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  1. What a lucky chap am I. A good friend of mine has decided to sell his Tangent Kult Elektro 3.4m as shown in the pics. I asked if I could fly it before he lets it go and he told me I could fly it during the summer as he's in no hurry to sell it which I think is a great gesture. However, if I like how it flies I might end up buying it from him anyway as he only wants 500 euros for it which I think is an absolute bargain. I'll never be in the position of buying something like it new.
  2. If you have occasion to hop over to mainland Spain you would be very welcome to fly at my club. "Club Aeromodelismo Osca" Huesca,Spain. I have a few videos you can see at: ArtesanRC+
  3. I I would support the idea. It may not get lots of posts but it would be good to see some projects in one place as opposed to the odd post scattered around the forum.
  4. I built a couple of RC model boats way beck when and also had a 21ft river boat on the Grteat Ouse. At the moment I have one of these as shown in the photos. I've been thinking of selling a couple of planes to fund a boat purchase or two. Where I live there are a number of shallow ponds in the local parks which would be ideal. If I go ahead it's good to know I can post on the forum.
  5. Not too bad for a 14 year old I suppose
  6. I have found the foam on newer FMS offerings to be as good as any with the possible exception of Multiplex. Paint peeling at edges is common with just about all foam models and FMS are no worse than others in this respect. The Super Cub 1700 is a good buy in my opinion.
  7. I didn't know what to get my wife for her birthday today so I booked one of those dancers that pop up out of cakes at women's parties.
  8. Thanks for the likes and comment guys. Happy to report that the maiden + 1 more flight were completed successfully this morning. A very nice model to fly and looks great in the air.
  9. My new addition. E-flite Cessna 150T bought second hand. I added the alternative smaller wheels and spats as I have enough models with large bush wheels and I think as shown the spats add a nice classic look to the model. A few minor issues needed to be fixed to make the model flight ready. Unfortunately it was way too windy for a maiden today so I took some pics, three of which I present here. Maiden will happen tomorrow morning if all goes well.
  10. Unfortunately the scaffolding poles wouldn't fit - the wing joiners are rectangular in section Carbon Fibre.
  11. My mate Dan and his ASH 31 Mi post maiden this morning. Flies like a dream and looks lovely in the air. Scale 1:2.25, 8.3m. Pilot figure on it's way to fill the cockpit.
  12. I use Deluxe Materials Eze-Kote and get very pleasing results.
  13. Replying to GrumpyGnome's point above. The DX6i is included in the set up list of the manual for the Blade 230s. However, whether that's the older silver version or the later model I have no idea. But, after some reading it seems the Gen1 DX6i can be used providing it has the DSMX protocol. Some DX6i's were DSM2 only and will not work. Also, as the DX6i only has 2 position switches, not all of the flight modes for the heli can be set up easily. There are many posts about this on RC Groups.
  14. As you have a DX6i I would suggest buying one of the E-flite collective pitch helis and practice with that before even spooling up the 450. With one of the blade series you will have the option of using "safe" mode to begin with and will spend more time flying than fixing.
  15. EvilC57 and Engine Doctor. I am always very happy to receice constructive criticism about any of my videos that I post. However, the sarcastic tone of your replies I feel is unwarranted. Sure it's not a quality movie and I do not claim to be a professional videographer and my time is limited. The video is just a bit of light hearted fun shot in one morning using one head mounted camera. I thought it might be interesting for others to see but, it seems I was wrong. Perhaps, if I make another posting, I will add a trigger warning at the begining in order not to waste any more of your time? Or, perhaps one or both you could show me an example of one of your videos to help me learn how it's done? Cheers.
  16. Unfortunately I can't give you your 6 mins back. Sorry to have wasted your time!
  17. I had the same error message yesterday evening. Site was reluctant to start up a couple of hours ago too.
  18. David Gilmour duet with daughter Romany.
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