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  1. I think that would be Neil Gillies at igull. I had some s/w from him to allow some mods on my Multiplex 3030 transmitter and he published a design I did for an optical rpm probe for the same transmitter. He does a lot of CNC cut rib sets. I think adding the wire rigging, which, once the lengths are set, aren't too time-consuming to fit, should prevent any possible 'wing folding' incident 🀞 How heavy was yours? Mine's quite light until the necessary ballast is added πŸ™‚ One of the advantages of the Puppeteer is the longer nose (which is the main for its not being a scale Pup) thus being able to balance with little, or no, extra nose-weight. I must get mine out again but it has an ASP 65 glow engine fitted and I'm not really equipped for glow engines these days. The last time I flew it, it went dead-stick high up as I was trimming out. I did a greaser landing right in the middle of the runway only to find it had no prop! I think it must have kicked back and unscrewed. I was upset as it was a brand-new prop - I even, foolishly, went to look for it.
  2. VAT varied at one time depending on whether the item was classed as luxury or essential and mundane. I used to buy things for my racing dinghies from a lovely bloke in Derby up an entry on Normanton Rd. If I was buying some sort of rope either for sheets or control lines, Ken would ask me what it was for because if I said it was for clothes lines, the VAT was, IIRC, about half of what it would be if it was our dinghy. I bought a lot of clothes lines πŸ™‚ Purchase tax was a nightmare, too. We used to sell thermionic valve as used in radios and TVs (we usually fitted them) and the price was printed on the boxes by the manufacturer (Ediswan or Mullard/Philips) and shown with the message 'plus purchase tax', which was adjusted from time to time in the budget. Car spares were purchase tax-free (or reduced, perhaps. I can't recall) but parts to build a kit car attracted heavy taxes. Lotus 7 kits were supplied without instructions so they could be sold as spares and thus attract a lower tax. Taxation is complicated because life and the people who live them are complicated and what seems straightforward can often catch out innocents who fall between the cracks. But tax is vital or public services society relies on disappear.
  3. I put it all back together this evening and found the prop driver is slightly bent (the motor is a 4Max 5055 559 rpm/v) so I've ordered a new one. I've given up trying to effect a satisfactory repair to the dummy engine and ordered a Linsay (sp? But that's how he's described on the website)Todd 9 cylinder CNC cut 'radial engine' from Sarik Hobbies - it'll have to pretend it's a rotary. I just hope I can retrofit it into the cowl. I weighed it at just over 5kg including a 6S LiPo but I'd experimentally removed some lead but it will need to go back to get the CoG right. The cowl, with all the lead ballast weighs 3lb (approx 1.5kg!) so 25% of the total weight. It looks like I'll need a kw for 80 watts/lb. The wing loading is 1.2lbs/squ ft. I think it'll fly OK, but it won't be doing any 3D manoeuvres πŸ™‚ Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.
  4. One of my former colleagues got married on 29th February. That year it fell on a Saturday, so I bet he wasn't alone. Can't remember the year - 1992 perhaps. Take them a long time for their silver wedding anniversary πŸ™‚
  5. After cycle club night on Tuesdays, which was evening time trial in the summer, my wife had cash spread all over the kitchen worktop, sorting it out. It had advantages in that we always had cash available for ourselves and our single cheque was easier to pay in to the bank. When she retired as treasurer last year it was all done online and, fortunately, even at 83 she's a dab hand with a spreadsheet and IT generally, and it was all a lot easier. Though trying to get the bank transferred to the new treasurer wasn't exactly straight forward for some obscure reason.
  6. Thanks, EB. I tried about 3 times by simply deleting the picture when I did the edit but it didn't work and it was too late to faff about trying to understand why.
