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  1. Club contact details are freely available on the BMFA Club finder pages. It would not be difficult to arrange a mail shot.
  2. 1) & 2) = Multiplex EasyGlider. Tough as old boots & flies brilliantly. You will find many experienced flyers take an EasyGlider along with them for flying sessions, they just fly so well. Slightly smaller than you state at 1800mm = 71inches, for something a bit bigger the MPX Solius & Heron are very good but I'd still go for the EasyGlider. Can't help with 3) I'm afraid.
  3. I also agree AliExpress's search can be bit cumbersome. In my case I just put in '3s Lipo', saw there was a CHNL shop, opened that in a new tab, spent 10mins looking at other options then went back to the CHNL tab & placed my order. I stocked up with a load of CHNL Lipos from their EU warehouse just before Brexit. I've been very happy with them, particularly their Black series (100C-130C) in EDF's. I was hoping to buy some more from their UK warehouse but they had none in stock at the time (nor with the re-stock) so I was pleased find them available via AliExpress.
  4. Ah, sorry Martin I assumed that your Tx would be DSM2 only. You are lucky to have a Tx that does both (as does my early DX9). That being the case it will bind as DSMX.
  5. Yes it is backwards compatible to your Tx’s DSM2 protocol. This user guide is a better document for the specifications. PWM = I believe this stands for Pulse Width Modulation, the standard Rx output to a servo/ESC, rather than Spektrum’s SMART throttle signal to their SMART ESC’s
  6. Following on from this thread I thought I would try AliExpress for the first time - thanks to those who suggested it. I ordered 4 LiPos from the China Hobbyline (CNHL) store within AliExpress (CNHL's UK warehouse had no suitable LiPos). VAT was added at the checkout & I saw that my PayPal payment went to Alipay (UK) Ltd. I looked up this Company on the Government's Company's House website which confirmed that it is registered in London. A glance through their 2021 accounts (freely available at the previous link) shows that it has a number of overseas subsidiary companies, a turnover of £295million and pays both UK & Overseas taxes. I placed my order on 21 July and exactly 2 weeks later the LiPo's were delivered today via Evri (formerly Hermes) courier. It had a UK shipping label so presumably the goods are shipped in bulk to the UK before being relabelled for the final dispatch. So all above board, I am very happy with the whole process & will certainly be using them again.
  7. I placed an order with them 21 Oct 2020. Other than an automated acknowledgement of my order I never received another word, or goods, from them despite multiple attempts on my part both direct & via PayPal. I eventually received a refund from PayPal on 10 Dec 2020.
  8. I've flown quite a few WotsWots and have had one as a winter hack for a few years (having the battery hatch on the top makes it much easier for muddy field operation than the other foamy Wots). As with others I found all of them flew well straight out of the box. However flying mine one calm afternoon I decided to play about with mixing to produce apparent pure yaw from the rudder. I ended up with 15% opposite aileron mix and 30% up elevator mix (with a baseline max travel ailerons 80%, and elevator max travel 125% up & 65% down). With this the model wags from side to side with the application of rudder but continues straight and level. Note I'm not advocating that anyone else does this rather, as GG says, just enjoy it for Wot it is.
  9. Yes. The Wright brothers looked extensively as to the best place to conduct their flight trials. They settled on Kitty Hawk, some 530 miles from Dayton as the crow flies. They made annual trips there from their home in Dayton Ohio from 1901, travelling by train via Norfolk, Virginia to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. They then hired a boat for the 30 mile crossing of Albermarle Sound to Kitty Hawk. Each trip took up to a week's travel. Their aircraft was sent in kit form, created up and assembled on site. The first two years when they made gliding trials they lived on site in tents for 3 months but for 1903 they assembled two large wooden camp buildings. The flying almost seems to have been the easiest part of the exercise!
  10. I visited the Wright Brothers Museum in Dayton, Ohio about the same time and had a very similar experience, the place was very quiet but was staffed by an enthusiastic Ranger who opened up the replica bicycle workshop next door just for me. I was there again in 2016, making a diversion on the way home from Oshkosh. Ohio has a very rich aviation heritage with Neil Armstrong also being born in that State. The Armstrong Air & Space Museum, the Wright-Patterson Museum of the USAF and the Wright Brother Museum are must visits for any Total Aviation Person.
  11. Just have a brief flick though Wilbur's 1901 lecture speech I linked to above Don & it will give you an idea of the painstaking research they did. Of course they stood on the shoulders of those that came before, just as Newton said he did, but they contributed immensely to fundamental aerodynamic research.
  12. After little bit more research I have found the full text of the speech by Wilbur Wright in 1901 that I referred to in my earlier response. In the published notes there is this page which shows some of the brothers' understanding of the position of the CoG: The reference to the 'rudder' in the final paragraph is in fact the canard fore-plane - naming conventions for the control surfaces had not then been standardised. The full text of the speech is available here
  13. You must be using a search engine that tracks you & stores your information (Google?). It's easily solved by switching to DuckDuckGo for your searches. https://duckduckgo.com
  14. Undoubtedly. The success of the Wright brothers came about as a result of a vast amount of research, both their own empirical and studying that of others. Their designs were aided by detailed mathematical calculations. For example 1901 they tested 38 airfoil sections each 43 times as they adjusted the angle of incidence by a quarter of a degree. That year in a lecture in Chicago Wilbur described how the centre of pressure moved with the change of the angle of attack which shows that he understood how the centre of gravity must be set to accommodate such shifts. That is from the book 'Wilbur & Orville', a detailed biography by Fred Howard.
  15. The same area using GliderTracker - you can see how many more are visible & the powered aircraft filtered out:
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