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  1. One of the best parts shaving the fuselage into shape.
  2. Sorry but nothing will last, use a piece of wet and dry 240 grit to resurface the cylinder and silencer then a thin smear of locktite over the joint.
  3. Got of my motorbike at the local beach only to see the French mob tree Extra 300 and an American Bronco, rubbish photos on my cheap telephone.
  4. i raced karts till around 2008 and never head of caster in them, my last one was a K 5, 125cc 2 stroke 6 gears ( no reverse )
  5. Yes a never ending story, when I started in around 1966 it was caster, arriving in the south of France I joined a club next to Montpellier airport, where didn't have to ask the members what they did, they would tell you , they all ran with 15% micro Motul a thin red synthetic oil and 2% oc caster which worked for me till I went into Helicopters, that was a different bunch of pilots, they all seem to run on a German clear gooey oil ( can't remember the name sold by Graupner under the name of Aero syntese and aero syntese 2 )) at 15% which also worked fine without castor but too expensive for me, so back to motul and caster, which over a span of 20 years in my model shop I mixed and sold, till I tried Meccamo model fuel ( made in Marseille ) it cost my 2 customers heli engines and a .90 plane one, ( at my expense ) so back to my mix, nowadays I buy any cheap junk put 2% castor in and i use that.
  6. Obviously you mean that protective coat that will save your engine and bearings when stored,,, just looked at my 50+ year old Cox's, all good and ready to go.
  7. As said, H 1 helicopter mix, main motor on channel 6 pitch secondary motor on engine, switching off secondary motor on Autorotation, .
  8. You are right, tomorrow I will turn down a die punch on my lathe and make one from the sheet brass, you never now.
  9. I only wish it was 20 years ago, I would have snapped it up.
  10. I have a Futaba FG-30 ( 12tz) I use a helicopter mix on one engine I use pitch and the other on the throttle, just program the curves via Idle 1,2, or 3 etc.
  11. I have a Seagull Skyraider cheap and cheerful that ( if you don't want to build ) is perfect for your laser, I modified some 45€ alu aliwatsit retracts to make them twist and turn, quite simple to do.
  12. Looking at all the interest and rarity of this unavailable product i decided to do a 'tuto' on making one. First one to measure, I seemed to have found one,,, Then you need Safety Goggles a lathe with it's accessories, a small rat tailed file and a vernier gauge for finishing some fine emery cloth. Some metal, here aluminium, and copper, I settled for the 6mm OD copper tube, a 6mm drill and hammer. Start by putting on your safety Goggles. The drill was inserted it the copper tube and hammered on the outside to open it up to the right size here ID of 6.3mm. then inserted into the lathe to be faced off and with the outside diameter checked, i parted it off with a fine and sharp parting tool the 6mm drill is inserted to support the tube while parting. then both surfaces cleaned up with the emery cloth, the rat tailed file to clean off the swarf from the inside then finally annealed, heated to cherry red and quenched in water. In the last image you can see that I have successfully achieved my mission. Any questions please feel free to ask. If the Moderators find this post too silly no offence will be taken if it is deleted.
  13. I offered to post him a couple but fallen on deaf ears, still maybe worth putting your 'lost washer' on ebay David.
  14. That's what's life is all about, there are people who will help others, people who won't and some that walk by and ignore what's going on and turning a blind eye, Modelling for most is a passion of building, flying and teaching others also getting together for a chin-wag, as you say very short sighted, as we all need help one day or another.
  15. no,,,8% synthetic oil and 2% of that 'magic' unnamable stuff ?. https://optiglobal.co/fr/product/dynaglo-10-5-litres
  16. That's a nice combination what is the engine and is it on petrol or methanol ?.
  17. The never ending story, oil apart ,the Saitos will run perfectly with 7.5% nitro, mine all run on 10% as I have a mixed hangar of flying objects.
  18. i used synthetic oil in 1976 in my Yamaha 125YZ cross bike, castor is reserved for model engines,,,
  19. Sounds like our club, 1€ the drink and on club days and working days on the field, the drinks and appetiser drinks ( whisky etc) are free also on our open inter-club days.
  20. I may de conjuring up the wrath of others but I still add some Castor oil in my methanol fuels. "just saying",,,,
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