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  1. The motor is only as powerful as the supply voltage & load (i.e. the prop) it drives. The limiting factor for any motor is actually the current, which is stated in the spec for this motor as 30A . The power given in the spec must be when using a 4s lipo. If that motor was used on 2s lipo the max power would be 225W but that would be achieved using a larger prop at lower rpm. However the 225W power could easily be reduced simply by choosing a prop to suit the power required. Advantages are the drop in fit & fact that the motor would be used at below it's max current meaning it would have an easy life. IMO big disadvantage with this motor is the puny 3.2mm dia shaft. I would want a 5mm shaft in an inrunner of this size - reason being that if the shaft got accidently bent, say in a bad arrival, it would be impossible to change whereas changing a shaft on most outrunners is a simple job. The model below, Igor, is a "bitsa" I made a while back using a similar fus to the EP & a spare 72" wing. Motor is an Emax BL2815/09 despite it's ragged looks Igor climbed to 200m in 30 secs from launch using a 3s lipo & had a better than expected glide performance. The motor doesn't seem to be available now in the UK but 4Max list an equivalent albeit 1090Kv instead of 920Kv. Also the 4Max motor includes a rear mount + bolt on prop driver as standard however a collet type prop drive is listed in the spares for £3.95. If you're interested in how I tackled the outrunner motor fitting I can dig out & post some pics. PS Igor use 3s lipo with 250W power & weighed 950g.
  2. You may as well get a brushed motor ESC & 2 s lipo as follow this recent advice. It would be cheaper & IMO prove no less unsatisfactory.
  3. PatMc

    Powering the Rx

    But he's sensible enough to always asks for advice on the choice of any gizmo he hasn't used before or for a long time. 😉
  4. PatMc

    Powering the Rx

    Somehow, I don't think Erfolg will be fitting retracts to his DB Mascot. 😉
  5. The series was running on Freesat ch 82 - TalkingPicturesTV.co.uk I think tonight's was the last episode but it's all available on their catch up system.
  6. IIRC it was a fixed wing model that had a camera. Footage from the SD card revealed his car registration before he launched the model & it also showed the location he launched from. The SD card was returned to him & he uploaded it to YT.
  7. It's ironic that this thread has been posted in a virtual forum, hosted by a magazine who's title has not been matched by it's content for decades. 🤣
  8. Don't bother messing with the downthrust & definitely don't faff with the wing incidence, you only need to reduce the available power to a suitable level. Just try fitting a lower pitch, smaller dia. prop. You will have to experiment with a few to see what works best. For preference try ones designed for ic. Some F/F people even used to fit the prop on back to front as a make do temporary field fix.
  9. PatMc

    Log Books

    More like Erfolg/rest of world divide methinks 😄
  10. That's the one. They came with a built in very basic word processer & spread sheet. I rescued & repaired a faulty Tonto + dot matrix printer from the store's skip. At the time we had monthly one to one progress reports with the level 2. He was a pretentious PITA who thought he was a whiz with statistics. I always printed of my report together with a graph showing the key performance figures for my team over the month. I was the only manager who made a printed report but he never asked for a copy. On a poor performance month I printed the graph with Y axis from zero up, on a good month I printed only the top part of the graph but over the same size paper. Result gave relatively flat curve on poor months but nice rising curve on good ones. He never twigged.
  11. Anyone remember the BT Merlin's "Tonto" (Rebadged version of ICL's OPD) ?
  12. Erf, 0 - 0 incidence does not equal 0 - 0 AoA.
  13. Nah ! the one Robin gave yesterday is better.
  14. "Park Flyer" is a title not a description. Without a definition of "Park" it's impossible know what it means.
  15. If you have a toaster you can put the cheese in place on the toast & melt it in a microwave. 👍
  16. Toto, I probably used the wrong phrase in saying "re-calibrating the Tx", the procedure was actually the Tx being operated through it's full range in the normal way with th ESC "learning" & committing this range to it's memory - i.e. the only software change is within the ESC.
  17. AFAIK most plans are available from Sarikhobbies.com but it's cheaper to buy the relevant back issue. The electric Chilli Breeze is listed @ £15.30.
  18. The ESC motor control would not necessarily respond correctly to the full throttle stick range. I've never used an Overlander ESC but if it's a re-badged Hobbywing the calibration instructions (May be titled something like "throttle range settings) are simple, clear & take just a few seconds.
  19. Toto, did you re-calibrate the Tx when you changed the ESC on the Domino ?
  20. Thanks Leccy. It's actually a surprisingly good little aerobatic model that I am delighted with, although I only bought the Robot kit because I wanted the unrun NIB DC Sabre that went with it. The Sabre remains unrun but the Robot has been powered by 4 or 5 different diesel & glow before being electrocuted There's quite along story behind it with all the modifications to the original design as well as the power changes but it wouldn't be fair to hijack this thread any further.
  21. I totally disagree ! Tailplanes on the same models are often glued in place & are usually just as vulnerable. Rubber bands were great damage limiters for uncontrolled free flight landings which were as likely to be downwind or crosswind as into wind. RC models simply don't need the same protection & because they are subjected to higher "G" throughout each flight than FF rubber bands can be a positive liability. All of my vintage models have bolt on wings & tailplanes (plastic or steel screws) with zero landing damage resulting. The Junior 60 & the Frankenstein first flew circa 1986.
  22. Yes, I know, just curious if ED does. 😉 Even an open circuit result would require at least 2 of the windings to be OC unless the motor was delta wound, which would be unusual with our motors.
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