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  1. That's what I posted,,, maybe one of these 1/8 car starters, plenty of options about, but you will have to make a cone for planes as it is delivered with a shaft.
  2. Sorry to hear about all your woes. £25 for a flying lesson 😨. Try 'function' = change motor to Throttle,,, Sorry but I can't agree with Futaba being difficult to program, only if you are used to old radios with no functions.
  3. Page 84 and 85 can't you find someone in a local club to help you ?. http://manuals.hobbico.com/fut/14sg-manual.pdf
  4. A thought while walking the dog, any cheap starter would do the job if you are willing to fiddle with it, make a "u" from aluminium bolted to each end and a couple of half rounds in wood and a switch.
  5. It's all on the web, free to download, didn't you get instructions when you bought it ?. good luck,,,
  6. For those small engines a small geared one will do, I did have Gary's one looonnnggg ago ( 1970's), but it didn't last long, maybe the gears are better now, if not this one ?. https://www.justengines.co.uk/shop/accessories/starting-gear/jen-6-51-geared-starter-12-24-volt/?v=11aedd0e4327
  7. What sort and size engines do you have ?, This on a 12volt battery or a lipo on 3s will start anything up to a 30cc petrol.
  8. Crocus finished long ago, daffodils started last week.
  9. This was on Rc groups,, 14SG has a built-in motor function that includes a off lock switch. Go to the Link, Function menu. Change throttle (THR) to Motor (MOT). That will automatically give you a safety switch. Go to the Model Menu (MDL button). On the 2nd page you will have a new menu called MOTOR. MOTOR menu allows you to set a safety switch and OFF value. I use SW G and also assign that switch to timer start.
  10. I just used Throttle cut, it goes down to -135% on the 0 setting idle is at 100%, as shown in the above photos ( T&é FX-30). I also have Throttle cut which also cut the engine.
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