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  1. Everyone: thank you all for your suggestions. Regards, Robert
  2. I read somewhere someone suggested snipping the fins off a Laser engine to get this type of remote plug to fit. That would make me weep 😂
  3. Interesting: I've got a set of these, but use them for bending fuel tank pipework! BTW I use OS plugs as well.
  4. John: use of flexy spring is an interesting solution. I will try to source some spring. MK plug remotes used a spring in the connector, but they are no longer available. I have used MK remotes with success although the plug/socket used to self-destruct over time when used with YS engines - probably the vibration.
  5. We need to see details of your workshop 😉
  6. I often remotely wire the glow plug connections on inaccessible engines - mostly Lasers and YS. In the past i have used OS remote leads, but these are now impossible to source. I wondered what others used and whether anyone had a homemade solution that is reliable. YS engines on resilient mounts appear to eat most connectors for breakfast due to the movement.
  7. Graf, what type and make of paint have used on the Pup? I'm interested as I have a Toni Clark Pup kit to build some time. Regards, Robert
  8. Interesting mine is probably equally light, but feels as if it could do with more power. I'm using a 12 x 7 APC (with 20% fuel) - I will try a 13 x 6 APC. I have a NIB YS 70 FZ as well so was thinking of changing engines in the opposite direction 🙂
  9. I agree with Jason's comment that the DLE 20 isn't appropriate - use a glow 63/70 4-stroke or 50/55 2 stroke. I have installed YS 63S in a Sebart Angel 50S by modifying the motor box as Jason describes. I have had no problem with vibration. Jason, what propeller do use with the YS 70 FZ?
  10. Yes Multiplex Royal MC and Profi 2000 looked similar, but this says Simprop and is Simprop - nice find 😀 I bought a Multiplex Royal MC radio set at the Nationals in 1985. A significant increase in functionality compared to the Skyleader TSX7 I was using at the time.
  11. There is an OS silencer with 37mm centres for sale here: https://classifieds.bmfa.org/acadp_listings/os-3071-silencer
  12. I am quite interested in building a Value Planes Tiger Moth as I have an OS GF40 petrol doing nothing. I read somewhere that the wing sweep on the top wing was insufficient to be scale. Is this the case?
  13. I have an Angel 50S with Hacker A50 V3 motor and Hacker ESC with elevator servo (JR8231) in the tail and rudder servo (closed loop) behind the wing tube. With the battery (6s 5000mAH) I can balance at 145mm, but I believe the CofG is further aft than this to give me the handling I want. I would test fly at 145mm using lead on the firewall and then see how it handles.
  14. Perhaps a specialised auction is the best place to sell them: https://www.gildings.co.uk/aeromodel-engines/ Gildings are a face-to-face auction plus online, so will attract the right clientele i.e. collectors.
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