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  1. Does the Southport club fly at Woodvale, or somewhere else. Will the Woodvale event ever return?
  2. Erfolg

    Electric Cars.

    I do wonder what or why there are so many small Evs available in Italy, although not in the UK. Could it possibly be non compliance or perhaps vested interests. It is obvious from a UK perspective that problems with EVs sale requirements, that the PSA group, openly stating that they will not pay sales tax on IC cars, if the EV sales do not cover potential sales. The IC sales will not happen. A knock on consequence is the viability of the UK manufacturing plants. Apparently new investments are continuing at other non UK locations, by PSA and others. At the same time EV sales are flat lining both here and the rest of the world. You can be certain that similar views and actions will be taking place with respect to the UK for all vehicle sales . A number of EU based manufacturers seem only wishing to sell high cost EVs here. Often to my eyes, the size of tanks (and weights). There have been indications by some, that the UK has or was seen as a way to recover the high cost of Evs, due to, or via, our early adopter strategy. Pushing back by 5 years has reduced the opportunity by the EU to use the UK as the Milch Cow. I did not anticipate the difficulty of Ev batteries would be used as a basis of for increased insurance premiums. So much seems to be the consequence of very fast transition to Electric. It disappoints me that for vehicles that charging arrangements (plugs) is still so variable. Perhaps a single plug type and smart chargers are required. Every day it seems a new battery technologies is announced, last week a battery that charges half the time than existing types and at a much reduced cost (no mention of operating life).
  3. Erfolg

    Electric Cars.

    When in Rome there were a lot of small electrics similar to the Silence. I Goggled the various brands, they were all reasonably priced, the country of origin was not immediately obvious, not one was on sale in the UK. The problems for UK EVs seem to be increasing. The speculation with respect to tariffs on Chinese vehicles and batteries. The higher insurance costs due to right offs, where little obvious damage has occurred, Maintenance charges being higher than e solution. expected, greater than IC cars. Reports of very high tyre wear. as low as 10,000miles. The real elephant is the treasury considering how to replace fuel duty, road fund, vat etc . Apparently it is now acknowledged that the 2 ton Evs are increasing road damage and wear, with the utilities that their infrastructure is being damaged at a greater rate, due to, blah, blah. Apparently increased duties on fuel, would be a stealth tax increase, rather than a gap filling It has not been helped by the EU, pushing back and suggestions further push backs on I|C restrictions may be moved back yet another 5 years to 2040.
  4. Monaco is less a race, more about qualification. Felt for Chico, the suggestion that there is and was a reluctance to implement a penalty as the potential offender would almost certainly be suspended, again calls into question the authorities and vested interests, than consistent impartial decisions. As for being bottom.😢
  5. Grumpy, It is the same story wherever you live, all the amenities require substantial supervision, amenities, and a CPA (critical path analysis) with multiple hold points. Just like the joke of how many .......................................... Our upgraded (rebuilt road) has still not opened, still on track, in its 2 year programme, after 4 years, revised to lower scope (deleted spur), County Council time limited part of fund withdrawn, Boris Johnson replacing and supplanting the withdrawn funds, the contribution from a house builder also withdrawn (when the spur was deleted) as the housing limit would not be reached. Now our MP has resigned, due to a event that has made national news (the ironies is that the road would never have reached its current stage without his push) now there is a pending General election. And still no road, yet cycle lane roadworks has further increased difficulties for the locals (mostly for born again holiday cyclists, this aged once upon a time cyclist, cannot believe there behaviour quite often. Ah who has been flying? I made it on Saturday, all by my lonesome. Sunday I could barely get in our car park, the whole of the club was there, so it seemed. For me a good day, my rebuilt Wot 4e (new ply body) has flown successfully for the first time. Just took a new motor, 9g ( metal geared servos). As a precaution I had taken 3 other models (often flown). The sun beat down mercilessly. Went home, went to my daughters for dinner. A really successful no work for me day. Yesterday and today continuous rain with high winds.
