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  1. Thanks Ron, my 71"span foamboard Mosquito has 2 3s 3000 in the fuselage one per motor, the esc's are in the wing radiator positions. My Sunderland has the same batteries in the fuselage one for the outer motors and one for the inners.
  2. Nice size Ron, I have the Royal plans for the B17 78"span, not long ago there was some profile B17's on the forum can't remember where but I am thinking of doing a profile one from foamboard. Started a Brian Taylor Corsair two weeks ago but will cease build when Richard's FW190 arrives.
  3. I remember David Bishop telling everyone it had generators on to power the landing light in the nose.
  4. In my time as a car mechanic a doctor bought a car from the firm I worked for. He brought it back with a list of complaints. I looked at the list which was unreadable, showing it to the Forman he suggested I take it to the chemist down the road to decipher it.
  5. I noticed by the way they struggled in the snow on the zebra crossing, I did stop at the crossing before they were there 😆
  6. If it is the FMS Typhoon it has a full compliment of invasion stripes so quite visible as Richard recommends
  7. That's why I am not doing the grey camouflage for the FW190 Chris. I have the FMS version and with the grey sky's up here it is hard to follow at times. Don should be OK with the target tug scheme in France. The sun may blind him as it hits the silver😆
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