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  1. So it is! Good job I never noticed as I don't read German because I have used it successfully a few times over the years. 😀
  2. Agreed, but it does seem to have a very long shelf life. I bought this pack 10+ years ago & keep it for those occasional difficult jobs where nothing else will do. It still seems to work as good as new.
  3. Have a look through this thread for some more suggestions:
  4. Accepting that Leccy's figures appear in the 'Join us' section of the BMFA Website the latest posting under 'News' is pasted below. I cannot find any later 'statement on membership fees's yet:
  5. I expect that this is the one from Deeside MAC published in December 2016, I think (from some old correspondence, I don't still have a copy). I seem to recall that it was based on some Maplin hardware with Arduino or similar linking it to a Sim based mobile uplink. The site is still active & reporting on: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IUNITEDK515#history
  6. Press the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of your post & 'Report' you will have the opportunity of adding a message.
  7. There are more suggestions in this thread:
  8. .....or just 'Copy & Paste' the photo into the post.
  9. I have a Netatmo Weather station which also enables me to read other Netatmo outdoor modules, of which there a half dozen or so within a few miles of our strip. But for decisions to fly on the day I use the short term forecasts ('TAFs') for the local Liverpool & Hawarden Airports which are updated every 6 hours. These are accessed through the Met Office Aviation Briefing Service (you have to register but it is free) &/or the AeroWeather App. eg (not a flyable day today!) eg: For longer term planning I find the MetOffice's YouTube channel the best source. In particular Tuesday's 'Deep dive' gives a very comprehensive overview using the MetOffices, European, American and sometimes other Counties' weather models. They explain the differences & probabilities in an 'adult' fashion with no dumbing down and you can soon build up a good picture of what to expect up to a week ahead.
  10. Parcelforce won’t accept LiPo’s from retail customers but will take them for Account holders. Search ‘Help & Advice’ on parcelforce.com for full details.
  11. I've had one of the MX-30 R-EV's launch editions ('Edition R') on order since the beginning of the year which should be delivered in the next couple of weeks, they had their UK Press Launch last week. It will replace my Kia Soul EV. I accept that the rotary will not be as efficient as an Atkinson cycle ICE used in many PHEV's but as I guess 95% of my driving will be on pure EV it is not a big factor in the overall running costs. I ran a Prius PHEV for 3 years that averaged 191mpg which shows the minimal ICE use with my driving habits. The big appeal of the Mazda to me is the fact that it always drives as an EV with the performance, quietness, ease of driving and connectivity I have come used to.
  12. I've had a couple of Premier Tiger's in the past, lost the first in a mid-air. The other got rather oil soaked, I passed it on to a Club mate who refurbished it, converted to electric & it is still flying. Lovely flying model. I've still got a scan of the instructions in my files which are will attached in case they are of use. It is split into several sections due to the limitations of my scanner at the time. Tiger Moth Part 6.pdfTiger Moth Part 5.pdfTiger Moth Part 4.pdfTiger Moth Part 3.pdfTiger Moth Part 2.pdfTiger Moth Part 1.pdf
  13. ...and I joined the floater club during the summer with this Circle Dancer. They, quite literally, could have come out of the same mould!
  14. Yes, with the temperature 6 degrees this morning it was time to pop the LiPo warming pad into the carrying sack. Four quid from Amazon/eBay stuck to a bit of insulating bubble wrap using USB power, it has been doing a good job for the last couple of winters.
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