  6. I do not know if any one else noticed (watched the highlights again) that both the McLaren and Ferrari following Verstappen exceeded the track limits consistently on one or maybe more corners. I expect that RB will be bringing any observation to the officials notice. We did not want a repeat of a past event where the stewards composition was queried, then being seen as to Anglo Saxon in composition. Are RBs easy wins behind them, if so it did not last as long as the Mercedes dominance. Verstappen needs a better team mate, than his present one, to keep the pursuing hoards at bay, as the unwritten team interest prevailed at Mercedes.
  7. OMG, Every one and their dog is here, clogging the roads, and car parks. Praise the Lord that human beings are averse to walking, if they were not, outside my house would be stacked high with vehicles. I went to the field on Saturday, word had got out, I was the only person present. No bad thing as I was able to fly three models in complete quite, confirming that in general all three no longer had any obvious issues. Flying a glider I was a little disappointed that not a single Buzzard was to be seen. I did work out that about 400 feet there were wide spread thermals that were transient. It was observing the flight patterns of Gulls that educated me. The thermals originated (that I could potentially use) in an adjacent field, where the farmer or his contractor, had killed of the central crop, now brown earth. Returning on Sunday, it was a different story, all of the club must have thought, he will not fly two days consecutively, as the rest of the club were present. I only flew two models. There was a reason, the wind had shifted to the South and grown in strength. At our field I find that this causes problems, as wind shear at both ends generates turbulence. For those models which have an abundance of power, it is of no issue, as they are airborne within a yard or two whilst in the wind shadow (from trees at the rear). For my models with longer take of runs and some others, emerging into the turbulence and wind shear, causes much stirring of the sticks. At present I have seen little visual evidence of wild life, returning after winter. Just the one, house or sand Martin. There is a resident Pheasant (now the farmer has banned the shooting club), that appears on the track. At my previous club, there were hares, lapwings, foxes (that would trot passed, or even sit and watch). in addition to Buzzards, some bird of prey that would consistently sit on telegraph poles or low voltage power lines. I am hoping to see more, as the summer progresses. How to get home was the next priority, as the few roads and lanes around here are packed at weekends with citizens who are abandoning their cities for the sea side. I made my decision, spending the most time inching my way home for the last mile. It was a good day, chatting with other club members, observing their new models, although I do disapprove of those noisy smelly things that some fly. Now the field has been cut twice in as many weeks, my wheeled models can once more be flown, rather than requiring a fling and a prayer.
  8. Ron has pointed out that nothing is new or is being claimed. This is my old contribution, in the good old days of Barcs and 100s, there was at least one kit that used "Blue Foam" for wings, uncovered. It was common practice to use "Christmas type present wrapping Paper", using simple PVA. The arrangement was incredibly strong. I do not remember what was used to protect the paper, there was no WBV back then. Protections was necessary as comps were run even when raining, paper does not like being wet. I had a conventional wing pop (under a monster tow), due to a day of being wet during a comp (it was covered with a plastic sheet), Damp weather in the past could soften PVA. With respect PVA, it seems that in essence it is like saying steel, could be a low carbon, high carbon, or with alloys. PVA know seems to be so broad, that it is difficult to predict how different, under what circumstances. An example is a PVA (D4) I have used (recently)will not be reactivated if heated with a iron, to use to reseal iron on film. In the past basic PVA could be used for the purpose. At present I use Gorilla white (PVA), because I can easily purchase it, not sure it dilutes well, though. Experimentation may be required.
  9. The majority of what we purchase for our models originates from China or the Far East. The retail purchase price in the UK is determined by and large by the retailer needing to make a profit (after all costs), and the Governments taxes (vat, any duties and handling charges). It is not due to the so called subsidies or dumping allegations. The business model of Ali baba and even Amazon, now pays the requisite duty, to the UK (Customs and Excise), any agents in the Far East, whilst cutting out UK middle persons (whoops that should be man). Now we see a substantially lower prise. One of our problems is that we are now a niche hobby, of low numbers. In the mean time I am getting ready a number of my models for tomorrow.
