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  1. Hi All, I have now returned from 3 months away with work and hoping to get back into the spit. I'd love to try and get it flying next year. I have a fair bit of tidying and re-organising to do but I'm still on it and not given up yet! Gary
  2. I had the Macchi 202 and it flew great. There are some slight issues with quality sometimes but they're about half the price of a seagul or hangar 9 equivalent so that's expected. It was my go to flier for a while until a very low inverted flyby resulted in a rapid and unplanned deconstruction of the fuselage! The wing is still perfect and I have a plan from outerzone that matches the span exactly so may rebuild the fuselage at some point. I've flown their P-47 too, also flies well Gary
  3. Haha probably the same complexity of engine though! I think all the 30s were the white and 40s the blue. I emailed Ripmax to ask the same question and got an excellent reply from Bob. Unfortunately most of the stuff from back then wasn't made digital and he couldn't find any of the original drawings. He did send me some press releases of it though. Good of him to look for me. It's a cracking trainer. I flew mine hundreds of times and taught a fee others to fly on mine too. I always loved the decals on it too. I repaired mine (just worn and a bit beaten up) a fee months before the bad crash and made it look like this gave it a new lease of life but never the same. Didnt help when in crashed in the field it hit a huge pile of soggy cow sh*t that filled on available gap. Garage was stinking for weeks Gary
  4. Correct but some have gear wells and that's what would usually limit gear operating speeds, that and the doors. I saw a lad accidentally put the gear down in a Hawk at 420kts (200kts limiting speed) at low level, only lost 2 zip ties on some cabling so I'm sure our models are fine 😀
  5. I've seen people cut some foam to fill the area behind the wheel wells to stop the air getting in but I'd line them with 1/16 as Trevor says. Keeps them looking scale and stops them becoming scoops.....not that I think they would anyway tbh Nick, Love the Hellcat and I went through the exact same decisions with the Bearcat a few years ago. Either spend the money on retracts (just too much in my opinion) or put non scale ones in which I'd hate then not enjoy the final product. I've still not managed to finish 1 in the time you've done the P-47, seafury and 190 🤣 Gary
  6. Kevin that is incredible, thank you. Another time this forum has been invaluable Gary
  7. Thank you Robin. The 40 is very similar to the 30 but with a few differences. Good idea to copy that and scale it though. The 40 was definitely more popular, probably due to being a bit bigger, but it's just a silly sentimental thing that draws me to the 30. I've been looking through outerzone to try and Find a trainer that matches the span but I also can't the exact dimensions for the 30, why did I just not measure it?!! Gary
  8. My very first aircraft I had was Ripmax trainer 30 bought by my mum when I was 15 as a birthday gift. I also got the transmitter and servos too which I (very unskilfully) put together. My dad stood on the wing in the garage before it flew and that sparked the build bug in me as I had to repair it.....well I didn't, I was introduced to a man at a local club who could and he then taught me to build and fly and became a life long friend. That wasn't the last time it was rebuilt in its life I'll add Anyway, I recently disposed of the fuselage as it was very badly damaged from a tough life and an engine failure on its last flight but the wing is undamaged and I have kept that. What I should have done is copy the formers and measurements and scratch built a new fuselage but I'm too late for that. Does anyone have one or have a drawing of one I could copy? I now have my own boys and I'd love them to learn on the same plane (and actual same wing) as I did but haste got the better of me. I'd appreciate any help. Silly request but may as well ask! Gary
  9. Great job Murat. I love restoring old models, find it as satisfying as a scratch build. Looking forward to hearing about the maiden Gary
  10. Hi All, I skinned the bottom of the D section so that I could remove the tabs and lock in the washout. Everything other than the final servo fitting and retracts is done on the right wing (other than sheeting and the wing tip obviously but I want the retracts in first) so I decided to put it on the fuselage for a moral boost. I ended up putting a few bits on to see how she looks. It's all roughly sitting on so not perfect but she looks like a spit!! A little moral boost before it starts again..... Double check I have a left wing and not a second right (experience has taught me that) then tidied up all the cuts for the spar then added slots for the extended spar in front of the main spar. Fingers crossed it goes quickly and I can get these retracts in 🤮 Gary
  11. Hi All, Slow progress recently but I've managed to get the majority of the fiddly bits done like final mount of the aileron hinges and the aileron servo fitted which I have removed until I'm ready to secure it properly. I have managed to run out of pushrods so waiting on them arriving before I can continue withe the flap servo placement The flap indicator was also cut out and I decided to make a 1/16 ply door rather than just litho plate as the plan suggests I elected for a brass hinge which meant letting it into the ply and balsa on top of the wing. I secured the door hinge and a little glazing putty to hide it. Balsa side isn't secure yet but will probably be secured once the wing is glassed. I'll sand the putty smooth once it's dry but I'm almost at the top skin stage. I'll move onto the other wing once the flap/aileron servos are completely done and that side should be much quicker now that I know what I'm doing....so I keep telling myself. Pleased so far though Gary
  12. Even better! You're making this easier for me with every comment Peter!
  13. No issues at all Peter, thanks for checking.
  14. It's great having you on here Peter! Thanks so much for the help. That makes sense and it's usually a lack of confidence since I've never designed a wing myself. I was planning on using a spruce spar and maybe add a secondary spar for the first 1/3rd of the wing and put it approx 1" in front of the original. That's only because that's what BT did on his spit and it's a fair bit heavier. Gary
  15. The only concern I have with Scaling it up is the spacing of the ribs. Its easy to add some ribs in when they are all the same but not so easy on an elliptical wing as they all change. Peter, what do you think? Will there be enough strength as is? I have compared it to my 69" spit wing and there are an extra 3 or 4 ribs in that and still 2.5" shorter on each wing . Some of the wood thicknesses may change a little too and I'll make parts from thicker parts in more critical areas but most of it will remain the same. I now need to be disciplined and not start this before I finish the spitfire!! Gary
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