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  1. How very true! My technique is to sweep the floor if I can't see the screw quickly. Surprisingly, it often works. However there are items I've never found - even things as big as allen keys.
  2. Of course you're entitled to adopt that procedure but that means that what may be a brief loss of signal with a liquid fuelled model means you're dead-stick with no hope of recovery if not within gliding range of the patch.
  3. My cousin and I used to touch electric fences quite often at his dad's farm when we were kids. It wasn't that big a deal. In fact when I was teenager I used to get regular 7kv shocks when I was testing supposedly faulty TV line output transformers which were returned for replacement/repair (they had replaceable valve diodes (U25) which were used to generate high voltages for CRT anodes)
  4. Quite apart from the aeromodelling items there's some interesting toys/models on offer and the estimated prices don't seem to be really excessive. Not that I'd bid - I've got enough junk of my own acquired over 7 decades (at least!)
  5. In IC to electric conversions weight of the motor is rarely, if ever, an issue - except lack of it, sometimes.
  6. I used to be heavily involved in activities with arguably more potential for serious injury than aeromodelling - motor cycle trials and dinghy racing and AFAIK there was no official stance from either the RYA or ACU. In those days only some sidecar competitors wore helmets, a flat cap was the usual headgear. The philosophy for sailing was (and still is) that it is the responsibility of the sailor to decide if it is safe to sail. Our national championships once took place on the south coast at the time of the Fastnet disaster and racing was cancelled because the high winds. As Patmc remarks, formalising safety procedures can only open a can of worms. At some point people have to asses the risks and the procedures established for alleviating them and make their own decisions as to carrying on or stopping.
  7. Excellent job. I'm afraid I just used the supplied stickers etc with mine so it resembles the one in the Shuttleworth collection. They fly very well. The big drawback is the small and flimsy rigging anchor points on the wing. Several of mine have pulled through and I've replaced them with 1.5mm split cotters, which work OK and are not too obvious. Make sure the wheels are well lubricated and take care with their assembly so they spin freely. Mine nosed over on our less than perfect tarmac as I started to taxi and broke the prop. Not yet tried the 12x6 I've fitted to replace the supplied 11x7 but I don't anticipate any problems.
  8. We have a similar problem in our village. There's Brook St, Parkside, Park Lane (the rough track we live on, not the Monopoly location!), Park Rd and Park Crescent all numbered as if they are the same road. Very confusing as all the houses on Park Lane have odd (high) numbers as we are on the 'odd' side. Fortunately our usual Postie lives a few doors away from us and we get first class service from him. It's the random parcel carriers that get it wrong. They often end up at the farm before turning back 🙂
  9. I think that saying predates 'chemtrails' by a large margin. We had a good day too, but watching motor cycle racing at Cadwell Park for the first time in 30 odd years (last time I was there, I was a travelling marshal). My friend's son won all his 3 races with his BMW flat 4 sidecar outfit. I knew him as a toddler and schoolboy but he's now 58! It's sobering. We were also treated to fly past of BoB flight's DC3 on its way to a display somewhere. I guess. Glorious weather but now we're back home it's raining - again!
  10. You should remember that mackerel skies and mare's tails make tall ships carry short sails 🙂 No flying today because of a Covid vaccination booster and none tomorrow because we're off to Cadwell Park to see a long time friend's son race his BMW sidecar outfit. I've known young Steve since he was a toddler but we've lost touch recently so it'll be good to see them all. Apparently he usually wins! He's probably as mad as his dad was.
  11. Of course, you have to remember that 'Hank Jansen' was, in reality British writer Stephen Daniel Francis and not a hard bitten Chicago crime reporter. I just looked up Jansen on Amazon Kindle and they're all still available for about £2 each. Apparently he could write a novel in a couple of weeks (faster than Barbara Cartland!) and used a Dictaphone back in 1949. Amazing!
  12. My dad used to read them so, inevitably, did my 13 year old self 🙂 The 'porn' element was a bit weak IIRC - certainly by modern standards.
  13. It's obviously not easy to weight the motor without removing it from the model but the usual rule of thumb is 3 watts/ gram of motor weight. You could roughly measure the kv by running it off load with a known battery voltage and measuring the rpm with an optical tacho (the white label may be enough to offer a once/rev indication). I'd agree with Tom in his guesstimate of its capabilities. With a 5mm shaft diameter it's likely to be happy with a 35/40 amp current draw (approx 500 watts?)
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