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  1. Something I noticed when charging NiMh packs on all three of my chargers is that the charging current appears to reign back to zero for a couple of seconds every 30 seconds or so. It came to my attention when the cooling fan on my power supply was periodically switching off in synchronisation with this 30 second charging lull behaviour. I typically charge between 0.5C and 1C and have no issue with the delta peak detection terminating the charge. It's just the up and down rollercoaster charging current I find bizarre. It happens with all my NiMh batteries. I also notice the voltage goes quite high initially (over 5.5V on a 4 cell, after resting after a discarge to 4V). After half a dozen of the 30 second lull cycles this voltage settles down and drops to below 5V, whereupon it gradually increase as the charge progresses to full. Is all this normal?
  2. Here is my latest reconditioned bargain, a 54-inch span CAP232, I think. I'm not sure of the kit or manufacturer. It was in seriously shabby shape when I acquired it. I was purchasing an Ultimate bipeplane from a BMFA Classifieds advert. When he fetched it from a storage container full of other models, I casually asked if there was anything else he wanted to get rid of. He said I could have this for £20. It came with an Irvine 53, which needed a strip down and serious clean, and now runs perfectly. The pitts silencer is another bonus inclusion. The model also came with a decent Futaba receiver, which I passed on to someone, and five Futaba 3001 servos, one of which needed replacing. The flight battery was shot so I got one from my stash along with one of my Spektrum receivers. A few minor repairs were required after cleaning off the grease and grime. I patched up the cracked canopy and covered it in carbon fibre effect sticky-backed vinyl sheet. With some delicate heat gun work it stretched over the canopy in a single piece. I also covered the fibre glass undercarriage. I'm very pleased with the results. She is now quite presentable and is ready to fly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07N3LSYWB?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. Use Oratrim if it needs to be fuel proof. I've found that vinyl is often relatively thick and often not fuel proof, and can fade terribly. Quality does vary.
  4. A bit like the <insert chosen nationality> parachute that opens on impact 🤪
  5. On the contrary, being a new builder is a perfect way of validating the design and flushing out any ambiguities, etc. I'm sure your build quality will be up to the job on such a simple quick build model, resulting in another notch on your belt 😄. It's up to you, of course, and I won't deny I have my own vested interest. There may not be much interest from others right now, but you are clearly a very early adopter. I'd like to think that others may consider making the model when they see the outcome of your build, rather than taking my word for it. A chicken and egg scenario I guess. I've built RCM&E plans 10 and 20 years old and have Googled for info. The other thing about build logs is that many people follow without necessarily leaving a comment or a like. So don't be disheartened by lack of responses. If you hit major problems or you just can't get it to fly, then it (the design) will be buried in the annals of aero modeling history and soon forgotten. No pressure 🤪
  6. Good for you Tim. I didn't expect your project to start so soon. It will be good to have a build thread. Is that your intention going forward? Please do report on warts and all. I'm working on an EDF variant, so any lessons to be learned from your experience will be much appreciated.
  7. Bad news: A friend totalled his Top Quark today after less than a dozen flights. He admits to gross pilot error. Disoriented, apparently. Good news: Another friend finished building his Top Quark, but asked me to cover it. So I went for a tiger scheme in film. Just the cowling to mould and it's just about ready.
  8. I forgot to mention, a friend built a Top Quark from my original plan. It came out just over 1kg and he fitted a 35mm diameter motor with 8 x 4 prop. He must have lead in his paint 😄 Anyway, it still flew great.
  9. You've made my day Tim. Thank you.
  10. I make no excuse for this shameless piece of self promotion, and it's not like I'm making shed loads of money or promoting my own business. After decades of reading RCM&E magazine, I'm proud to make a contribution to its content and have my design featured as the free plan in the June 2024 issue. With any luck I will have a vectored thrust EDF foam board variant ready next year.
  11. A lovely flying day at Epsom Downs race course today. Preparations for the Derby have begun. Half a dozen members took advantage of the warm weather and gentle winds. I tried a spot of banner towing with my KK Student and dusted the cobwebs of my EFlite Ultimate 3D for some blenders, knife edge and low inverted flight.
  12. Now we just need a cheap alternative to the yellow outer tube 😀
  13. There's a whole one currently for sale, with spares... https://classifieds.bmfa.org/acadp_listings/hobbyking-avro-lancaster-complete-with-spares
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