  7. For some reason I can't delete the extra picture😬
  8. As some old forum members may vaguely recall, back in 2019 I was upset by someone here and decided to stop posting. This included my Sopwith Pup build. It's still there but the photos are not. Of course, I still have them all but it's impossible to add links into a very old thread. Anyway, it got finished: However, I got a message from another builder that his wings had folded in flight which worried me to such an extent that, instead of elastic rigging wire I fitted real wire, which is a bit of a fiddle to fit. I don't really think it's a problem and I know I was careful when I joined the wings but, as they were not only covered but I'd spent a lot of time decorating them to match the prototype I'd chosen to model and it would have been a lot of work to access the join. We had a new field in 2020 which is grass rather than the hard runway we have at Ashbourne (we have 2 sites for now) but the grass then was still a bit rough. As I was taxiing to the take-off point for my maiden, it nosed over. It not only broke the prop but the motor mount as well and even though I shut the throttle quickly it damaged the dummy engine and dented the cowl. I was so disappointed, I put it away without even examining the damage. That's 2 years ago. Last week I needed a receiver for my Fokkler DVIII and decided to use the one still in the Pup. I looked at the damage and decided enough time had passed to try a fix. To my surprise it's not that bad. The ply motor box is broken. It's only 3mm, so I've decided to beef it up and make a 6mm box, glued with epoxy with the additional support of some triangular balsa. I'll remove some of the lead in the cowl (there's a lot!). I've managed to squeeze out the worst of the dents and the dummy engine looks repairable, so I think it'll be ready for its maiden in a day or 3 though I'll leave it to the better weather next year. Here's the cowl as it is now. At least the paint has stayed on. Here's the dummy engine. Repairable, I hope. There's a fair bit of lead I can lose to compensate for the heavier motor box/mount And here's the start of the repair. I feel quite cheerful about it now πŸ™‚
  9. I can't remember getting a VAT invoice but I'm 99% sure VAT was included (it states 'tax included' on the order). However, it was free delivery so I can only assume it was actually posted in the UK from somewhere where a large consignment was delivered and stored, eg a warehouse. If that was merely a temporary, rented premises obviously I can't say but several others have reported receiving items far more quickly than if they'd been posted individually from China.
  10. Just so. My sister dumped a load of old photos on me a week ago in an effort to identify some of the people as I'm now the oldest member of our branch of the family. The quality isn't high as I guess some were taken with a box Brownie. Most of the people I didn't know but my grandfather (born circa 1860) featured in a few so I was able to guess some of them. They're really only of interest because of the period dress. None of the 100s of photos I have, including the slides and the ones I printed/enlarged, will be of any interest in 2123. However, like Mike, I have USB 3.5" floppy and DVD available. I remember Tony Benn, who recorded a daily diary throughout his political career, had a similar problem with voice recordings (who has a reel to reel tape machine or, especially, a reel to reel wire recorder - which was what I first heard my own voice recorded on back in 1950). And Benn's diaries are almost certainly of far more historical interest than most people's snapshots.
  11. Me too, Mike. Probably dates from the time 40 years back, pre IBM PC (which was a step back at the time) when I was working on microprocessor systems and our data were stored on C90 cassettes, then 7" floppies, 5.25" floppies and, finally 2.5" floppies. I have a 250 Mb SSD in my current PC I use for back-up as well as a HD from a previous PC and an external HD for ultimate back-up. No need for the cloud and its potential charges.
  12. I'm still on W10 and view my pictures using Windows Photo Viewer but there are other free jpeg viewers available online. All you need to do is double click on the thumbnail and it will open. I can't believe W11 is much different. I have numerous back-ups - some are additional SSD I'e fitted into my PC and probably the most secure is a separate USB driven hard drive. A lot of my photos are 35mm slides which are even harder to access and view - especially as my projector broke! I must have 100s of slides and sadly some have mould on them. When you download photos from your camera or phone, use the option 'Save As' and then choose the destination either to a previously created folder or you also have the option of creating a new one. That way, you know where to look when you use File Explorer to search your machine's memory. I don't use the so-called cloud either, mainly because I like to know the physical location of my data/photos. Plus I can access them when off-line should there be no internet connection for some reason. As for storage, I'm a bit anal as to where my data are stored (all data) and partition my drive into a drive C for software and Windows and drive D for my data which are organised to suit me. Photographs are stored in various places depending on their relevance (lots are in the folders for particular model builds for example). Most of my early involvement in computers was in machines with no sophisticated operating system, so I got used to setting up my folder system carefully, as a lot of it was assembler or C code I'd spent months writing.
  13. I'm in the process of making a couple of 'Spandau' guns for my Fokker DVIII. They are certainly cartoon scale but I'm trying to de-cartoonise them a little. The barrel is a piece of 5mm carbon rod and the ventilated cylinder was made from a piece of perforated aluminium sheet I bought on eBay Β£3.50) as a 100mm x 100 mm square - enough for 2. If I told you how long it's taken me so far, you'd laugh but the second should be quicker as I won't have to search my junk drawer for inspiration (which never actually arrived!) Hopefully when I've added something to simulate the mechanisms and painted it all matt black it'll look a bit more realistic. Sarik do a 3D printed Spandau about the right scale for Β£16.50 but I balk at Β£33 for a couple of guns although if I costed my crude versions per hour, Β£33 would be a bargain πŸ™‚
  14. I have made the Flair 'Albert' who once piloted my SE5a, but now replaced, into a traitor as he's destined for my Fokker DVIII 'Razor' and will battle his former aeroplane over the skies and trenches of ... Ashbourne, probably πŸ™‚
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