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  1. I went out again with another flight instructor the instructor kept taking over without telling me I didn't know when I was flying or him. Plus there were three other planes up at the same time. I did get stressed out. The instructor told me don't get so tensed up it's only a bit of plastic you are flying not a $1000000 jet. I would have done a much better job by myself. The dongles on the instructors transmitter feel too loose and free moving with no feel to them compared to the one I use on the simulator at home. Oh well I think I will take my own plane and make use of the stabiliser and have some time by myself!
  2. Thank you for all replies to my post the training plane is an Apprentice 1.5 mts it did have a stabiliser fitted but it was turned off. I have been using this plane on my Phoenix 5.5 simulator as well and have now added the wind affect to try help familiarise with flying in it. I will try to down load the BMFA book mentioned thanks again.
  3. My project over the last few weeks was to build a copy of a Photon plane using foam board and copying the you tube instructions. The other day a friend of mine flew it for me for its maiden flight. It flew well but needed some adjustments as far as trim goes. Aleron travel was too great and needed lowering to 65% and rudder was slightly out and was easily sorted using the trim adjustment on radio. Overall very happy with plane and looking forward to flying it myself but only when I have had a bit more experience.
  4. I just had my first flights with an instructor at my local flying club. The wind was blowing a gale one minute and calm the next. Even the instructor said it was not ideal conditions. We were on buddy system and it seemed to me the instructor did most of the flying. I have spent a lot of time flying the same model plane on the simulator and I thought I was doing ok on that. But in real life I had trouble turning the plane into the wind it seemed to just about stall. I was using a slight amount of elevator and aleron to turn but I think I should be using rudder and aleron instead in this situation. I feel a bit demoralised at present, I guess I am being too hard on myself. Judging distance at when to turn was difficult with the cross wind and tail wind I needed a much bigger area than what was available and flying a straight line was difficult. On the simulator you had engine noise and you could hear when motor is revving. But this plane flew silently I found I was too heavy on the throttle I know it's all a learning curve I guess this experience has fattened my self confidence to a degree but I will battle on. Oh boy seeya Ned
  5. I finished up putting the 2200kv motor with 6x4 propeller. I have virtually finished the plane I just have a couple of wires to shorten and resolder. Hopefully tomorrow I will be taking it out for a maiden flight. I have checked the COG and positioned the wings to suit. Hoping no wind tomorrow see how it goes!
  6. I have two motors and props to choose from a Propdrive V2 1800kv motor with a 10x6 folding propeller or a 2212 2200kv motor with a 6x4 normal propeller. Which one would you recommend for the photon glider I am building? Which one would be more efficient and use less battery power.
  7. I like the look of yours I thought about building something similar to yours. I have a few old graphite fishing rods which I could use for the shaft. They don't weigh much and have the ideal taper. I guess you could make the plane Alerons and elevator only to cut down on tail weight. How have you mounted the servos? .cheers ned
  8. All the electrics have arrived I spent yesterday extending servo cables soldering bits and pieces. Salvaging some wiring from old computer leads and printed circuit board which had a couple of three pin plugs which I used for the aleron split connection. I tried it all out and it works well so now have to fit servos in wings, tail and elevator.
  9. The FrSky Manual for my module is on the previous post it does mention setting failsafe. But seems to lack actual information about it.
  10. Yes you are right I just checked my fully charged 9.9v battery and it lit up to the top green light. Thanks for that. Good to know.
  11. I was given this by an ex flyer can you tell me what it is used for
  12. I think I have cleared data. I have been looking at the frisky manual re failsafe settings. I will re bind the receivers and see whether that clears this throttle running with tx power off. I will have to learn to turn off plane connection before shutting down the transmitter. FrSky_DJT_Manual_v0.1.pdf
  13. I am outside using a garden table with a cord attached to the fuselage just in case. Today I used a different transmitter and receiver on both planes. Both planes operated without a fault. Later using the 3810 with bound receivers I managed to get one of the planes to operate properly with rudder and elevator reversed. The other plane I managed to reverse the rudder and elevator. But when transmitter is turned off the propeller starts to spin vertually flat out. If I turn the transmitter on it still runs for about half a minute then stops. The throttle position is in the off position
  14. One plane is operating with propeller acting normally running in the right direction, but the rudder and tail elevator are reversed! The other plane the on off switch on the 3810 is reversed, off is on. If I turn switch off the plane just about jumps off of the table propeller running flat out in right direction. But the rudder and tail elevator are reversed also. As for terminology binding or pairing some sites say pairing others say binding
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