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  1. Richard, Thanks for the flight test report. Very encouraging indeed and not a surprise! 4lb with battery gives a low wing loading and a good speed range. Just about to start my Hurricane so I had better get a move on.
  2. Hi Richard, Please put me down for a RED 13 decal set. Gordon
  3. Happy with a build thread only for the FW190. The build thread for the P51 was very well done by Paul Johnson and helped me immensely with my first Warbirds kit. I have been reading through this whole thread and now understanding the Richards’s logic on simplicity, I think I will not fit retracts, at least to begin with. Looking forward to it.
  4. AndrewModel Shop Leeds are excellent. I rely on mail order as the nearest small model shop is over 30 miles away and not well stocked. MSL have always delivered promptly and when I had an issue with a transmitter purchased from them, it was replaced immediately with no delay. 110% for service from Andrew, Will, etc.
  5. Thanks Richard, Please put me on the list for a FW190 with retracts. Gordon
  6. Hi Richard, Just catching up on this tread. I am interested in the FW190 kit. I see that a retractable undercarriage may be available. Any thought on when that might be? Still got my Hurricane in the queue to build but will have more time soon when I finally retire.
  7. No way! They can remain envious!! Interestingly showing the model on our What’s App group has sparked interest in having a warbirds day or a scale day at the club. A few of the members do have kit built models so hopefully it will encourage others to try to build a kit or plans pack model. wondering what to build over the winter. Anymore warbird kits on your shelf or in future Richard? Best, Gordon
  8. Thanks Paul. The grin was even wider than that!!! 😀😀 it is very satisfying, after hours and hours of work to build a model, to have a very successful first flight. But this one was special for sure! Gordon
  9. I had another practice taxi test today at the field. The wind was moderate to gusty and the direction was from the south which meant using the short er runway but at least the wind was right down the runway. I had earlier checked that the model ran straight on a tarmac area. The rudder travel was adjusted as Richard suggested. Putting on half rudder for the first taxi run made it much easier to control. On the second run I managed to keep it down the middle and made the decision to continue the take-off. She flew off perfectly with only some right aileron trim needed. The gear retracted ok and soon it was time to think about the landing. I dialled in some flap expecting a trim change in pitch but none needed and in fact there seemed to none needed with full flap which was a pleasant surprise. Landing was affected a bit by the gusts but helped by Paul’s advice to keep some power on. Absolutely delighted to find such good flying qualities and to have finally completed the first flight! Thanks to all on the forum for the sharing of tips and advice and to Richard for such a fine design. Gordon P.S. the sheep were trespassing on the other runway. 😀😀
  10. Thanks Richard. Will set the rudder up as you say and test that the model tools straight. Will lilkely have another go at high speed taxi this afternoon. Gordon
  11. Richard, I agree totally with what you say. Jonathan has done an amazing job to build his model and have a successful flight. I think your and the the other key guys support for this forum topic has been the key to my successful build and to Jonathan’s as well. Many thanks to all of you. I will take your good advice on reducing the risk on flying from my strip. Weather is not quite so hot up here and we always have a breeze ( at least!). Paul’s advice on being very progressive with the throttle advance is a good one. Richard, the max rudder travel is quoted as 30mm. Where is this measured? Is it at the top of the rudder or elsewhere? Best to start off with the correct travel to begin with!! Also your point on another project is very welcome. Winter is not too long away!! All the best, Gordon
  12. Congratulations Jonathan, great to see you first flight achieved safely. Your model looks terrific! I finally got my P51 to the flying field today in good conditions. My intention was to do some high speed taxy runs as our strip is narrow, with rough mowed grass and a longer grass border. I found it very difficult to keep the direction straight down the centre of the strip, having some big swings in yaw running into the longer grass. I have a fixed tail wheel and I played around with the rudder travel and expo to reduce the sensitivity. I held in full up elevator to keep the tail wheel firmly on the ground. I got better at it but still not confident to accelerate under full power to take of speed. Has anyone had this sort of controllability issue and how was it managed? I would be grateful for any advice you can give. Thanks. Gordon
  13. Don’t know if it is an authentic colour or not but this what I used for the yellow nose. It seemed to match the photos on the Internet of the full size P51. I have not flow my P51 yet awaiting work, weather, DIY, gardening, golf and some help at the club…………… or am I just nervous? ??
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