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  1. My first "model"plane probably around 1965, not sure if using the lawnmower as a dolly launcher was a good idea 😄 Much later I built a lot of Airfix models that were suspended in the time honoured tradition of fishing line from my bedroom ceiling 🙂 When I was about ten I built a Keil Kraft Soarer Baby that I just used as a chuck glider. I then built a much larger glider, but forgot to put the dihedral in and never finished it off. Then school and other stuff came along and it would be around forty years before I got interested again. Now I could afford radio gear and RTF models fitted the bill as I had little time and just wanted to fly.
  2. Good amount of room in the Arty 😁
  3. I'm off to the I.O.M. tomorrow for a week. I plan on sneaking a couple of planes aboard, one of which will be my Great Planes Kunai. I've not done any slope soaring before as it's pretty flat round home. Any recommendations for good beginner spots(obvs depends on wind direction) on the off chance I get the opportunity? We'll be staying near Douglas.
  4. For just cutting bits out and maybe adding a soundtrack, I also use Avidemux. For something a bit more involved I've been using Videoproc Vlogger, or a combination of the two. Both are free.
  5. OT, yes I've always been a VAG man since my first car ,a Mk1 Scirocco, with Golfs, Audi Coupes, and a VR6 Corrado which I have owned over thirty years. Hope you get your AL37 in the air soon.🙂
  6. A flying buddy recently picked one of these up used. Flies very nice and has a very realistic presence. VW Arteon is on my radar if my VW Amarok that I've had for twelve years should let me down.
  7. This is what I use in mine. https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/gnb-5500mah-6s-70c-lipo-battery-xt90
  8. I use a tx 16s with internal MPM and an ELRS module plugged in the back. It's brilliant, binds with most things, including Spectrum, Futaba . I wouldn't like to be tied into the Spektrum radios bearing in mind the price of some of their receivers now. The Tx16s is quite big, and I'm starting with RSI or arthritis, so might go for a pocket or tx12 in the future.
  9. No helis in fifteen years then two in a month. Took me longer to get it out of the packet then it did too set it up ready for flying.
  10. I'm not familiar with that system, but 10 channels would be enough. Though it's much easier to connect just one cable with an SBUS Rx.
  11. Very pleased for you. Your approach to this has been spot on all the way and a great example for others to follow. Enjoy your time with John Smith and Mr Hennessey. 😉👍
  12. I have the 80mm Rafale. It's and awesome plane to fly, but definitely not for beginners. Here's mine in action; https://youtu.be/0i1bqD1KB2g
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