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  1. No, an electric motor does the job, you can hear it whirring. Probably a worm gear.
  2. I have been doing it for around 25 years, head up displays etc,,,,
  3. A couple of years ago, our club president was walking to work when a woman parked opposite a driving school on a zebra crossing, he asked her why she couldn't'd park further away and walk it as handicapped people in a wheelchair couldn't get past, she said mind your own business, he came back in his Gendarmerie uniform and slapped a 135€ ticket on her car. PS, it wasn't a Tesla 🤣
  4. I never clip fuel lines up, I like a messy dangling approach,,,🤣; We had a petrol plane that had the same sort of problem a few weeks ago, the 30°c + weather had softened the tygon fuel line and kinked it. So is it round 4' ?. Keep it coming, it is interesting reading.
  5. Even Worse in France, they even put another tax on it, as Kevin says out of context, I hava an Aprilia RSV4r, around 10 litres to 100 klm, and my Jag 13 to 14 to 100 klm, they are like my fuel guzzling Saito 120 and Rossi 90, they put a smile on my face that you can't put a price on that.
  6. I have around 15 frsky receivers, the TRF6 nave the other one with the plugs on the end, they have a better range than the 617 and work perfectly in electrics and IC petrol included.
  7. Another storm in a tea cup, no wonder we have so many laws, just get on with living !
  8. Not a lot of arguing going on since the EV thread is closed, maybe a fuel thread would liven things up .😄
  9. Of course, as has he mentioned, he will find out Sunday when he flies it.
  10. I have had a few problems with frothing but mainly when the tank is empty on two strokes, as for bubbles, you can look for them in the silicone once landed, dirt in the carbs, didn't it just come back from being upgraded ? As you say, full tank on the ground, not much room for foaming to occur.
  11. Coloured silicone, no way to see if you suffered from air bubbles. Good luck for Sunday.
  12. My Peugeot 308sw automatic has an electric hand brake, and it is really good and has never failed. My XK 8 has an old-fashioned one, a read headache !
  13. I still can't understand why all this bickering about fuel, I have around 20+ four strokes, two old lasers, and even if I had a new laser, would I fiddle about with a batch of different fuel mixes ?, NO, Thanks, whatever works for you, just stick to it. Castor oil department.🤣 And that horrible blue poison.😂
  14. No, I bought it second hand without an engine from Montpellier over 10 years ago, it was an ARTF, probably from the UK, it really flies well and perfect for doing touch and go's on one wheel. I did build the Flair one, it lasted for years till it fell apart with fuel seepage into the firewall.
  15. Nice Lancaster, a cool 26°c at 9am a few flights with my OS FS powered Se5a.
  16. My wife had a new Mini ( petrol) with stop and start, she never used it, but the starter packed up before 35.000 klm, and it was mostly used out of town on 100 klm runs.
  17. You could always piggyback one on the side of the fuselage for testing, good luck, as you can't always land with an engine flame out.
  18. Then You stop every 200 klms, and start after an hour of charging.😂
  19. That is the way to go, praising the article, then telling them how upset that it isn't working.
  20. Maybe your fuel was frothing due to vibration, which led to fuel starvation, I know it sounds complicated but a header fuel tank like we use on jets and 3 d helicopters could be a solution. One pick up in the main tank and two on the header.
  21. I have the smaller one with a Saito 120 in it, a great flyer, and easy to see in the air.
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