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  1. Hi guys, it is 24" x 9" and 7" tall. So yes a bit big. SLEC have agreed to form the canopy and a 2nd form of styrene over the PETG to make the frame. But i have a plan to have a go myself first. Because of the shape it might plunge mould, but never tried at this scale? Otherwise i will make a frame and vac table. My home made A4 set up certainly wont cope! This isnt my first Paul, but it is the largest. Hence seeking advice, alas i got lots of contradicting information, mainly statiing a plug formed the way I have wont work. And it will collapse. My head thinks it will work for a couple at least. We will see. Its a fair cost to make something this big in man hours, and materials. And I wanted to mitigate risk before just charging forward in my usual way. Dirk clearly is much more experienced at this scale than me and I appreciate his time. Sorry Dirk back to your fabulous build 😀
  2. Thanks Dirk, I have been getting conflicting advice and it was not helping me. I can improve the surface finish on my plug with primer and paint fairly easily. I presume it doesn't have to be an epoxy primer/paint?? Cheers Danny
  3. Thanks Dirk, i made my plug from blue foam covered in a couple of layers of glass cloth, but i cannot get a gloss finish. Do you prime and paint? I am concerned primer and paint wont survive the heat of vacforming? Thanks for your thoughts Danny
  4. I am currently struggling making a canopy mould, have you pics of your process to make that plug, i can see a glass version in the bakground. Cheers Danny
  5. Looks and sounds fantastic well done Dirk, mammoth effort!
  6. Not sure how much strength brass will add, but it cannot hurt. Quite amazed how strong it has turned out to be.
  7. Sorry chaps just seen this. I remember struggling with this too. and without going and looking would guess that Eric is correct. I used short lengths of fuel tubing to hold the clips closed. As I resprayed mine this all got coloured the same as the underside so not so noticable. By the way that butt jointed tailwheel is still holding up! Lost the tailwheel lost time out, but thats nowt to do with that joint 😉 Cheers Danny
  8. Chris, you probably know this but I have found out the hard way. I was advised that the resin will shrink a little and to leave the carbon plug in the sleeve for a while. I left the two parts together for a couple of days, thinking that was enough, now two weeks later I slide the tube in the sleeve and its a very tight fit. I think when I do the wing sections of the sock I will wrap 3 or four layers of the cling film..... Anyway it is still a great process, so thank you Dirk 🙂 The Fouga is looking amazing BTW, and you are doing a brilliant job on it, the dedication is well beyond me. Cheers Danny
  9. Hi Chris, thanks for filling in the gaps, I was tempted to use some sellotape to secure the cellophane, but static worked at holding it with no adhesive. Another question, I was going to use Polyester resin but thought it might dissolve the cellophane, so stuck with epoxy. Any thoughts? I liked doing all this horizontally, so will think of using a bungee chord to apply a pulling tension. The video of the process is here Yes I am building a quarter scale Chipmunk, this one is based on the Jerry Bates plan with lots of modifications, including increasing the dihedral. The build is on RCSB under "poor Man's Spitfire 2" Thanks again Dirk for the inspiration Cheers Danny
  10. I hadn't seen these pics until just now, and wish I had as it explains how you are putting tension on the glass sock. I have just made wing tube sheaths and very pleased, put a couple of areas where the tube lifted a little. I sprayed a release film over the carbon tube, then wrapped the cellophane around it. I wrapped it without any tape as I didn't want the tape to stick to the resin. I used a 100g glass tube and West Systems Epoxy. It slid off with zero effort! Thanks Dirk, brilliant, and don't be surprised if I include this in my column, of course I will give you credit. Next ones I will try pulling the end of the tube while it sets. Do you uses sellotape to attach the cellophane? Cheers Danny
  11. The BMFA Scale Technical Comitee are asking for help creating a logo for their forthcoming bid for the Scale World Championships. Cheers Danny - With STC hat firmly askew
  12. Thanks Dirk thats great, yes probably three sections of 250mm I think the florist plastic is Cellophane, i have some funnily enough for laminating depron, makes it shiny 🙂 Cheers Danny
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