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  1. Videos of FW190 First Flight - click on the U-Tube link. https://youtu.be/Pllhl1u5p_8 https://youtu.be/f69Hrwe6g4o https://youtu.be/7YzbXcEh--g
  2. Well, finally the weather in Ayrshire was kinder, with only a light wind, and it was time at last to have the FW190 first flight!! Despite all the good things written about the docile handling of the model by the forum members, I was too nervous to take charge of the first flight. A talented pilot and fellow club member, Ewan Reeves, very kindly took the controls. The hand launch was so easy and the FW190 flew away very smoothly. We were amazed that no trim at all was required and just how smooth and stable the aircraft was in flight. It flies like it is on rails! Ewan tried a stall test with showed a classic behaviour of a nose drop on full up elevator with no tendency for a wing drop. The landing was easy as well even if the slight breeze dictated a downhill landing as our strip is on a slope. Ewan thought it was by far the best warbird he has ever flown and the other club members present were equally impressed. Then it was my turn at the controls for a flight which really exceeded my expectations. So easy to fly, manoeuvrable and able to fly big scale display turns. I am really looking forward to expanding its flight envelope within my capabilities. Richard, congratulations for delivering a fantastic model. It meets every requirement set out in the thread. Just brilliant!! I will try to post a video or two although I don't have Ron's great editing skills 😀
  3. Thanks gents for the positive comments. I have not fitted the retracts yet and will fly first without them. Still waiting for my ESC to be returned.
  4. I have finally finished the painting of the FW190. I used Mission Models paints, sprayed on with a small airbrush. I must admit that covering and painting is not my best skill. I have fitted the servos and the control linkages and installed the receiver. I am waiting on a 60ESC to be returned from Overlander. When setting it up with the 4-Max motor, the motor would not run but jittered no matter the timing or soft start setting. I eventually decided by elimination that the problem was in the ESC as it would not work with another motor either. When it is back, the model will be ready for first flight. Hope the weather keeps fine.
  5. Well done Richard. Both models look great and to hear they have excellent flight characteristics is good news. I have my retracts now for the FW190 but I will fly it without them to begin with (soon I hope).
  6. Hi Richard, Please put me on the list for the retracts mod kit. I think I will fly without the retracts initially and then do the mod. Gordon
  7. I eventually removed the bubbled covering on one wing and replaced it. What seems to work is using Balsaloc on the wing skin veneer prior to applying the PVA coated, brown paper. I am also convinced that the Gorilla PVA is not the best for this job and next time I will buy some cheaper PVA from the builders merchants. I have got to the painting stage now and will final fit the flying control surfaces prior to the finishing paint coat. I have used Halfords white primer on the lower surfaces and grey primer on the upper surfaces.
  8. My vote, if I am allowed one, 😀 would be for a Sea Fury. P47 would be second. Bearcat would be nice but listening to the comments on the twist and turn retracts, maybe not. Getting back to working on the FW190 this week.
  9. Looking superb LiPo! Hoping to get back to mine over the Easter period. If I achieve half of the realism of yours, I will be happy. Envious of your manicured grass strip as well! 😀
  10. Thanks Richard. I am going to do that as I had a look at it again this morning and it is really a bit of a mess on one wing only. 😀 Away for a couple of weeks so it will have to wait a bit.
  11. I have experimented a bit further with the Gorilla PVA. I thinned it very sparingly with only a couple of drops of water and applied it very liberally to the BP. I did not leave it long before applying to the veneer. This has worked much better with no bubbles. I also have done one wing with applying a thin coat of Balsaloc to the veneer and letting that dry before applying the BP/PVA. That has worked well too. I think as Stu has said there are several variations of the method which can be used. In my case, with no previous experience, I am getting used to the process and the finer details which guarantee success. Having expert advice from those on the Forum is a great help to progress quickly up the learning curve. Thanks.
  12. LiPo Man and Ron. Thanks. Will try the aliphatic glue solution as well. Some of the bubbles are very small and good to know they may not be noticeable.
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