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  1. Thinking back to my boating days plane might suffer the same issues you can scale down a boat but you can’t scale down the water or the weather possibly with planes you can scale the size down but can you scale the strength to weight of the wood down Dunno must be some reasons why
  2. It does have very slight under camber
  3. This thing just devours time, I’ve still got loads of jobs to do But getting to the point that it will be test flown
  4. Sadly Wings and wheels has been cancelled for 2024
  5. Thought I’d get some outdoor pictures now it’s ready to test fly
  6. After a bit of a long time repair my moth is ready to fly again, I’ve fitted a Enya 60 4c, Final weight came on at 4.3kg
  7. Well done mate, It’s all about the fun you can have
  8. Having admired your nicely fitting dash boards. I’ve dug out the one I makes from the Mick Reeves dash kits I think there were two options and I think I’ve got the wrong ones It’s to do with the outer profile shape there nice kits but I need to make a call and poss send my old ones to be re made to my profiles
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