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  1. Graham The video has been reassuring, in that it shows what I have done and intended doing, once I had a problem was not totally a fudge, bad practice. However i can see that incorporating registering, joint line at the design stage is much better. Also the video reminded me that recognising that the methodology particularly of printing, should be approached as a different technology/processes. As a student I was taught that Iron Bridge although revolutionary, being made of iron, also had many features that were a reflection of wooden bridge practices. In my case, I realise that I could have easily added radius to the corners of many junctions, reducing stress raising features. My wall thicknesses in some places are to high. I have no idea of what common wall thicknesses are on fuselages etc. The video also highlighted novel control surface hinging arrangements, also notably is the undercarriage design features. Again as a student I was taught that heating up, drawn wire (i these cases piano wire) destroys the "properties that the processing history" have imbued. That the heating process is not only temperature dependent, duration is also important. That the oxidation colours are indicative and dependent on time and cooling process etc. In short soldering or brazing drawn wire modifies the structure. The video showed what can be done to avoid the phenomenon. Yep a lot to learn, far more practice required and ideas to claim (as my own).
  2. John, I appreciate the feed back with respect AliExpress. My only issue with them and Alibaba is I have struggled to find what I might and know what I want. Any tips? The advantage I found with HK, Giant Cod is that browsing made me aware of what is potentially available and at what general price. A example of the advantage was that a loclish company near Lancaster, were charging approx +£50 for a electric motor, whereas a differently badged (same motor) at in the region of £15. Yet the real benefit was that the potential of stuff for a variety of models.
  3. Hi, Ron, the link to the Mightypeesh, is quite timely in that my next project is the production of WW1 wheels for the Fokker V29. As yet I have not found the pegged link as yet, although I am now getting the impression the pegs go into the end face. IMO there is so many aspects of 3D printing, design, aeromodellers experiences, and techniques to draw on to produce a monthly article in the RCM&E. For many printing is the way forward with changes in supplies and products in the model trade.
  4. Paul, I was not trying to cause an offence by a tautology. I can see from Rons image that a step of some type of step (however described) is beneficially include in the 3d print design. In future i will give some thought and consideration in how to incorporate the feature/concept into the design. I am still not clear on what a pegged joint looks like? In the mean time I am starting to cyno some bits of the brim to create an overlap on both parts being joined. For me another example of common practice and methods that could be used in a model aircraft article for the RCM&E. I am sure that there is more than me that has a lot to learn.
  5. When you say overlaps, could I interpret that as "underlaps". Then there would be flush outer surface, rather than a stepped finish?
  6. Yep, I am talking about 3d PLA prints. Sorry about the confusion. I have three of these which I intend to butt together at 400mm lg I thought that it could be a bit to tall for my printer. Now printing a 100mm lg section, I am thinking it could possibly be just about viable, although a very long printing session about 22 hours. I think you can see that there is no overlapping on my arrangements. Or have I possibly mis-understood?
  7. I am producing a sub wing for a model. It is made from three prints. My intention was or is to butt the sections together. At present i have two prints completed, and have noted that the joint is not perfect. In that there is probably a thou or so waviness. My intention was (and probably still is) to cyno the joint. I then started to wonder how is this apparently simple task done on some of the commercial models. Do they normally print in a step/ locating tongue? I have thought I could possibly cyno some of the brim of-cuts to aid location and also gluing surface etc. Yet again a lack of experience and common custom and practice is become apparent.
  8. I only just spotted your post Martin. It is very useful to have endorsements of at least one product that works. I have just returned from Norway, where I had the unfortunate opportunity to see what works with luggage in airports. My wife put a few of her Golf Stickers on our luggage (I did think, useless, far to small). At Copenhagen SAS had gone on strike with all ( actually most incl. ours) ongoing flights. The airport was empty of people, with just a few luggage conveyers working. I could not immediately spot ours, eventually one. Meanwhile ther was piles of luggage piled on the floor area. Others with coloured straps around their luggage spotted and retrieved theirs. Yet another announced to their husband one of ours is coming, that's the first, it being retrieved. This continued to the family had a number of cases. In our case, there was no sign of the second case. I asked about the great of pile of floor cases, being told, it was a Turkish flight that had not gone and was awaiting retreival. Our second case was found by my wife in this pile (in spite of me and the airport staff). The woman who retrieved the cases with ease, was using one of the trackers. Due to the stress of the moment, I did not even try to establish what model she was using. They do seem to work, so it seems.
  9. Erfolg

