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  1. +1 for the East Glider, Solius and Heron. Alternatively, have a look at the models by TopmodelCZ which offer excellent flying performance and good value for money. Their Prelude/Ava and Marabu are within your specs. Only negative is that they do need some work to put together which you may not want.
  2. What about the Multiplex Lentus? Or is a foam model out of the question for some reason?
  3. A friend of mine recently bought a 6m Ventus from the company. To cut a long story short he was not pleased at all! He made a bespoke order with them to include a pilot which they had in stock, a particular registration number to be applied, a Spanish tail flag and a whole of other things which were all agreed. He heard nothing from them for almost two months despite emailing them several times with enquiries re the models progress. When they finally answered him they reeled off a load of excuses and promised him another date for completion which came and went. Turned out that the worker was telling my friend a bunch of lies about the models progress and accused my friend of lying. A letter came from the company owner who promised to sort things out but delays persisted for another couple of weeks. When the model was finally delivered there were several defects to the surface finish; the underside of the fuselage had an area of about 20mm x 100mm that seemed to have had filler applied and very badly finished and there were several small blemishes on the wings. The model registration number was not as ordered, the Spanish flag was absent and one of the decals alongside the cockpit area was peeling off. Additionally, the pilot figure did not arrive with the model although it was in stock and available from the begining. He and I put the model together to check all was ok and there were no problems on that front and the model did look great from all normal viewing distances. Unfortunately my friend had to then go away on busines for a couple of months and I won't get to spek to him again before August. Therefore I can't offer a final judgement on the model and it will be a while before it's fully completely and takes to the air for the first time.
  4. Thank you for the link David. Very reasonably priced kits. One of these might make their way to me sometime in the future.
  5. David, are those Barons the model by Ecotop? I've been looking for something similar for a while.
  6. Frank, over here in Spain I should really take the Level 1 and Level 2 test certificates to fly anything over 250g within the law anywhere outside my club site which is making me think again about the Mavic. Despite it being a bargain, for the number of occasions I'm likely to fly it I'm now thinking it's not worth the investment. About the phone situation, I've been seriously thinking along the lines that you've outlined. It's one thing to be able to download the App but it needs to function properly too, especially with almost 1Kilo of multirotor in the air.
  7. An update. I have discovered that my mobile will run the DJI GO4 App and have downloaded it with no problem. A good friend, who's in the model retail business, has offered me a brand new, never been used Mavic 2 Pro with carry bag, 1 battery and maybe a second, ND filters and charger for 450 Euros. This seems a great deal on a highly rated machine although I would prefer something smaller which I don't have to register and preferably, cheaper. However, given the price/qualit ratio of the Mavic 2 I'm tempted.
  8. Ron, glad to hear that I'm not just "seeing things" so to speak.
  9. The photo I posted above is soft, grainy and lacks the detail of the original. Therefore, from my perspective there is no great difference to the photos I was posting before. And, I think your photos also seem to be suffering from the same problem David.
  10. I'm going to do the same with one of mine David. Here goes.
  11. Posted here because there seem to be problems posting in the video channel.
  12. A weekend to remember. The second video.
  13. I'll be uploading a second, more interesting, video shortly. ?
  14. Club Aeromodelismo Osca, Igries, Huesca, Spain.
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