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  1. Mossie P47 razorback B17 (that’s only two twins attached to each other 🀣🀣) Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien
  2. Thanks for the info, may have to do something similar πŸ‘
  3. Stunning, that's very impressive. How was the rudder artwork done?
  4. A little more progress. Used cowl with sanding paper attached to help profile of cowl support. Thank you Simon for the 3d files. First attempt with light weight PLA, needed to have a play with retraction rates and temperature to get satisfactory finish. Managed to make a pigs ear of the ply cowl/hatch. However did manage to recover the mess πŸ˜„ A little more sanding on the wing tips and then their ready to join. A slight DIY interlude before any more updates πŸ™
  5. Outstanding work, very impressive πŸ‘
  6. With regards the paint mixed at B&Q, I believe that you get a choice of finish. Just choose kitchen, bathroom or masonry finish, all of which should be resistant to damp or wet grass.
  7. πŸ‘ Thought that might be the case, just used to old school plan and building over them πŸ˜‚
  8. Just for clarification are the plans to scale or are they meant for guidance. Measured wing not including wing tip on plan and measures 603mm and actual wing 612mm. With moving the servo box outboard slightly it does require a little sanding to fit No real problem, opted to bore out foam tunnel for servo lead with carbon tube
  9. Made a start on the Warbirds Replica Fw190. Its been quite a while since I've done any building, so this is an ideal kit to reignite building, which I so much enjoy. Just about to start on the wing, plan on using the MPX for the ailerons and Hitech for rudder and elevator.
  10. Looking good, like the little detail above instrument panel πŸ‘
  11. Richard, presume that you have a list of peoples wants. Why not have a poll and then use the top two provided that they would be practical and fit your design criteria. Maybe first decide on single/twin or a multi? At the end of the day your the guy that makes all this work so more than happy if we go down the spitfire/109 route.
  12. Eric thanks for getting the builds underway, nice to have a guide for the build and the hatch photos most welcome. πŸ‘
  13. If we’re looking for something that is not often modelled then either the Fairey Battle or the Fairey Firefly would fit the bill. The other question is, what is the objective for the next model? If the Fw and Tempest is β€œwhite label” does the next model need to be a little more complicated to help progress newbies skill level in building/flying. That way as the builds and designs get more complicated, we will eventually get Richard to design the B17 πŸ˜‚
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