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  1. I think ibe got some optima’s you can have if you’re struggling- won’t be able to check until next week though
  2. Battery trays complete, wing leading edges shaped and planking begun… not as much time this week to do stuff but overall I’m happy with progress
  3. Neil it was something that I was worried about as well - the upper fuselage sides at the rear are pretty thin and according to the plan the horizontal stabilisers just sit on them. I ended up adding doublers to the insides of them as a saddle (can’t remember the thickness I used unfortunately!) and using epoxy to glue the vertical rudder post down
  4. so a quick update for today - wing mounts have been drilled and sorted - battery trays have been fitted. I weighed it and had a double take moment - thought it would be a lot closer to the 10lb suggested auw! But after three different times the weight so far is just over 5lb so I’m more than happy… I reckon that hopefully I’ll get it finished and balanced (with a fair amount of weight in the nose!) for around the 10lb mark… 🤞
  5. One last thing for this week - I had one of the retracts stop working….. A bit of a panic last night thinking about how to solve the problem which included having to cut away the lower sheeting to check the servo lead from the retract…. Not something I was wanting to do! Having slept on it I think I’ve found the cause - the rear balsa former for the lower nacelle was rubbing up against the wheel when it was ‘up’ - I think that this binding has caused the retract unit to shut off…. A small amount of trimming back the former and the retract is back to working again! Hurray!!! 🤣🤣🤣 One thing I’d say to anyone who hasn’t built much before - you’ll get challenges in a build but more often than not with a bit of time and thought (and asking for help in the forums!) you’ll find a way around most problems…. Worst case scenario is you’ll have to cut something out or build something new! Really would say to anyone who’s thinking of building from a plan/kit to just go and do it and you’ll have something that you’ll be proud to say ‘I made that’ 💪💪
  6. So everything seems to be working nicely! Got to admit I’m pretty pleased with myself for how it’s coming along! The plan for next week is to drill/insert the wing mounting bolts, then plan and fit the battery mounts ive already cut them to shape and the plan at the moment is to make them removable so I can access the retracts. Then it’s on to start nacelle planking! IMG_0299.mov
  7. Ron, I’m happy waiting until I’ve finished (and recovered from!) the Beaufighter build… might wait until Richard adds the retracts and just build it from the beginning with them in place. 🤔
  8. So, I’ve been making slow progress this week but the ailerons are cut and hinged. I had an idea to use commercial sprung oleos and a piece of aluminium bar to make my own undercarriage setup. After a lot of effort this is the result… I started on one with using a tap and die set to cut a threaded hole to put a grub screw in to secure the piano wire pin - unfortunately when I tightened it the first time onto the pin it let go, felt like the thread in the aluminium had let go. Fortunately I found an old stash of metal epoxy so I’ve used that to glue all the parts together (including the mounts into the retracts as they didn’t have grub screws either)… Itll be something I need to keep an eye on but fingers crossed the joints are all strong enough! I’ve not tested it in place yet - waiting for the epoxy to fully cure overnight. 🤞🤞🤞 oh and one lesson I’ve re - learned….. don’t hold the piece of metal you’re drilling! Funny how the only hole I managed to drill dead centre was into my thumb…. 🤦‍♂️
  9. Thanks Neil lovely build and I appreciate the comments! I was planning on adding some wing fairings as well but got too enthusiastic about the covering and completely forgot to add any! I suppose I could add some above the covering though…. The beaufighters one of my favourites as well (that and the mosquito) - I may opt to build the larger John Ranson one after this, or maybe go for another attempt at the mosquito. Either way it’ll be a coastal command strike wing aircraft.
  10. After spending the morning programming my transmitter finally have movement in the Beaufighter! Next week will be finishing off the centre lower sheeting and I need to reverse the port flap servo so it looks nicer instead of a kinked linkage - waiting for a signal reversing Y lead to come through the post before I can do that, and cut out and hinge the ailerons but it’s good to see it start to come to life…. IMG_0274.mov IMG_0276.mov
  11. So back to the beaufighter build! No major visible progress at this stage, yesterday’s job was making up and fitting the servo mounts for flaps and ailerons… After a delivery from SLEC (first rate customer service as usual!) today I’ve been cutting out and fitting the lower sheeting on the port outer wing. Hopefully a delivery tomorrow of some servo extensions and Y leads and I’ll get the lower sheeting finished off. Once that’s done it’s on to the nacelles which means I get the pleasure of some planking. 🤔
  12. Busy couple of days - outer wing panels sorted and attached, its surprising just how big this is! 🤣
  13. Spent the day fitting the flaps and making up the engine nacelle formers - total weight is now 3.4lbs, hopefully still on target for around 10lbs total weight…
  14. So it turns out that sheeting the centre section didn’t take as long as I expected! A couple of hours last night and top is sheeted, flaps made up and ready to finish off/hinge this morning. Then it’s on to the engine nacelles ready to fit..
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