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  1. The never ending story, oil apart ,the Saitos will run perfectly with 7.5% nitro, mine all run on 10% as I have a mixed hangar of flying objects.
  2. i used synthetic oil in 1976 in my Yamaha 125YZ cross bike, castor is reserved for model engines,,,
  3. Sounds like our club, 1€ the drink and on club days and working days on the field, the drinks and appetiser drinks ( whisky etc) are free also on our open inter-club days.
  4. I may de conjuring up the wrath of others but I still add some Castor oil in my methanol fuels. "just saying",,,,
  5. Are you sure that the swarf does not come from the bearing cages ?.
  6. Sorry just a joke from a southerner who thought he knew it all,,,
  7. I am sorry if I have upset the apple cart, but I found it interesting just looking up the symbols and the historic's of the 109, at least it got me away from the tv and the 10+ ( more like 20 ) year old sky repeats so my wife could actually adorn our lounge, it is 36°+ over here and locked in at 10.30am with 30°+ outside the forum has given me a new lease of life.
  8. Maybe just a general problem with china, I ordered a few rubbish things all less than 10€ and some took months.
  9. Oh dear my Baron has Mussolini's does that count,, And Hindus used it,,,
  10. Maybe better next time just to leave all the planes owned by country's run by dictators off of his shopping list.
  11. Can't you leave politics out of it it's about a swastika, or haven't you ever bought something from chine ?.
  12. A bit silly, he could have done a Spanish decoration there are loads of them.
  13. You can use them again and again, just charge them each time,,
  14. A German war plane should have it's proper marking, anyway it does remind my French club members what the British did,,, I also Have a BF 109,,,
  15. Marutaka that I built in 1988/89 ?, I painted it all no decals it's the one in Hendon, first fitted with a Rossi, then an OS .61 crashed in the grapevines 4 years ago when it went into a spin on take off with the flaps down and engine stopped, a great plane to fly now replaced with a ESM Saito FG-30 powered one.
  16. No overlaps, whether they are on the inside or outside they are still overlapping something.
  17. Funny that, a friend does a lot of 3D planes all seem to have overlaps and all clip together with super glue holding them together.
  18. Yes illegal to use in France, as illustrated here,,,
  19. You will also need a bench grinder for sharpening the lath tools and an electronic Vernier caliper for measuring and of course a box to store them, in,
  20. Maybe they had unforeseen expenses, when we lost our 4th model field each member put in a 'certain' amount into the kitty to start the process of acquiring our new model field, so a joining fee was introduced for around 3 years.
  21. So have you bought a lath and milling machine to make them ?.
  22. Sorry you are dead right, I read that solo was from the rear seat but in the pilots notes from the rear,,, https://www.aeropassion.fr/resources/DEHAVILLAND+DHC-1+CHIPMUNK+20+PILOTS+NOTES.pdf
  23. Nice but shouldn't he be in the back seat flying solo ?.
  24. I hope this is the right place to post,, I got the new regulations from the FFAM ( flying froggys federation ) today joey foreigner ( that you brits ) can now fly in France for the mediocre price of a box of 20 fags ( tabs for the northerners ) of 11€ and you don't need to have the French id number on it, I can post the page here if you are stuck at Dover in the customs queues all you need is a French / English dictionary,,, Ps if you are a learner that can't fly our club has 3 electric planes each with two radios for each plane permeable from mode 2 to mode 1.
  25. I think here the FFAM system isn't bad, they give 'points' to clubs for young member inscriptions in our case 'free membership' paid by our club helps with that ,the points system also credits competition flyers and all the other flying certificates which at the end of the year comes with a subvention and now and again a couple of radios and a plane for the beginners, also when doing work on the field ie; tables a new mower etc they can subvention up to 50% all again on the merit points system now if that isn't an incentive.
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