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  1. Personally I think that if the site is officially "shared", then the two club's committees need to sort it out and not individual members. If it all turns nasty I know who is going to lose access to the site. There are more youngsters involved with go karting than model aeroplanes. I've never met a grumpy old go-karter.
  2. Ok Pete, Break over. Now can you get back to designing some more aeroplanes ? πŸ˜‚ Seriously, I (along with many others) am impressed by your commitment to this hobby. Also, it is nice that you haven't lost your enthusiasm (or even your marbles). Keep up the good work. πŸ‘
  3. We are also very fortunate here in Nidderdale with very similar facilities and an equally friendly farmer (and sheep !). Always on the lookout for new members and BMFA affiliated. Only restriction we have is no cameras on models, due to our location near a sensitive military site. Our field is a typical North Yorkshire site with a stone wall at the end of the runway to concentrate the mind !
  4. Hi Andy. I'm not very experienced with 4 strokes myself regarding rebuilding them, but you've come to the right place. Plenty of very helpful enginistas on here. πŸ‘ They will put you right i'm sure.
  5. Excuse me chaps, but aren't we supposed to be talking about model aeroplanes and their propulsion methods ?
  6. This was not intended to be a doom and gloom topic. I have been most enlightened by some of the comments and the positive attitudes of most of the members. At least the topic is relevant to the hobby that the forum is dedicated to. What is the point of a forum if you don't discuss matters of common interest ? With regards to ic engines and building being " on the up", I would sincerely like to believe so however I don't think the figures available actually bear that out. It would probably be true to say that people are building more, rather than more people are building. Mainly due to the poor flying conditions over the last couple of years. There again that is only my opinion and I would be quite happy to be proven wrong.
  7. Airsail kits are currently in limbo whilst Jotika are settling into their new factory / warehouse. There might be some spares left from the old stock. You can contact them here. Jotika JR Airsail are a completely seperate company and are a NZ model distributor / shop.
  8. Does she have a sister ? ☺️
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