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  1. For just cutting bits out and maybe adding a soundtrack, I also use Avidemux. For something a bit more involved I've been using Videoproc Vlogger, or a combination of the two. Both are free.
  2. OT, yes I've always been a VAG man since my first car ,a Mk1 Scirocco, with Golfs, Audi Coupes, and a VR6 Corrado which I have owned over thirty years. Hope you get your AL37 in the air soon.🙂
  3. A flying buddy recently picked one of these up used. Flies very nice and has a very realistic presence. VW Arteon is on my radar if my VW Amarok that I've had for twelve years should let me down.
  4. This is what I use in mine. https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/gnb-5500mah-6s-70c-lipo-battery-xt90
  5. I use a tx 16s with internal MPM and an ELRS module plugged in the back. It's brilliant, binds with most things, including Spectrum, Futaba . I wouldn't like to be tied into the Spektrum radios bearing in mind the price of some of their receivers now. The Tx16s is quite big, and I'm starting with RSI or arthritis, so might go for a pocket or tx12 in the future.
  6. No helis in fifteen years then two in a month. Took me longer to get it out of the packet then it did too set it up ready for flying.
  7. I'm not familiar with that system, but 10 channels would be enough. Though it's much easier to connect just one cable with an SBUS Rx.
  8. Very pleased for you. Your approach to this has been spot on all the way and a great example for others to follow. Enjoy your time with John Smith and Mr Hennessey. 😉👍
  9. I have the 80mm Rafale. It's and awesome plane to fly, but definitely not for beginners. Here's mine in action; https://youtu.be/0i1bqD1KB2g
  10. Dodgy balance lead or balance lead connector?
  11. Southport MAC fly at the Leisure Lakes just off the A565 road to Preston.We can also fly off Ainsdale beach with a permit(no turbines). Woodvale hasn`t run for many years now.I think yes the RAF used some excuse about asbestos ? It did move to Victoria Park in Southport for a few years,but I don`t think it has been on since 2018,but it was nothing like the Woodvale event.
  12. A bit of action from the weekend at Southport. Two Spitfires,a Lancaster and a Mosquito https://youtu.be/M2b7UrwZebo
  13. A good turnout on Saturday, lots going on. I was there at 7;30 am. and still wasn't first there
  14. Dipping my toe into the helicopter world with a little XK110s. Came with a radio, but my double AA tx batteries hadn't arrived, so I got it up and flying with my TX16s.
  15. Unforunately her flying partner was killed and she was badly injured . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-58615590
  16. Just lightly loaded ready for a weekday session. There would be a few more on there on a Saturday morning. The ones in the pickup tub have old coats in between
  17. Time to go "off piste" with the Tasman perhaps? 🙂
  18. Busy morning at the club, bright and breezy. Had many many flights 🙂
  19. 3d printed Planeprint Eagle. Took it to the field to maiden this morning, but it was really busy, so I'll wait till there's less of a crowd.
  20. Like it.We had 3 of these flying round the other week .
  21. Used to watch the EA channel when Ed had it ,always good stuff and a nice chap. Recently the channel has been taken over by Nathan ,AeroFPV ,who is making aircraft based on Ed`s techniques. This is Ed(think he was a surgeon?) handing over the reins:
  22. Phoenix is "abandonware". There's a bunch of guys on RCG keeping it going and producing new models and airfields . They`ll even take requests for new models if there is a specific requirement, though the database is quite extensive. Install instructions here: https://www.rc-thoughts.com/phoenix-sim/
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