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  1. Tubes complete ! sorry for the quality
  2. Today, Brian was doing the second wing tube. The ply fillets that Cliff H made are absolutely perfect, well done that man!
  3. “ When I said I wanted to become a comedian , people laughed at me...They’re not laughing now.” ( Bob Monkhouse)
  4. Fuel tube it is then. Thanks for all the views/ideas
  5. I’ve got several SC 46 2t engines. All have, to some degree, loose HS needle threads. I assume from poor tolerances on manufacturing and age. I've added an extra O ring of fuel tube on the needle shaft. What good would adding PTFE tape around the threads do? Does the tape deteriorate in the presence of glow fuel? Thanks!
  6. LE riblets and strip ready to go in. Cliff H has kindly offered to make the plates that will support the front wing tube.
  7. I’m going to put all the Lancaster engines in my Dual Ace twin. That way I can run up the engines in the air and see how they all perform in an airframe before they go in, better that way I think. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.....!
  8. Thanks for the input. Brian is following plan, ( with exception of the tubes). So I don’t think he will sheet the entire wing, I’ll ask to double check. 👌
  9. It is going to be sheeted with 1/8 thick balsa. I’m looking if anyone could laser cut 24 off 50mmx50mm with a 36mm hole in the centre, 1/16 lite ply. This will support the large wing tube.
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