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  1. Nice work Ron and thanks for documenting that detail. Graham , if you are wondering how to stick Ron's little assembly onto the plastic , there are a few options . 1) rough the plastic up in the contact area then simply epoxy wood as Ron did . 2) contact glue a pad of postcard onto the cowl , which can then assumed to be "wood" as far as most wood glues are concerned . I actually brown papered my original plastic cowl and it was so tough that it never developed any splits or chips over continuous flying for six years !
  2. Unless you fly from concrete , I wouldnt bother . Losing the coil spring is a mistake . If you want it to look more scale , hollow out some balsa to make two shells then cover with alluminium ducting tape .
  3. Yes , the Avios Spitfire provided some useful details . However in typical fashion , they are hardly ever available . On another note , regarding Ron's wonderful laser twin noise , you probably heard two birds having a very animated conversation . I shall translate (being fluent ) . Incredibly , they were not discussing the magnificent Laser , long stroke twin . They were outraged at the increasing price of "Trill " . Which any Budgie owner will know , has been relatively stable for the last twenty years . Apparently cuttle fish is also difficult to find , and small mirrors ....
  4. Hmm . I like that ! I remember seeing the Duxford "Frankie" close up , outside the hanger just before covid. I believe it was up for sale as they were doing a photo shoot . Like yours , it was shining like a new pin . Stunning . Seems like we've got a few more P51s nearing completion . Not sure what happened to the other 40 ? I'm hoping we will see a few more pictures soon . Ps Note we test flew Glynns one with a 13x7 dynam three blade prop . Not so much torque to deal with on the test flight and a bit more forgiving and cheaper if you "peck " the grass !
  5. Ah yes ! Thanks for the reminder Glynn . I was wondering if your Ferocious Frankie was the same ,as they both look correct . Youve got some very nice pictures of her as I recall ?
  6. Which Yellow is that Jonathan ? Looks spot on . Some can look a bit too lemon coloured ,, others too mustard .
  7. Thanks chaps . Brilliant joint effort . Youve really done me proud there . Means a lot when you see a result like that .
  8. After the 110 doing a lovely take off and circuit before the gremlins set in . It was decided to hand over the very beautiful 109 to an increasingly impatient small dog . Unfortunately , the motor defied his attempts to start it , answering only with a repetitive bleep bleep . This further infuriated him to the point where I cannot begin to describe his verbal and visual abuse at both machine and mankind . We have had to up his dose as soon as he got home . Green Graham says we should have him somewhere near normal in a week or so .
  9. Yes it was great to meet Graham and his beautifully finished models , but we had more gremlins than we could shake a stick at . Even the lads were baffled . Here they are discussing the 110 with Graham . Sweep had some very useful comments . Unfortunately , nobody could understand what they were .
  10. I love the colour scheme Jon , that would have been on my list . I will nudge Paul Johnson about the C of G because he experimented more than me . Because the Mustang and La7 have stepped leading edges ,you cant make comparisons with other fighters in terms of Cof G in relation to the former in front of the wing .
  11. Wow ! Well done chaps . That is a stunning shot of a stunning aeroplane . Thanks for making my day ?
  12. ahh Smoke and mirrors eh ? Very clever .
  13. I'll plough on on this thread Graham , as people building Spits (there are quite a few out there ) only have to visit one spot . This one is a little bit about a Mk1 "looky likey" from the existing Mk IX kit too .
  14. I cant see the Piks Jon . How come Geoff and Eric can ?
  15. Has anyone noticed the echo in hear ?
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