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  1. Yep within 1mm for the most part. Worried the baffling will work in the air but not on the ground, as Colin alludes to with his fw190.
  2. Okay cheers, anybody any idea of cylinder temp, as i have a temp gun i could measure it through the cowl nose opening Cheers Danny
  3. Hi Colin, the mixture was way to rich, there is possibly not a vibration issue any more. 1hr round trip to go run it has put me off doing any more. Was hoping to fly the Auster in the scale comp this Wednesday but havent had time to mess with it further.... i will fly my new Chippie instead. Out of interest what are the symptoms of overheating? I havent run this with the cowl on yet, what should i look out for? Cheers Danny
  4. 16 oz Alan! Yeah the vibrations were a lack of running in and massively rich low end. We will see how it behaves now. Cheers Danny
  5. I tried rubber, it melted and exhaust was worse. Lets see how this is before we go hacking the front about. Cheers Danny
  6. Alan to be honest i have no idea. I have tried to do as others have suggested, i will run it like this, if it breaks again, i will re-think. I have a 5065 Turnigy that would drop straight in....... only kidding.....
  7. Okay its been three weeks and the silicone tube still hasn't arrived. Most shops had no stock, the one I ordered from clearly didn't have what they stated, or couldn't find it. Anyway got fed up with waiting and silver soldered the pipe back together. This time I added two rigid mounting plates, these are bolted to the bulkhead and an additional ply plate. I hope this will be sufficient. Want to get on and fly it! Cheers Danny
  8. Thanks Paul, you are thinking of the J-3 Cub Paul, Chippy from the front seat when solo Cheers Danny
  9. manage to drag Chris B away from his telly and down to the flying patch for a Chippy maiden. Thanks Chris. It flew really well and I am amazed that more haven't bought these, maybe it is the awful choice of colour? The Canadian Air Force is fine, but very easy to have the same as the next guy. a red white and grey version or a silver one would have given the buyer the ability to personalise the aircraft as they like. Anyway thx Chris for the pics awaiting clearance rotating low pass from the right Finals Made a short video to celebrate the event, flying is a bit dull and landing not my best, but in fairness it was a maiden in blustery wind Cheers Danny
  10. There were quite a few aero-modellers present, which was very heart warming. Graham Ashby made the long run from Kent too. Alex will be sadly missed, we were all still in a state of shock and couldn't really believe it had happened. Taken way too soon. D
  11. Thanks John, wise words indeed. I will cut the pipe closer to the scale exhaust, and use a new longer piece from the engine, and a silicone joiner. That way I don't need to do any silver soldering. Yes I am using a wooden prop, I think the low end mixture was too rich, causing the excessive vibrations. Looking at videos of other 4 strokes running they aren't as violent as this. Being a novice at these things doesn't help. I am quite looking forward to another go. Will have to subject the neighbours to ten minutes Cheers Danny
  12. Thanks Cymaz, very helpful I have been using a bounce/rebound start and its been working very well. In fact I read on the Saito manual you should never flick through compression. So seeing this guy bouncing the prop confirmed that. I have heard I should run 2 or 3 gallons through the engine, sounds like a lot to me, thoughts? Cheers Danny
  13. Thx Cymaz, just before you posted I googled the part number I found on the Nexus site, "LOGIC Hi-Temp Silicone 15mm ID x 150mm 350øC L-LST15HT" They have zero stock. But I got a hit on Ebay, one is ordered for just under £6, free post. Thanks for you help chaps. If you are curious to hear that home spun exhaust, well before it broke lol, today's session is here: Any advice on tuning the Saito would be gratefully accepted. High end is fairly easy, highest revs with a tacho then richen a quarter turn to play safe, but how do you set low end? two 16oz tank-fuls so far Cheers Danny
  14. Thx Ron, Nothing listed on their website still googling, several show that they stock it, but none have 16mm I.D.
  15. So did some more running in of the Saito today, starts very easily using the bounce back technique so the starter was left at home, unfortunately the stainless bendy pipe fractured. I was only using one mount for the scale pipe instead of two, easily sorted. If any of you can help me source some tubing? Somebody suggested using some hi temp silicone tube between the sections. I am looking for some 16mm ID but the model shops all have zero stock, is regular 200C stuff good enough? Cheers Danny
  16. I was deeply saddened to hear that we have lost one of the stalwarts of aeromodelling and an all round great bloke. I will never forget Alex and crash Parry dragging me into the command module (caravan) and forcing me to eat soup, god I was cold, but it was the Nationals after all. Alex probably saved me from pneumonia that day. Alex showed me the ropes as I shared the hallowed cross at Barkston Heath, clicking my Nikon next to your machine gun of a Cannon. I am eternally grateful for Alex's help and friendship over the years. An amazing engineer, great photographer, and the only guy I know that could write 500 words on masking tape, and still leave you entertained. Hats off sir, plain sailing and blue skies. Thoughts to Freda and the family RIP Alex
  17. Both are "busy" lol i am sure you will do a great job whichever you choose. Cheers Danny
  18. Meant to show the exhaust, looks a bit too clean. I had an idea to make it look more weathered by sprinkling talc over the wet paint and blow away the excess, but in the current heat the paint was dry almost immediately. Maybe an experiment for another day. Very impressed with Tamiya old iron, great colour. Cheers Danny
  19. Okay so apart from checking the c of g and weighing WP971 we are good to go fly Well actually not quite, this is a 16 x12 prop as the new 15 x 12 hasn't arrived yet, I could just be gentle with the throttle, but as the ESC is quite expensive I will hold fire, ordered from Wheelspin so shouldn't take long. Cheers Danny
  20. Shame to hear its gone, but looking forward to seeing the DB Jodel. Lots of models of the Jodel ignore the washout, will be interested to see how DB approach this. Cheers Danny
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