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  1. When I lived on the Island in the 80's 'Cav' (Sir Mark Cavendish)'s father, David, was a member of Manx Model Flyers & was (is?) an excellent pilot.
  2. Do search on the address in the 'Contact us' page: and it comes up as being associated with numerous scams. Use it at your own risk!
  3. As fitted to my Hawk & Avanti. Great little gyro, set it to 'stability mode' for the launch & it guarantees that it will get away with a 100% success, then turn off or use 'Dynamic' as is your preference.
  4. It's the 'Vector' gyro, as fitted to many of the Arrows models 50mm EDF series. In the Arrows models they come pre-programmed & are not adjustable, I've not come across programmable versions but they may be available. I've not seen it with an external switch, the switching on mine is via a 3 position switch to spare channel on the Rx that goes into the input 'BS' Here's a scan of the instructions as supplied by Arrows: 20240616_Vector.pdf
  5. Resurrecting the thread. Well after resisting the temptation to buy a new covering iron at Weston Park yesterday my old iron packed up today! Irreparable damage to the heating element after 20+ years. Of the recommendations in this thread the HK one is no longer available. The Prolux digital looks good but I'm tempted by their new TFT-LCD display version. Anyone have any experience of this version &/or updates as to how the Prolux's have held out over the last few years before I make the trip to Webbies on Monday?
  6. I'm just home from Weston Park also & would echo everything DaveB1 said. Good day out and apart from a few very heavy showers, easily sheltered from in a trade tent, the weather co-operated. I've been going ever since it started & prefer the Friday ever since it became an option, it being much quieter than the weekend. ....and I ticked off everything on my shopping list (+maybe just a little bit more).
  7. Have a read of the attached BMFA's Booklet and Overlander leaflet as a starter Jonathan: Battery Safety Booklet.pdf Overlander leaflet.pdf
  8. An alternative to stand offs in this situation is the Axi motor mount. I fitted one on my Wot4 Pro in 2019 & it has worked fine ever since. https://www.electricwingman.com/axi-motor-mount
  9. Been there, done that! One dealer even took photos of my model in the back of the car for use in their publicity/advertising.
  10. Whilst I no longer fly IC for the 5 decades that I did I almost always used self tappers in nylon mounts without any problems whatsoever. I've still got left in my parts draw a few of my favourite fitting - Quality steel No 6 Socket Cap Woodscrews. https://www.modelfixings.co.uk/cap_head_woodscrews.htm The screws have no taper after the initial point and never budge if you use the correct pilot drill as suggested in the Modelfixings table. ps the above applies up to & including .50 size engines. Above that I preferred a more 'engineering' solution, generally involving drilling & tapping metal.
  11. This month's Aeromodeller magazine has an article about the cancellation of the show. I can't reproduce due to copyright but in it Martin Thompson says that while he had the support of the aeromodelling community he outlines some of the difficulties he encountered from the 'non-aeromodelling' sector with regards to risk assessments, safety, first aid, etc etc and the 'sheer time & expense' involved. In the end it proved too much and he cancelled the show personally loosing the £20,000 he had invested to the point of pulling the plug.
  12. Remember that your contract is with the seller and not the courier. It is up to the seller, not you, to sort things out if the delivery goes wrong. See Citizens Advice on the subject.
  13. Further thread drift of a happy memory. I used to be well practiced in hand swinging many full size aircraft engines so one day when I heard a shout of 'Anyone give me a swing' I was more than happy to wander over to give assistance. The crier turned out to be 'Ginger' Lacey, one of the top scoring pilots of WW2 in a little home built aircraft. It was a privilege to give service.
  14. Surrounded on all sides by rain but managed to get an hour's thermaling in with my Lentus before the big red blob on the left closed in. As expected mega lift all round in the unstable air and also had a flock of Swallows for company.
  15. Assuming it is a matching Thumper/Overlander system the sudden continuous bleeps would indicate a voltage supply problem: I'd very carefully check and possibly remake all the power supply connections & also the internal resistance of the battery.
  16. Well I'm all sorted thanks to the generosity of Duncan. A couple of worthy Charities are also a little better off rather than money changing hands between parties. Very much a win-win and a vivid contrast to the various scams that are regrettably around.
  17. Here's such a setup on my Sebart Angel with the antispark end embedded in the fuselage:
  18. I fully agree with all you say Nick. But if you do know what you are doing then the SBUS capability means a single wire neat connection and the ability to use a cheaper satellite Rx, such as this with my Jeti in an FMS SuperEZ float plane.
  19. Mine came apart mid flight and there appears to be no spares in the country (tried the usual Sebart suppliers). Anyone have one going spare from an otherwise defunct airframe, please? Reasonable price paid +P&P. Unless personally known to me payment will be by PayPal goods & services only (I'll pay the fees), or cash if within collecting distance of the Wirral.
  20. The glues in my photo are contained in a box which shows them against an orange background, so may appear discoloured but are in fact 'factory fresh' and quite clear. One side advantage with buying in the Aldi 'centre isle promotions', apart from the cost, is that the stock turns over within a week or two.
  21. It was from a freely available Website, not an app. You can look for yourself on: https://globe.adsbexchange.com The symbol on the bottom right allows you to rewind the timeline:
  22. Picked up from the centre isle at Aldi. I can't remember the price but worth keeping an eye out for & putting them in stock.
  23. They may have been thinking of CAP 658 - "Model Aircraft: A Guide To Safe Flying", which was the then 'Bible' and often quoted and referenced for many years (and from my experience still appears in some Club Constitutions & Safety Rules). However that was withdrawn by the CAA in January 2021 and was superseded by CAP 722. In CAP 658 it stated: "Failsafes Any powered model aircraft fitted with a receiver capable of operating in failsafe mode should have the failsafe set, as a minimum, to reduce the engine(s) speed to idle on loss or corruption of signal."
  24. Simple question but no simple answer. As ever 'It depends'. The official guide is here: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad There is a link in the second page of the guide ('Trade Tariff Service') to the duty payable. (Note 'Non-excise goods worth £135 or less attract 'No charge' Customs Duty but you need to verify they are 'non excise goods'). In my experience the simplest option is to use one of the sellers who charge you VAT & Duty (if any) at point of sale & who arrange the export/import with nothing extra to pay. Over the last few years I've used AliExpress for this and I find it remarkably quick & trouble free. The option if not paid at point of sale is to pay the Courier/Royal Mail/ParcelForce the VAT/Duty plus their handling charges. You will need to read the terms & conditions for the carrier in question as the costs here can vary quite a bit.
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