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  1. I’m cracking on with the build, not too far behind the leaders. Will be fitting the servo boxes in the wings & doing the fuselage decking today. Enjoying following the thread, thanks chaps. I have fixed the leading edge problem by gluing a strip of balsa , 1” by 3/32” to the top of the wing core. This has enabled a good leading edge profile to be sanded. Tallyho, John.
  2. First flight of the 190 on Wed . No drama everything perfect. Thanks Richard , it’s a cracking model. The Tempest kit has just arrived today. How good is that?😀😀 John
  3. Hi, here is another one ready to go. I wanted to try Richard’s monochrome finish, I think it has worked well. It has a Quantum 40 motor, about 700 watts on a 12 x 6 prop & 4s 4000 lipo. The cg is at 85 mm. Is that OK? Can you remind me of what the control deflections should be please? I have really enjoyed this build & following the numerous threads, can’t wait to start on the Tempest. John.
  4. The dolly on the right was used on a FW 190d. The 2 wires, about 1/14 inch long, just plugged into 2 tubes , very loosely, in the bottom of the fuselage. The tail rested on the ground. The other dolly was used on Curtis Hawk. The rear of the dolly hooked over the trailing edge. The “ hooks” are from flexible foam about 1/4” thick.The tail of the model is on the ground & could be steered with the rudder. I think that next time I might extend the dolly fit a tail wheel. Ron, what size motor do you recommend & have you an ideal position for the cg? Thanks for the excellent videos. sorry about the inverted photos.6
  5. Here are 2 dollies I have used.Both have worked perfectly, never had a failed launch.
  6. Shark face was my 2nd ever radio model. Built from the original free plan with a cox 0.49 & macgregor s/c radio & a conquest escapement. Great fun. I worked with Eric Clutton for a year. Happy days.
  7. Hi, in 70+ years of modelling I’ve never done a Spitfire , or a Mustang , or a 109. it’s a gap that really needs filling. A Sea Fury would be very tempting. I very much like Hurricanes but have already done the Brian Taylor one. A friend gave me a Mosquito that was built for ic, I have converted it to electric but have not dared to try a maiden. It’s the very old CAP design for those of you with a long memory. The pointy wings & lack of washout put me off. So many models & not enough time.
  8. I’ve very much enjoyed rereading this thread. Were the plans ever published? I would enjoy building one of these.
  9. Richard, red23 for me please. It’s good to see the numbers growing. I think you are onto a winner here.
  10. Just confirming my order. One 190 & one Tempest please.
  11. Hi Richard, a couple of years ago I built a FW190 d. Enlarged from a Clive Smalley free plan to 48” span. It flew very well on 4 cells & always launched from a drop off dolly. Now needs some repairs. I’ve been a very good boy this year so I’m thinking of ordering the 190 & perhaps the Tempest too for Christmas. The big question for me is will my 4s 4000 lipo’s fit into the battery bay? Please say yes.
  12. Hi all, thanks to everyone who responded. All the opinions were helpful & I have learned something from them all. I have taken the advice from Matty. A 4s Lipo gave me 680 watts on a 13 x 6.5 prop , that is much more comfortable. Swapping to a smaller lipo also enables me mount the lipo vertically & further forward so hopefullyI may not need to add lead to correct the cg. Happiness all round. Thanks again, cheers John
  13. Thanks for your advice chaps. The Horus is a bit more demanding than my old Futaba. Frank, you found the correct model, there was a option to build a larger version 64” span. I think it would fly on 4s but then I would have to ballast the model to get the cg right. I”ll have to get myself “ psyched up” to give it a go. Cheers John
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