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  1. Ahh, something like an in car entertainment system then ?
  2. Had a courtesy latest version Cashcow a month or so back for a few days, it had a choice of 2 brake switches. I didn't try it to compare but according to the manual the extra switch was "softer" than the normal one but there was a warning not to use it as a parking brake. I wasn't really interested in it so didn't pursue the reson or circumstances when it might be useful. Although I was sceptical at first I'm perfectly happy that the brake arrangment in my car is an improvement over the traditional type.
  3. I accidentaly discovered that the electronic parking brake on the Qashquai is the most powerful parking brake I've ever come across. About 4 years ago parked up for about an hour, my wife and I returned to the car & the brake just would not release either trying to move forward or reverse. No matter how hard I reved I couldn't get the car to budge in either direction. We tried a re-boot by vacating the car, re-locking it, walking out of keyless remote range etc before returning & trying again but to no avail. Finaly I got out the (not very well indexed) drivers manual & started looking for some instructions on how to force release the brake. After a few minutes Mrs Pat decided she needed to visit a shop for something she'd forgot. A couple of minutes after she'd gone I started the engine put it in gear & was amazed when the brakes released & the car moved. When Mrs returned we drove straight home but I had an inkling that her remote, kept in her handbag, had caused the problem. I tried without success to re-creating the problem with both remotes in the car but when I tried the Mrs remote only in range the car started OK but displayed a low volts warning for said remote. I assume that this low volt signal combined with a good signal from my remote must have caused a software glitch that locked the brake on.
  4. I've had a Nissan Qashqai for 7 years, whilst I'm not a fan of stop - start it's never actually been a major problem. The parking incident you describe would be almost impossible to occur with the Qashqai as there are so many conditions to be met (or not met) before S-S is triggered. I've never yet had it occur whilst parking or making any tight or slow manoeuver or any time that it would have been inconvenient. Only minor problem has been that there is a slight latency in the throttle response when it re-starts, this has occasionaly caused me to stall the engine as I've let the clutch out a fraction too soon before the revs to have picked up.
  5. You're wrong. According to police STATS19 data the UK death rate has been lower than the 1926 figure, when the stats were first recorded, since around 1990 despite the vastly increased number of motor vehicles.
  6. Will elevator trim work on both servos ?
  7. Because the increase in number of tests would be unmanageable & unaffordable to the public purse..
  8. Shouldn't that be 1l of oil with 19l of petrol ? 😉
  9. You can usualy program an ESC to choice of High, Medium or Low cut off voltage & also to reduced throttle or to cut immediately the selected setting is reached. A High with immediate cut would give the battery most protection. But if the motor is running at full throttle when LVC is reached the battery voltage will higher than if run to LVC at a low throttle setting - i.e. high current draw against low current draw. This is due to the battery's internal resistance.
  10. I've just noticed that the in AM advert in John Lee's post none of the photos show the aluminium cam gizmo. In fact in the main image the spring is clearly shown directly in contact with th prop.
  11. I had a small glass bottle of Solarfilm Solvent as described by John Lee & found it pretty usless. It did soften the colour pigment but took forever to evaporate out & reduced the film's colour opacity, it also had a very unpleasant smell. OTOH Solarfilm's other product called Prymol which came in a small tin was very easy to use & very effective in priming the outer surface of Solarfilm to take fresh Solarfilm off cuts as decals or to seal overlaps. Prymol only needed a tiny amount wiped on the recieving surface & it evaporated quickly with little odour. PS the solvent had an "oily" viscosity but the Prymal felt more like a "spirit".
  12. This linked article by Adrian https://modelenginenews.org/people/dc_ltd.html backs up John Lee's AM evidence for the date being 1959.
  13. I've seen original 1956 versions controled by single channel valve radios, powered by ED 2.46 Racers & similar engines fly without any problem. The radio + batteries would have been about 2 or 3 times heavier than modern gear & the engines only giving around 0.2HP (150W).
  14. I never engage in conversation when doing my pre-flight checks so wouldn't hear you.
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