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  1. Each to his own ...I've seen too much blood in the past
  2. Please, please,please use a chicken stick.
  3. cymaz


    Water based paint, I think
  4. I’ve got an extra 100 miles and 75mins ! Agreed, some where a little more south, but that will annoy t’ lad from Yorkshire
  5. Ok ....next year, somewhere mid point. There’s always Greenacres at Walsall. Anyone live around there that knows of a show.
  6. It would be nice to have another Stampede but we're spread all over the country.....it's like herding cats getting us all together
  7. If you find an old four stroke on ebay etc, it might be useful for spares, ( covers, push rods and the like). Bearings can be easily sourced from places such as Simply Bearings. Get your club to noise test it, if that’s club rules.
  8. What a lovely day for walking down to the Town Hall and throwing a bucket of white emulsion over the pigeons, and saying,”Well...how do you like that then”. ( Sir Ken Dodd)
  9. Ive now completed the 4 engine test runs. These are lovely engines. Still pondering over prop sizes but this will wait until it’s built and we can do some proper ground testing. I might make a 4 engine test ring using the intended Rx and servos if anyone wants to see it!
  10. If you are worried about the engine, as Ron says, also fly the maiden without the cowl. Adding nose weight to compensate the cowl weight.
  11. 220F seems the general consensus on the web. I'm sure you've got the motor well baffled as I seem to remember
  12. Suddenly stopping in mid air at an unrecoverable altitude ......and I'm not being sarcastic either. A club mate nearly wrote his Stampe off on Saturday like that. After a couple of mins after we got there it still nearly burnt your fingers.... Gradually losing power and engine speed is a good indication
  13. Cheers for the interest.... Piston, liner, crank. They’re hard to find now. As I’ve got 4 sc46s, be handy to have to any spares for the future. Just Engines are getting low as well.
  14. Cheers, also after any other parts!
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