have suffered price rises so its reflected 8n the admission fee. I will be attending just have to see which days weather offers less rain!
  19. Evri was the worst in recent history. Have no idea where it is in the reliability polls now. My recent experience with FedEx wasnt good. Whilst i had missed a letter out of postcode my fault, the day after due delivery they rang me and it was corrected. TWO weeks later still having not received it, despite e mails giving me dates, i contacted supplier if goods. They got 8n contact and lo the day after it arrived.
  20. Good job I checked. Could have gone to Hucknall but that too cancelled. Anyone want to give us a hand to build an ARk!!!!
  21. Probably already done, however just an idea which may help and aid in stopping drips and oily tissues.
  22. Its no fun if you dont share. This place is the ideal town square.
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