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  1. That is how I mounted the Saito. A very light engine it took a lot of ballast to balance. The Laser is a lot cleaner so I think I would go for that if it was my choice, I still had to add weight with the 4s 3600, a 5000 would give a better duration but I went with what I had and would have to modify the fuselage to take the bigger battery. Skipped building today, warm and light wind 8.5 min flights with the FW190 + the IC Acrowot. Sorry 😞
  2. I had a Saito 82 in it and it flew great on that, unfortunately a dead flight battery and the ground made a mess of it. I made a new wing built up balsa centre section and depron outer panels with balsa spars and leading and trailing edges. The weight less battery is 6.3 lb. With the same power train as the FW190 it only has a duration of 5mins i can get 8 out of the 190 which is just over half of the Hurricanes weight. Tank position with the Laser would be a problem.
  3. https://youtu.be/WN7fImToozs?si=8uMQZsIdYMQhhIPs hope this works it the Warbirds Replicas Hurricane video, Thanks to Mark Robinson.
  4. Just to add to Ron's comments on washout, make sure the 3mm layer on the laminated trailing edge is in line with the bottom of the wing as most of it will be removed to gain the washout even as Ron mentioned sanding into the ply.
  5. Dodging building today ( sorry Ron ) As the weather was warm I managed some more painting on the Hunter I maidened at the weekend.
  6. Yes that's why Ron said in the video to make sure the front laminated edge is assembled flat where it joins the wing.
  7. Yes Stu, Having just created enough balsa shavings to supply the local pet shop with hamster bedding for months the wing top shape is an inevitable sharp edge. The top layer would have been OK with 3mm balsa as there is very little of it left. WARNING in my attempt to flow the wing to the leading edge I have managed to break through the veneer. Not the end of the world but annoying. So take care when sanding the wing top and the bottom although as the bottom is flatter it forms better. I will have to stop soon as I have a hospital appointment coming up for eye injections so that is the end of modelling for the day.
  8. The full size Tempest had a very sharp leading edge. Many years ago a chap in our club brought a a trainer he had built, foam veneer wings he just stuck the leading edges on and left them square, it flew OK.
  9. I raised the wing on two quarter sheets from the kit and used a Perma_grit block.
  10. Looking back through the build the wing roots are vertical. Possibly a mid communication between Richard and Philip as Richard said he would get Philip to put a cut through the wing at the dihedral break so making it easy to get the cut at the right place and angle. Not hard to rectify but easier to do before gluing the leading and trailing edges on.
  11. RON, I hope you sand the wing root before adding the leading and trailing edges, I glued one trailing edge on last night and it was awkward to sand and keep straight compared to the bare wing.
  12. Sorry Graham I have sinned, it is a Multilife kit from the 1970s, fibreglass fuselage and foam veneer wings and tailplane. They were produced in South Shields by one of our club members, original power was a 61 two stroke with fixed undercarriage. First flight attempt was of the dolly but it did not drop off properly and the plane went out of control. I will have to make a different dolly or fit retracts. Not happy messing with it too much as it flew perfect from a hand launch. Prop driven with a 60 equivalent electric motor and 5s battery. How is your latest project? Good flying weather has slowed building for me.
  13. I have a long drill bit Paul so I will manage. I've messaged Ron to watch out for the wing roots, they have been cut to a dihedral angle and should be vertical. He is going to cover it on his video .
  14. Hi Piers, Gorilla wood glue, I have found it sands as good if not better than most aliphatic resins. The wings will be joined with epoxy.
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