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  1. Thankyou! Originally I was going to leave it empty apart from a machine gun, but now that I’m at this point I think I might end up going the dummy floor route and putting an observer in as well - will see how I can get access to that part of the interior is a tad tight now!
  2. A coupe of hours today programming my transmitter and making sure things work correctly… couldn’t resist the temptation to have the Beaufighter standing on its wheels for the first time! It’s been good motivation to keep on trying with the canopy plug and to finish the planking on the starboard nacelle. Both jobs for next week and although not major visible progress it’s still good to mentally tick off some of the smaller jobs that need sorted along the way! Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have the second nacelle finished and the hatch cut out and will be ready to cover the wing - maybe even get that sorted as well! As always if anyone has any comments or suggestions on the build let me know- always useful to get others opinions as I definitely consider myself a ‘learner’ in all this! chris
  3. Yes often the result unfortunately although I’m not sure how the survival rate for aircrew stood up against others doing the same role? Hercules engines were pretty sturdy compared to the Merlin and associated cooling systems in the mosquito and I seem to remember from one of the books I’ve read that the Beau was more likely to stay intact in a ditching but sink rapidly whereas the Mossie was more prone to breaking up on impact. According to Roy Conyers Nesbit (who was himself a coastal command veteran who flew in Beauforts from Malta) the chances of surviving a tour of operations for the anti shipping squadrons were less than they were in bomber command which is a sobering thought. Either way all brave men who in my opinion deserve more recognition.
  4. Piers I’ll be honest it was a mix of impatience and never having done it before! I’d tried heating the acetate by itself first but looking back probably didn’t get it as warm as I should so it cooled before I could get it to the vac former - so in went the vac former with everything in place and the hoover tube sticking out the front of the oven! We only ever learn from our mistakes I suppose! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Yes that’s what I found with mine - I’d used filler and sanded it then put several coats of Eze Kote on as an experiment - lovely smooth finish to it but it couldn’t stand the heat when I put it in the oven and ended up degrading… now I’ve got some more sanding smooth to do! I think I’ve got some two part finishing resin I’ll give a go… thanks for all the help guys!
  6. Last thing this week was to have a go at vac forming the navigators cupola….. not a great success but wasn’t expecting it at the first attempt! Couple of questions …. once I’ve carved the mold is it best to cover it in something like a varnish to get the smoothest finish? If so - what do most people use? secondly - to heat the plastic is it best to stick it in the oven or use more direct heat like a heat gun on it? First attempt failed - the only acetate I could get my hands on was too thin and ended up splitting when I pulled it over the mold. Also the frame I’d attached the acetate to to pull it over was too tight to the vac former so took too long trying to position it, by the time I’d managed it the acetate was cooling rapidly!
  7. So, haven’t felt like finishing the planking today - so concentrated on the torpedo. it may not be scale ( the ‘flying’ tail on the original attached to the rear of the torpedo fins to stabilise it in flight then broke off when it hit the water and I’ve used some artistic licence on the colours) but it’s been useful in practicing some of the techniques for panel lines and rivets I want to use on the airframe. Not too shoddy even if I say so myself! I went for red vertical fins as a way of finding it… 😥 The torpedo is basically a balsa dowel with ply formers with a section of plumbers insulation foam to give it shape - then a balsa nose cap and the tail cone out of balsa sheet - all covered in brown paper. I don’t think 404 squadron ever operated as ‘torpbeaus’ - more often bomb/rocket armed but hey, I wanted to try making a torpedo!
  8. Thanks Paul - if anyone knows of any unwanted retracts for the 72inch Bryan Taylor Mosquito can you let me know!!
  9. This is also a good read… More about the North Coates wing but still good
  10. Yep got that as well! 🤦‍♂️I think the strike wings are sadly overlooked by historians- I’m planning on either the john Ranson Beaufighter next, or maybe the Brian Taylor mosquito- only thing with that is the retracts are probably beyond my modelling abilities! Either way it’ll be in a Banff or Dallachy scheme…
  11. Yep, I mean yours looks a lot better than mine will do! 🤣
  12. Yep got to admit, if you read ‘the strike wings’ by Roy Conyers Nesbit - 404 sqnbdid outstandingly well! The 2 tone squadron codes add a nice bit of colour to the fuselage as well!
