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  1. Where I come from in Essex , there are no hills . So Scotland does look Lumpy . Lovely scenery though (Scotland not Essex ) . I remember flying at St Leonards on sea on the South Coast as a guest to the very active Hastings club . Although it was windy , it was very stable and no problem at all, as it came straight across the sea with no lumps or trees .
  2. I'm going to be biased and say that I love the first shot of Murat's Fw190 climbing away into "tropical " skies . That paint job really looks the part and is rarely done . I still have a GWS 190 that I painted in the same scheme . Well done Murat . You've done me proud . BTW , is it possible that the "lumpy" winds are related to Scottish porridge ? Southerners buy thier's from Waitrose in little sachets , hence no lumps. Just a thought .
  3. I guess the builders had a lot of number to get rid of .... so thought , lets start at 557 . In East London we use to see that . V2 rocket was the culprit .
  4. Yes Nick , I sense your frustration . The funny thing is , you live at number 558 . That is how long the road is , so dont tell me they dont recognise it ! Sadly this happens all the time . We sent out 30 kits and three had a saga of some kind . I would say that is probably representative on the whole . Parcel Force have actually been performing better than DHL and UPS for us in the last year or so . The others also have a sneaky trick of charging the sender a "fuel supplement" charge if you are unfortunate to have an account with them . They never give a reason why . Also getting them to pay on a claim is virtually impossible , as the ask us , the manufacturer for a receipt of purchase ! We dont purchase we manufacture ! Anyway , seems like they have all pretty much made it and dodged everyone's holidays and awaydays. I do wonder if the "skipping Friday delivery " is a scam to make you pay £12 the next day for a special weekend delivery . Weve had at least two, maybe three on this batch .
  5. I've got similar on my Heinkel 111 . Over 100 flights no problem so you should be fine . looking very promising Chris .
  6. They havent got wheel doors , so Its a bit like a lady with no skirt ! Im on Holiday for two weeks on Monday so Ron and Eric will be advising. When I get back , I will fit doors and I expect Paul Johnson will be getting ready to send out retract packs. Anyone wanting the packs could contact him direct with a pm . My thoughts on the retracts are this : How good is your runway ? If its a good flat , well cut grass strip or concrete then a lot of satisfaction can be had by doing a smooth landing . The 190 I was flying yesterday comes in as smooth as silk , but even or long runway has a spring wave effect until its rollered . That means you can come in beautifully , skimming the tops of the "waves" but if you touch in a low point , the model can flip onto its back . No damage done usually but out of our control . I think everyone should try them at some point and your chance of success is way better with a foam veneered wing . Flight performance is barely affected and you cant get a much more friendly warbird . Dont try to put the retract pack together yourself . Remember , Ive flown thousands of flights on this type of model and I know exactly the best compromise . Copying the practice of ARTFs is not the answer . (oleos etc and no shock absorbing coil spring ) .
  7. That's a relief . I was beginning to think that you and Sebastian would be swinging hand bags come the weekend . 😬
  8. As the weather has finally perked up , Ive been nipping out to do some flying . There is a fair gaggle of Fw190s buzzing about , so I dont feel quite so precious about the prototype . I didnt really get why everyone was raving about it so much , as I 'd only had two shakedown flights in the winter , to make sure it had a gentle stall and generally good handling. It was based on a previous 190 so not far from the beaten track . Having now flown it to the max in everyway on a sunny day with light to no wind conditions , I can honestly say it is one of the easiest warbirds you could fly . It literally flies like a Gangster 63 for those old enough to remember . The objective was an easy to build , no fuss warbird and in this instance , thats what we have . The Tempest has had a few shake down flights in bad weather and seems very similar . Interesting to compare the figures for the pair . The Fw190 has a span of 52" weighs 4lb 10oz with a 4s 3300pack , making the wing loading 24.42oz/sq ft . The Tempest has a span of 55" weighs 5lb 5oz with a 4s 3300 pack making the wing loading 23oz /sq ft . Both are now equipped with retracts (somebody had to test them ) . I would guess that retracts add around 7oz, which is included above . So your wing loading would be around 22oz/sq ft , which is very low . That wing loading is much more what you would expect from a low wing sport model than a warbird , so we have done well . The wing sections are very friendly too , so with even more weight , I dont think there would be a problem . The 190 is exceptional in its handling and I dont think the Tempest will be far behind . The cranked wing may make the rolls less axial but there again its shape in the air is more dramatic , so there must be a compromise .
  9. I would guess it starts at about 6mm . Easy to ream out though . If your motor shaft is too thin , I can send you some inserts that will make it fit . Most motors, man enough, will have 8mm prop shafts .
  10. Its easier than that on the Tempest Each kit comes with square mounting packing pieces to make back of the spinner match the cowl front . Using the X mount as a template , you can just drill and screw the forwardmost one to the motor , then screw that plate to the one behind . Simples (as the meerkat says ) .
  11. Well, it says max load 48Amps and 890watts . But it also says 3-7 cells and recommends an 11x5 prop . On what cells I would ask ? So lets put all that B/S to one side and go with my experience of these motors . On 4s the starting point will be a 12x6 . That ties up with the maths . roughly 15v x 800kV = 1200revs . Knock off a bit for losses and say 10000 on a 12x6 . That is OS52FS performance . Perfect for our 54" fighters . They go like the clappers and Ive never had a bad one . Some people will sell you the same thing in another colour for £44. The only tiny snag with these motors , is not the motors at all . But in fact, the machined X mount, which has arms about 3mm too short . Not a massive problem and Eric and I discussed fixes on the 190 thread .
  12. Yes Leccy , they are nice and I use them all the time . Nominally 800kv , 4250 . 8mm prop shaft . I believe they are made of metal , wires and some magnets then painted red 😛
  13. ok chaps , more tracking. surnames only West UX6282106 Bowlan UX6282110 Kece UX6282097 Exton UX6282123 BakerUX6282168 RobsonUX6282154 CrippsUX6282137 Meek UX6282171 BTW Nick Cripps , I will send decals separately .
  14. Dave's went today , yours is going in the morning . Best left at that Murat . You may get it Friday with luck .
  15. The tracking can be fickle , but keep in mind that Phill the kit cutter is doing ten or so at a time with careful consideration to the requirements of each order . Booking them all on line and labelling is also a time consuming job . More going out today , and tomorrow . I will put tracking details up as I get them .
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