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  1. I think it's midsummer madness GG, similarly at our club. I think a lot of the fair weather flyers are a bit rusty. Two Wot 4s piled in, one glider damaged through disorientation, my Lancaster didn't take off due to the retract on one side collapsing. It had the plastic trunnion, both units replaced last night with metal trunnions. In all I had a good day with the Tempest and Acrowot plus doing a maiden for another member with a Trojan. Murphy's law in action perfect day yesterday, breezy today in the wrong direction for the Lancaster.
  2. The wooden blocks on mine have the grain vertical, I take your point on the screw and washer, I had thought of fitting a washer but it would mean a thicker piece of ply to bring it up to the level of the motor mount. As Ron pointed out too much reinforcement will cause more damage elsewhere, which may not be as easy to repair.
  3. A little bit of delamination and the former pulled over the top screw. Repaired and a piece of 1/16" ply to reinforce the area around the hole
  4. Warbirds Hurricane and Tempest today along with my Brian Taylor Corsair. Good flying weather, mishap with the Tempest not too bad.
  5. Yes, 2nd time. First prematurely leaving the dolly, probably weakened the mount. It has had a lot of flights but I will beef it up for tomorrow.
  6. Snap! Happened today fifth flight, calm day dolly take offs fine, landed OK the when I went to retrieve it the motor was hanging out.
  7. I think someone is asking for a sock Paul 🤔
  8. I don't need to scavenge, people offer me their broken models because they can't be bothered or don't know how to repair them. Spitfire crash 2nd October flying again 16th. Just because I've got nothing better to do 😄
  9. I flew mine on a 5055,/06 580kv with a 5s 5000. It did not have flaps, not sure of the weight but it was under 4kg. It has electric retracts and ground handling was OK, the batteries were getting old and flight times were about 6 to 8 minutes. I decided to fit a 15cc petrol engine in and it worked fine apart from the noise. It was built from a very old die cut kit, the veneer on one of the wings is lifting, and at the moment they are out of stock . It needs a refurbishment and I may go back to electric power as after 50 years without complaints of noise someone has moved into a house quarter of a mile away and is complaining of the noise of the ic engines.
  10. Paul Johnson, not only 2 benches but a line up if FW190's also. Note also the balsa stock under the bench
  11. Neither of my sons, or Grandchildren buy newspapers or magazines, I stopped buying newspapers years ago and the last magazine I bought was the RCME. Recently in WH Smiths I could only find plastic modelling magazines and Aeroplane and Flypast. Yet the model railway magazines still have a good selection. Having said that there's still 3 railway model shops within a 10ml radius of my home and the nearest aeromodel shop is about 30ml away and the best stocked one is in Leeds 90 mls away.
  12. I have a new pilot,he's at a pre flight briefing, the previous one became dislodged when the Tempest left the dolly prematurely.
  13. Sunny and warm steady breeze, only me and the Tempest here + some lambs that won't keep off the strip
  14. I once bought a Kyosho Spitfire ready to fly for very little money as the retracts did not work. They were in the down position and disconnected. One side was OK on reconnecting. On stripping the faulty one someone had used superglue to retain the leg it had run down, as it does into the unit binding every thing together. Fortunately I had a spare.
  15. 3 models, an evening charging batteries, don't know which is worse charging batteries or cleaning oily aeroplanes
  16. Flying from 10am till 3pm had a few spots of rain wind still light not very warm, just to rub it in 3 consecutive days flying this week
  17. Fine morning light wind grass cut. Rolled the Tempest out on the dolly and slowly opened the throttle it lifted off with a touch of elevator and climbed away without dipping the nose, now fitted with the 12x6 the speed is reduced to where it would cruise at half throttle I have to use three quarter. After 7.5 minutes flight there was 65% left in the battery.
  18. Very sad to hear about Brian Taylor, I have made quite a few of his designs. Had a few chats with him over the years.When I first started building from his plans I asked if he supplied decals, a very cold response "These are scale models I expect the insignia to be painted on" . RIP Brian.
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