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  1. You are very lucky to have acquired such an extensive collection. Those Keilkraft and Veron kits date from the 1950`s and are very much sought after, never mind the engines.
  2. Bruce, the reports were far from gossip, just factual day by day events which you never get to read about in the mags., most of it quite amusing. Just getting gear built on the required frequency for the country, making motors run in alien conditions, and setting up the models to perform at 5000ft ASL, huge transport problems etc. Anyway, they are inaccessible now.
  3. Hi again Jeff, not forgotten you. I would love to tell you about that era but it could go on and on. I once wrote w/c reports for the classic aeros association but they never did get published, probably because the recipient passed away. If you wish please let me know how much detail you would like and I can come up with something interesting, This could be rather long so I would have to write, save, and then attach to a mail. PM me with your mail and phone No. please. Martin.
  4. Now for a few pics. I forgot to say that after the basic 3/32nd sides I gave up trying to bend the stuff I had around the tight curves so changed to 1/16th. The only thing I have had to buy was some more Guild paint since my old tins had dried up somewhat. The satin lacquer is Rustin`s plastic floor coating. I shall not bother to make the turret or canopy until I know that the model flies OK. Very much doubt that spinners and inner cowls would be practicable.
  5. That is encouraging to hear, John. My motors say E-Max 11806 2280kV, same props.
  6. You won`t because he got sent home in disgrace from the 1975 W/Cs. Do not want a lawsuit against me but if the OP wants a little more detail, PM me.
  7. Er yes, it was. That guy came from nowhere with a simple tail dragger and beat us all. Got his comeuppance at the Swiss W/Cs though.
  8. Looks just right to me, along the lines of a Ripmax Gangster which was a very good model, in fact somebody won the F3A Nats with something very similar.
  9. Hi all, I decided to wait until the model was completed before posting again. With 2x TGY 3s 500 HV packs configured as 3s2p plus all the other extra bits and pieces it comes out at a pleasing 712g so very much the same as the original slope version. The Lite Span over sheeted surfaces has not turned out too well despite much previous use on open structures, but it will have to do. Fettling the linkages etc with the wing connected up has been a nightmare, with some evil gremlin seemingly changing things overnight, but got there in the end. One thing I have never done before was to hinge the surfaces before painting. Big mistake. When the satin lacquer set it gummed up all the hinge lines and has taken a lot of work to free them up. I said above that pics were to follow soon but the weather is so dull that I shall leave it for a while longer.
  10. I use Bekra 10 on my small four strokes up to 52s, the extra nitro smoothes out the needle settings to make them less critical.
  11. My Ohmen has an OS 26FS which fitted easily and the model flies much better than on electric; I believe that the 30 has the same dimensions. Plenty of info on the build blog.
  12. MG, what sort of weight is your slope version please? I am now well ahead with the covering and will post more pics soon.
  13. I use the mix switch to toggle between coupled ail and rud or normal independent on some models. Works out well. Don't remember the B25 I had being a problem.
  14. You now have a choice of the Rutan canard or the Eppler 374 which must be the same or very similar, also either could have the thickness increased if you wish by downloading even the basic version of Profili. It makes everything very simple.
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