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  1. That is truly interesting information - was this in the original design or one of your developments?
  2. Be careful if it looks something like the company address too! I first noticed this when I got an email from PaypaI back in the late 90s. Something made me suspicious and I spotted the capital i (I) which looked very similar to a lower case L (l) in the font I viewed it with. It was the first example of phishing that I’d ever seen or heard of.
  3. Memories… …and I’ve just seen an auction result where one went for £15 just last week! I saved up for months for one of those around 1964/5ish. I think it cost a princely 27/6d then. I learnt not to run down a steep hill after flying it from the back of Ivinghoe Beacon. It hurt.
  4. Worse was the police car coming up the road towards me on full blues and twos. Nothing for me to do as the road was clear. It was only as I got close to him and saw his front dipping under braking that I could see his right indicator flashing next to and in time with his headlights on flashing main beam as I passed the side turning he wanted to go down. We exchanged glances with me trying to explain graphically about this design fault - and no, I didn’t contact them as I thought it might open a can of worms if I reported it.
  5. I’m not sure about it acting on all four wheels - my older car had an electric actuator where the handbrake was located and operated via a conventional cable. A friend’s VW had electric actuators built in to the rear brake calipers - which he found very expensive when one failed! My MG does allow the brake pedal to operate slightly when the parking brake is applied but I’ve put it down to the pad displacement - although I’ve not investigated it.
  6. Ho ho - but let’s not go down those hackneyed roads please.
  7. It all happened too quickly to give me time for fear. The aftermath was a feeling of profound relief! It was gravity providing the pushing (or more properly pulling) rather than engine power though.
  8. In the absence of any definitive advice, it’s a very standardly proportioned model so a position of 25% of mean chord should give you a flyable starting position. As I’ve often pointed out, the CofG given by a designer is often just a safe position which can be tweaked by the pilot to give optimal performance for their personal preference.
  9. I have mixed feelings on these. My current car has a facility to apply the handbrake when I come to a stop which, I have to admit, is very useful in a lazy sort of way. However, my previous car had a standard electric one which I didn’t like and I came very close to disaster with it. I was on the way to the flying field and after a few hundred yards had a sudden premonition that I might have left my transmitter in the front garden while loading up. I couldn’t see it from the driver’s seat but was on a hill with a blind summit, so carried on and pulled up at the top of it to check. I left the car ticking over for a swift check through the tailgate. After getting out of the car, I started walking to the back and realised the car was starting to move backwards. I tried to hold it but couldn’t stop it gathering speed. At this point, I realised that I had only one chance to stop it careering down the hill and onto the roundabout at the bottom and made a grab for the door. I got one foot inside but the door swept me off my feet and with my bottom on the road, I made a desperate grab for the B pillar and somehow wrenched myself up and into the driver’s seat. Adrenaline gives you even more wings than Red Bull! The cause? I believe either a sticky clutch pedal or a slight unnoticed knock on the throttle pedal had activated hill stat assist which releases the brake after a few seconds. And yes, I shouldn’t have left the engine running but we don’t always follow best practices…
  10. I’m not trying to start an argument but simply suggesting additional possible causes. While the owner may have reported lower rpm than expected throughout the engine’s life, it has only just started this excessive power loss problem. He has stated that he bought the engine new in 2017 and it’s been run regularly. There may be a variety of explanations for its low “normal” rpm but this was not the subject of the original post. On other engines, the breather provides a drain outlet and a means for volume/crankcase pressure changes to encourage air/oil mist to flow over the cam and valve gear. This was the reason that Saito went to the considerable effort of providing an air pump on their earlier flat twins as there was no change in crankcase volume due to the common crank pin design. I still feel that based on the problem description, the first check should be that the breather is free.
  11. Pointless and potentially provocative post removed - exercising hobby horses gets boring after a while and only brings down the tone of the forum.
  12. What does seem to have happened is that one or two people's have been deliberately provocative and have indeed provoked reactions. Some topics divide opinions - which are perfectly reasonable to express, especially when backed up by experience - but we must respect different points of view without resorting to personal attacks. Time to return to discussing the topic of model fuel prices if anyone has any useful information or suggestions.
  13. Yes - another factor. I’m lucky in that my transmitter has two integral transmitter modules each with two aerials at 90 degree to each other but with single transmitter aerials, it may pay to think about using an optimal orientation if it’s positionable. Having said that, with my previous external transmitter conversion module, I deliberately pointed the single aerial at a sport sized model flying at the limit of comfortable vision with no massive loss of signal - certainly still more than sufficient to maintain control.
  14. Or just use a random nominal 90 degree orientation which has served me well over thousands of flights since starting to use 2.4 GHz in 2009. Having used and checked telemetry over 15 years of regular flying on 2.4 GHz, I can say with confidence that whatever orientation has been presented, the receiver has always received an adequate signal. I believe the most important factor is to avoid potential blanking of both aerials by any large metallic object such as an engine or motor, or metal/carbon fibre in the structure.
  15. Shame that my models don’t maintain the same orientation throughout a flight! Perhaps the next gimmick will be a gyro/accelerometer/GPS controlled aerial mounting to maintain optimal orientation? (All rights reserved!)
  16. Welcome to the forum Steve. Posting photos should be straightforward if you want to attract more interest - as would some idea of the price.
  17. I have removed a post which bordered on libel and was unpleasant in tone. Deliberate provocation is against the forum code of conduct and will not be tolerated. Update: After some discussion, we’ve decided that several posts discussing the merits or otherwise of a particular fuel had no relevance to the discussion of the price of model fuel. These have been removed.
  18. Great flying yesterday and it was definitely summer like - amongst the general flying we had 8 Arrows Hawks in (loose) formation for a full sortie. Just one short of a full Red Arrows team. Sadly, all the regular cameramen were flying so no film of the fun - concentration levels had to be high and the formation loop was interesting to say the least!
  19. I think you’ll find that Don’s work included removing idiot drivers from the roads.
  20. I can identify with that experience Leccy. I’ve never owned anything with stop start but after 50odd years of driving a variety of “interesting” vehicles, there’s still that little feeling of relief when an engine fires up. I’ve driven a few though and it feels quite alien for the engine to stop without warning but there’s generally been some consistency - except on my last experience with a brand new Peugeot hire car which seemed to have a mind of its own. Perhaps there’s some difference with the systems adopted by different manufacturers leading to some of the negative comments above?
  21. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must be a library’s worth! Check out the A/BPC video on this page…click on the view further videos link under guidance videos to find it. https://achievements.bmfa.uk/
  22. You could add camshaft or follower wear (particularly if case hardened) restricting valve opening/duration to the list. Cam wear wouldn’t show up on a valve clearance check as the base circle is unlikely to be affected. From the description in the OP, this seems to be a sudden onset in service problem so unlikely to be due to installation or interference.
  23. Your contract is with the supplier but while you might get some assistance from the distributor, they have no legal responsibility to do so. You most certainly have a legal right to receive goods fit for purpose and of merchantable quality, with a reasonable expectation of service life. Was this mail order from a reputable supplier or a random internet seller? Either way, you have a legal claim on them if they are based in the UK - good luck if they’re further afield! You may have some recourse if you used PayPal or some other accountable method offering buyer’s protection.
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