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  1. I fight an almost hopeless battle against folk at my club - particularly when connecting batteries with their arms through the prop arc. Apparently they're quite safe because they have a throttle cut set. If you don't mind, I'll post your picture to our club group...
  2. There are various synthetic DNA solutions (in both senses of the word) such as Smartwater and SelectaDNA which may act as a deterrent. Apparently it’s almost impossible to remove all traces of these fluids. Police advice to us was not to have too much in the way of overt security - the ne’er do wells (not the exact words Mr Plod used!) simply see this as a sign that there’s something worth stealing!
  3. Great to hear you’re making steady progress Matty. You seem to have the right attitude and you’re not going to let it beat you.
  4. We’ve had a few reports of personal messages being sent to forum members by a “newby”. While there has been no obvious scam content, a message from an unknown individual may be an attempt to lull people into revealing sensitive information should they engage in dialogue.
  5. Granted - but engine failure is always at the back of a (good) pilot’s mind. I’m a little surprised that there was no real mention of solar charging for the battery array (a wind powered generator farm might not be the best thing to locate on an airfield) but there’s often plenty of unused ground on airfields. The Pipistrel seems to have a very small battery and larger aircraft might be able to carry proportionately larger batteries giving much better range once there’s sufficient infrastructure to make their development more feasible.
  6. We’ve had reports of a couple of members being PMd today by a new forum member offering items for sale. While we can’t say that these are definitely scam attempts, they follow the pattern of a “friend” having items for sale. CAVEAT very much EMPTOR.
  7. One thing to add is that as you progress, your self-assessment skills improve and you may feel that you’re standing still or even going backwards - whereas you’re actually making steady progress. By the way, you might notice that I’ve edited your previous post. The language wasn’t particularly offensive but you attempted to disguise it with a wild card character. That’s against the forum’s code of conduct - if you feel the word may offend then find a different one!
  8. Be even more careful if the similar method of asking you to pay via PayPal is suggested by anyone else - the scammers mentioned have been removed from the forum. The regular PayPal service gives good protection but use of Friends and Family removes almost all of this.
  9. David removed him as soon as he was made aware - but remain vigilant as there's little to stop him coming back under a new identity. We do have a couple of safeguards but a determined spammer or crook may find a way to masquerade as a genuine new member.
  10. Was the "confused" response about the fire blanket or my little joke, Paul? I was forgetting that your English is a bit rusty..."aloud" means to express something audibly, hence my attempt at humour, as I suspect you meant "allowed"?
  11. Does that mean that you keep quiet about it? Methanol fires - scary due to the lack of visible flames but we had a methanol fire in a flight box once and a fire blanket dealt with it very effectively.
  12. It often brings a smile to my face when I hear a certain county trumpeted as God's own...having been introduced to Shropshire through gliding expeditions to Shobdon in search of mountain wave and then my parents retiring not far from David's location (partly on my glowing recommendation) I'm pretty sure I know where an omnipotent being would base themselves.
  13. Had a bit of a surprise this afternoon - one of our members turned up with a brand new Pegasus Hurricane and asked me to check it over and give it a test flight. This was electric powered and felt a lot lighter than mine although I didn’t have scales with me. It flew like a dream in conditions that were putting some people off after an initial reduction of elevator rate and some trimming. Despite a more forward CofG than mine, it behaved very well on the ground. The undercarriage mounts had been angled rear wards a little causing a reasonable forward movement when lowered which must have helped. I flew mine on Thursday - rather spoilt by a not so good repair after the earlier incident (see the video a few posts back) allowing the starboard leg to make a bid for freedom on landing. I’ve given my wrist a good slapping and will do a better job next time! However, it’s still very happy with the removal of half a pound of lead, and showing no signs of “peckiness”.
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