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  1. My first flight of 2024, today. The weather at Dover was amazingly good for mid February, gentle breeze & bright sun. I am looking forward to more tomorrow.
  2. Thanks Both. Looks like I will have to drill & tap M5.
  3. I have acquired a Moki 180 2 stroke, recently, it came without the silencer fixing bolts. I am unable to achieve satisfactory security with M4 bolts & M5s are too big. Can anyone confirm the correct size, please? Tony
  4. To test the system, I bought a couple of cheap items from the UK warehouse last Thursday. They arrived today!
  5. Please see the attached photo. The tank is a square SLEC item, I think 14oz, it projects approx 6mm above the former immediately behind it. Surgery was required!
  6. Hello Manish, Sorry for the tardy response. My tank sits on the bottom of the engine box, several cms back from the firewall. The fuel tubing goes thro the original hole.
  7. I have a partially built example. You are welcome to collect it from CT13. Gratis.
  8. I have an OS 120AX which has been converted to run on petrol using a MMM kit. It has the a standard OS carb, is very powerful, idles & accelerates as well as anyone would wish & is remarkably economical. I use a synthetic oil at 20:1.
  9. Mine was almost ballistic with an OS 120 AX
  10. I was very disappointed that the South East was missing from the itinerary. I was on No2 course at Thorney Island, followed by 2 years in Singapore.
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