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  1. Unfortunately Brian you can never quite get rid of the ribs. They will still be faintly visible on the canopy when it is fitted.
  2. All shop based retailers (probably apart from fast food enterprises) have had to in order to retain custom. We may be seeing price increases from every source, but service levels are now starting to make the difference. Slightly off topic. Has anybody else had the same problem as me with Chinese deliveries ? Generally I have been happy with the service from AliExpress, particularly with Items I have difficulty obtaining in the UK (or are only made in China anyway). Over the last few weeks I have had several packages bounced back to China before they got to me. It looks like UK customs are also upping their game ! They weren't very expensive items, but I think it might be that the Chinese are putting their value on them, rather than the retail value ! If we get back to a level playing field we might see more UK manufacturers producing the goods that we want at prices that are affordable (in the then current relevant sense).
  3. It depends on the size of the canopy. The thicker the bottle the better. That is the problem these days. All the manufacturers are trying to get their "green" credentials improved by making plastic containers as thin as possible. The only way to improve rigidity is to put the ribs in. It's another reason why modern cars don't have any flat panels on them any more. For smaller canopies I like Waitrose pressed fruit juice bottles (not from concentrate). I also like the contents . If you use these you need to make sure that the label join is at the bottom of your canopy as the label glue usually eats into the plastic. Also you want the front of your canopy as high up as you can in the bottle as the plastic is thicker at the neck and doesn't shrink as much (this applies to most bottles). To be honest for larger canopies it is probably better to buy a commercial one. There are still a few people making them.
  4. Looks like the forum is being targeted. We have probably been lucky so far. I should think all of Morton's websites will be having problems. That's the trouble with public accessed forums.
  5. Just Googled the store. Appears to be a unit on a small industrial estate and looks like a one man operation. Well stocked according to the photos. I wouldn't mind betting though that his landlord (or insurance company) doesn't know about all that glow fuel on open shelves ! Judging by the opening hours it looks like it is also a part-time operation.
  6. The concern was not about one advert between a couple of posts, but the possibility of (or more) adverts appearing between every post. Eventually people could get so fed up with them that they would leave the forum. I have had an off forum conversation with Darren and can see where his concerns are. The following is my considered opinion and not that of the publishers. The RCME forum is provided (at no cost to us) as a place where like minded modellers can exchange views and information on a myriad of subjects. This is good and I whole heartedly approve of it. However, how many of us know that less than 5% of forum members are subscribers to the magazine ? I didn't. That means that the rest of the members either buy the magazine regularly from their local supplier, buy the magazine when they see something that interests them in it, or don't purchase the magazine at all. I think I know where a large proportion of them come from. If this was a completely free website / forum then I would have no complaints, but as a subscriber to the magazine part of my subscription is paying for the website / forum. I get the impression that the main reason for these adverts was to try and persuade people to subscribe and that there was no intention to increase third party advertising within the forum. Unless we, as hobbyists support the magazine by purchasing it then ultimately our hobby will suffer. I buy the magazine by subscription, not just because it is cheaper that way, but as a way of letting the publishers know that I am willing to support our hobby long term. I also let them know if I am not happy, or concerned with any aspect of the magazine. It is called "positive feedback". "Negative feedback" is something we seem to see a lot of on the forum and I now wonder how much of that is coming from outside of the subscribers. We may not own the company, but at the end of the day it is our magazine and is just about the last one that caters for our interests in this country. This was not a rant, but a carefully considered reply to my original posting and the response it produced.
  7. I think it might be in this lot. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164428240520?hash=item2648afd688:g:APwAAOSwkApffapp
  8. You could try this ebey seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ourcollectionclearout1?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559 Or here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/marcsmagazines
  9. Cambridge University Dictionary. Forum - A situation or meeting in which people can talk about a problem or matter especially of public interest. Doesn't say anything about selling anything. I do appreciate one thing though. For the foreseeable future most magazine publishers are going to face increasingly difficult times as we are all going to be cutting back on our leisure activity spending.
  10. The argument about it reducing costs doesn't work. Many, if not most other forums that rely solely on advertising, as opposed to sponsorship (as in this case by the magazine) don't put adverts between posts. The reason for placing them there is because of the "blipvert" effect and as has been said, ad blockers take out all the adverts including those that might attract our attention as we scroll through. I have no problems with the publishers promoting their products (within reason), but I am intelligent enough to see the commercial possibilities of such tactics. Maybe I should just stick to RCGroups and RCScaleBuilder (both of which are free to join, though you can upgrade RCSB for a small fee).
  11. Thanks Stevio. I assume you were "testing the waters", so to speak. Could you not use the sides of the posts for advertising content ? A forum thread is more like a conversation than editorial content. Ever been in a conversation when a small child buts in and its parent chastises it for being rude ? I appreciate that you need the advertisers, but don't forget that the advertisers also need you. There doesn't seem to be as many print outlets for them these days and they like print advertising as it lasts a lot longer than on the internet / TV. As the new publisher I welcome you to the forum and look forward to hopefully more input from yourself. Maybe we can get you involved in our wonderful hobby ? You're never too old to learn.
  12. I take it she was referring to the hat and not your lipos.
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