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  1. I’ve got a metering tool 👌 I forgot to say the engine is inverted
  2. Here is a conundrum for all you petroleum heads🤔 New Stinger 10cc 2t petrol. Correctly run in. 20:1 fuel mix. Lovely idle runs forever in the air… However, needles adjustment are very sensitive and won’t come out of running 4 stroke, no matter what the needle setting is. BUT every time it lands the engine cuts, no matter how gentle. It’s not the opto isolated switch. Not the fuel mix ( Aspen used, correct mix). Plenty of ignition power. The timing will be double checked The club engineers are thinking there might be some muck stuck in the carb galleries or the metering needle is too high 🤔😊 Would love to hear any theories you might have Thanks ☺️
  3. All done. The idea is to put a couple of hatches in the top of the wing to aid installation and service
  4. Wiring nearly complete on the port wing…
  5. Lovely video, Bert. I’m just thinking the way it took off and always had the tendency to fly upwards, give some thought about adding some down thrust. However, I understand it’s the maiden flight…excellently done sir
  6. https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=97958#details https://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/Larkins/10759.htm
  7. I built a 1/4 scale one about 10 years ago and put a 7 cyl radial in it. I still fly it occasionally. I can’t give you any specific details about yours, only to say mine is a handful in flight…well not a handful but you must use coordinating rudder/ aileron in the turns and always keep a little bit of power on on landing. Perhaps it’s because mine has a high wing loading. There is not much known about these planes as there were only 6 ever built and used as two seat trainers in the ‘30s. They all crashed, the last one was converted into a crop duster but crashed in the ‘50s. I built the crop duster version. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General-Western_P-2_Meteor
  8. Blip the throttle as you come in. Keeps the air moving over the tail and just stretches the glide to stop it dropping out of the air. Lovely build. Machine guns 💪 please
  9. Progress….port wing here, starboard wing not far behind.
  10. Damn figure trouble🙈
  11. Beginning of the wire runs. To help the pull throughs, I’ve used some 1 ltr drinks bottles, cutting the bottom and neck off. Rolling these up tight they slip into the rib holes. Once released the plastic springs tight into the holes. A dab of hole glue keeps everything in place. Different types of string will aid the installation
  12. Or ,indeed, a lightbulb maybe as it needs electricity? Just interpreted literally
  13. Hoping to fly her at Woodspring Wings in July
  14. Ok, another version of the landing lights. Very pleased with this…smaller, lighter and easier to adjust
  15. Nah… I decided to bolt a plate through to the aluminium plate. Much safer and more rigid. The fuel tube is to stop wire rub
  16. I might experiment with the springs, good idea The pivot is silver soldered now and I’m pleased. The arms are straight and parallel and they fit nicely together with the light heat sink. JB weld will keep it altogether, or m2 bolts …not decided yet
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