    Ender 3

    Thanks for the reply, I did wonder as to the usefulness. The maintenance I undertook, was almost certainly due to my own incompetence, as I probably had not tightened the nozzle above a nip, into the heater. In this case what appeared to have happened is that the nozzle came slightly loose, enough for the the PLA to leak up the threads onto the front face of the heater, and to dribble down the nozzle. I could not see this due to the cover. How did i know, well the bed clearance reduced to an extent that the machine had stopped putting layers down (having blocked). I eventually noted a gap between the print and the nozzle. I perhaps had fore warning, in that I had to keep leveling the bed (the gap) after each print. I have now put my spare nozzle in the heater, tightened it slightly above a nip, and will now keep a closer eye and what is happening, also noting if the bed gap reduces, experience may provide a clue as to why. Cleaning the PLA of the nozzle was not easy, neither clearing the nozzle. I now wonder should I purchase some spare ( perhaps) SS nozzles?
  10. Erfolg

    Ender 3

    I have or had a silicon cover over the extruder head. I took it of as I needed to undertake some maintenance on the extruder nozzle. I forgot to replace it. At present the printer is printing away apparently quite happily. What is intended purpose, or what should it be doing. (I will refit it when it has finished printing).
  11. Not wishing to take anything away from the Wrights. They certainly achieved many firsts. I believe that the major step (as others have stated) was to build a light weight engine, that was capable of providing sufficient power for their purpose. Others have also highlighted that others had identified much that was known and not known with respect to airfoils. Many others had taken inspiration from birds wing geometries. Others also got things wrong. The Wrights did sort a lot of the wheat from the dross. The comment that some one made in that the Wrights were Professional in approach is certainly very true. I would add that they were also very commercially aware. To that extent the patents were not mere vanity acquirements, they were sought for financial exploitation. It should be noted that apparently a number of granted patents, were later rescinded, when contested on the grounds of Prior Knowledge. From what has been said it appears our USA friends have not been jingoistic. I think it is worth considering how history is not always quite as written. I recently went to Oslo and visited this exhibit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ægidius_Elling, I was already aware of this man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Barber_(engineer). I also was aware that Brown Boveri of Switzerland had also built one (for the steel industry, running on town gas), that was found to be inefficient to the then alternatives.
  12. I have now used the concept Ron has suggested. The first result has just come of the printer. I have modified a model to increase the extrude by 2, So that I will have 3 prints to join instead of 4. I see printing as being essential part of aero modeling, now. The next picture is of a thingverse Pilot and a design and print I have produced of a BMW 3a engine. I really would like to see much more in the mag on 3d design and printing. In my case i am using Fusion and cura. An obvious question, are all programs essentially the same in functionality and user interface?
  13. I suspect that most have very similar teams, and possibly making similar predictions, as it looks that the differences in points between top and bottom is not massive. I see Tony is a Russell supporter, I think he is amongst the most promising drivers at present. How Louis came to pass him, so tamely, is a shame, team orders, deference, or team machinations (with respect to tyre conditions). Hopefully Mercedes will recognise they have a new sherrif in town or possibly have another "Nico Rosberg" on their hands. Yet again Verstappen and the team Red Bull (that is Newey, Horner etc), have shown how outstanding they are. Not sure about Perez, he is very good, though not always outstanding. I understand that Mercedes are still trying to ham string Red Bull Powertrains,
  14. Now talk about "Soap Boxes", the BMFA News has one of the biggest. Not all is poor, though not a commercially viable format. To keep the RCM&E going, for however long, and the Forum. They have become to a degree complimentary, almost symbiotic (what doe it mean?). Without the 3d thread, my printer could already be in the bin, I would not have known about Autosketch tutorial book, the videos and most importantly feed back from forum members. The world keeps on turning, the mag and us really, really old uns, have to change and adapt to how "it is" and not what we think the environment should be that we live in.
  15. I am in a small minority, in that I appreciate adverts, without them I would never have heard of many of the brands of yesteryear, never mind what is currently available. I like adverts with prices quoted, P&P charges when mail order. Society has pretty much had surveillance, from before the Tudors, MI 19 (where most were unaware of its existence), what are few cookies, or a mobile which always makes your location known to some. Because I am so incredibly boring (do not all agree so enthusiastically) I pity anyone monitoring me. Oh, perhaps not being a signed Woke leaves me in jeopardy. Put the adverts where you want them, on this site, in the mag, if it helps keeps everything going.
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