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  1. Unfortunately the scaffolding poles wouldn't fit - the wing joiners are rectangular in section Carbon Fibre.
  2. My mate Dan and his ASH 31 Mi post maiden this morning. Flies like a dream and looks lovely in the air. Scale 1:2.25, 8.3m. Pilot figure on it's way to fill the cockpit.
  3. I use Deluxe Materials Eze-Kote and get very pleasing results.
  4. Replying to GrumpyGnome's point above. The DX6i is included in the set up list of the manual for the Blade 230s. However, whether that's the older silver version or the later model I have no idea. But, after some reading it seems the Gen1 DX6i can be used providing it has the DSMX protocol. Some DX6i's were DSM2 only and will not work. Also, as the DX6i only has 2 position switches, not all of the flight modes for the heli can be set up easily. There are many posts about this on RC Groups.
  5. As you have a DX6i I would suggest buying one of the E-flite collective pitch helis and practice with that before even spooling up the 450. With one of the blade series you will have the option of using "safe" mode to begin with and will spend more time flying than fixing.
  6. EvilC57 and Engine Doctor. I am always very happy to receice constructive criticism about any of my videos that I post. However, the sarcastic tone of your replies I feel is unwarranted. Sure it's not a quality movie and I do not claim to be a professional videographer and my time is limited. The video is just a bit of light hearted fun shot in one morning using one head mounted camera. I thought it might be interesting for others to see but, it seems I was wrong. Perhaps, if I make another posting, I will add a trigger warning at the begining in order not to waste any more of your time? Or, perhaps one or both you could show me an example of one of your videos to help me learn how it's done? Cheers.
  7. Unfortunately I can't give you your 6 mins back. Sorry to have wasted your time!
  8. I had the same error message yesterday evening. Site was reluctant to start up a couple of hours ago too.
  9. David Gilmour duet with daughter Romany.
  10. Toto, I use 4S 2700's in my model and my timer is set to 10 minutes. After a flight and a while resting the lipos are at storage charge and can be safely stored until the next flying session. I try to fly mine in a scale like manner hence battery consumption is relatively low. I think the model has enough oomph to do the basic manouvres that the full size is able to do - it's not a model to be flown aggressively, there are better options for that. I do agrree that the model is succeptable to the wind, it has a light wing loading and the wings do catch a lot of air. It is a gem in still air! I would definitely go for your 3250 packs, remember to check the CG. The extra weight will help give a tad more stability and increase your flight times. Start at your current 5 minutes, check the pack after flying and gradually increase the flight time until you reach a good balance between flight time and pack condition. Have fun and report back
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