  13. The last bit for a few days…. Couldn’t resist putting some marking on! Thanks to Lee at Pyramid models - really great service and the decals look awesome!
  14. Can anyone guess the plan?? 🤣
  15. A little bit more progress today - and a lovely set of cowls arrived in the post courtesy of Sarik! Only a little bit of planking left to do now so I’m feeling pleased with myself!
  16. So I’ve been able to spend a couple more hours tonight on the beaufighter! More filling and sanding on the port nacelle - the lower rear most section is solid balsa carved to shape so that’s been done as well- I’d cut the battery hatch out last week so I’ve fitted some dowels on the front that fit into the ply firewall and a spring catch at the rear so the hatch stays nice and secure but is easy to remove for fitting batteries etc… move also started planking the starboard nacelle - time consuming but if you break the project into smaller sections it stays enjoyable as you can move from one to the other when one gets a bit tiresome! Hopefully will get more of the starboard nacelle planked over the next couple of days… then on to covering the wings! 😀
  17. this should have said PYRAMID MODELS — predictive text on my phone and rushing a post…. 🤦‍♂️
  18. Lovely looking model Paul…. I’m opting on going electric- that’s another bit of head scratching to come to check out I’ve got a powerful enough setup! I had mine put together tonight again to keep me motivated, like I’ve said before it’s not perfect but as a project in building it’s been a useful learning experience and hopefully it will fly ok…. Tbh I’m a full on beaufighter fan now - there’s a bigger version on the sarik site that’s looking very tempting! 🤔🤣 Hopefully getting some decals delivered soon from Pegasus models- very helpful folks there and they were VERY patient with my ineptitude in sending them what I was looking for….
  19. Planking progress so far…. Doesn’t show major changes for the amount of time spent doing it, but I find it strangely enjoyable 🤣
  20. I think ibe got some optima’s you can have if you’re struggling- won’t be able to check until next week though
  21. Battery trays complete, wing leading edges shaped and planking begun… not as much time this week to do stuff but overall I’m happy with progress
  22. Neil it was something that I was worried about as well - the upper fuselage sides at the rear are pretty thin and according to the plan the horizontal stabilisers just sit on them. I ended up adding doublers to the insides of them as a saddle (can’t remember the thickness I used unfortunately!) and using epoxy to glue the vertical rudder post down
  23. so a quick update for today - wing mounts have been drilled and sorted - battery trays have been fitted. I weighed it and had a double take moment - thought it would be a lot closer to the 10lb suggested auw! But after three different times the weight so far is just over 5lb so I’m more than happy… I reckon that hopefully I’ll get it finished and balanced (with a fair amount of weight in the nose!) for around the 10lb mark… 🤞
  24. One last thing for this week - I had one of the retracts stop working….. A bit of a panic last night thinking about how to solve the problem which included having to cut away the lower sheeting to check the servo lead from the retract…. Not something I was wanting to do! Having slept on it I think I’ve found the cause - the rear balsa former for the lower nacelle was rubbing up against the wheel when it was ‘up’ - I think that this binding has caused the retract unit to shut off…. A small amount of trimming back the former and the retract is back to working again! Hurray!!! 🤣🤣🤣 One thing I’d say to anyone who hasn’t built much before - you’ll get challenges in a build but more often than not with a bit of time and thought (and asking for help in the forums!) you’ll find a way around most problems…. Worst case scenario is you’ll have to cut something out or build something new! Really would say to anyone who’s thinking of building from a plan/kit to just go and do it and you’ll have something that you’ll be proud to say ‘I made that’ 💪💪
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