  10. We are all pretty close to each other, unfortunately, there will many changes.😢
  11. Yes Mr G. Although not particularly relevant to the failure, I had forgotten that this again was new motor. The previous motor was not powerful enough, running on full power it was just about adequate, melting, partially, the plastic moulded stand of. It was looking at the ply spacer, that jogged my memory, whilst taking the screws out of the ply. I am sure that the prop was balanced, after +6 months I cannot be certain. It will be checked. Other than out of balance prop, I hope it is not a resonance issue. Again I will do a ground run, hopefully not to replicate what ever went wrong.
  12. A couple of pictures of the motor cross piece that failed. I am now starting the replacement process maximising the mounting. I was worried that the motor threads had stripped, they seem OK.
  13. My wife is on her way out, to another golfing competition, her parting words are, "get out" and "no more moaning about the road works, pot holes". If I ever Would? At lunch time I go. Having negotiated another set of temporary traffic lights, dodged more pot holes than the Somme in 1914. How in my childhood the Brits would scof at Belgium roads. I arrive at the gates to the track leading down to our field, the gate is closed, although unlocked, with a large white van parked inside, just of the track. It seems a posh van, having what appears to be blacked out window. Two guys are standing near by, a large quad/drone sits on the ground, the two guys appear to have a lap top and mobile phone which appears to be swung this way and that. One guy offers to close the gate after me, he seemed pleasant enough> I am in no mood for an argument, I descended the track, having spotted a model in the air sometime earlier, now confident my pals had not succeeded in avoiding me. Turning into the car park, only one SUV, the rest knew I was coming. What do have I have with me, a model I have just re-motored, a long standing faithful, a newish model, a Canard ( now prehistoric) and my Sagitta. What to fly first? Has to be my re-motored, rock steady model, it will be able to all the things that the lack of power prevented. The attempt from the ground, promptly fails, I try again, the grass is still to long. A hand launch is the answer, which ends in disaster, hmmmm, that was a lot of power, you are bit slow on the sticks and it is no longer a pussy cat. Take the kit back to the car, carefully in case I loose anything. Ah, the answer is old faithful, I was correct, took of, flew circuits, looped, rolled, 1/2 Cubans, that is more like it, even the landing was a nice rumble from HK light weight wheels. Now I am cooking with gas, other than we only have electric. My newish model is next. Takes of with Gusto, do a few circuits. Now it is time for a loop, then something else. Open the throttle, a cacophony of noise erupts. My helper speaks, that does not sound right. I say is the prop stalling. Hmmm something is not right we agree, time to land. On landing all is not well, there is now a lot of down thrust. A more careful examination reveals a broken motor mount, how broken is not immediately obvious. Then I think the motor shaft is bent, then it is apparent the prop is barely hanging on. Oh well it is Canard time, never fails, whatever the weather, totally dependable. Initially all is going well, about two minutes into my 7 minute flight, I am at full throttle. No, no, what now. I land immediately. A pretty thorough cell, volt investigation, all seems well. A motor run on full power, it is apparent that the power quickly declines. Another cell check, the volts have collapsed, on one cell. Conclusion, new Lipo is required, the long winter hibernation was not good for it. I now start the journey home, only to be confronted by the big van, he pulls over, by the farmers fertilizer pile, to let me pass, indicates, for me to speak, window to window. It then becomes apparent that they are contractors working for the grid, surveying for hot pots and other issues with the local pole type distribution system. They are concerned that I would lock them in. The jouney home was without incdent, other than school finishing, parked vehicles everywhere, lolly pop men leaping out. Not being prone to moaning or being grumpy it all passes over me with just a few comments and observations, that back in my day.....................................
  14. I am guessing that the others tyres were some laps older, by a significant margin. On that basis all had undertaken the mandatory one different ( hardness) tyre change, and that was Landos first? I am not sure that the safety car as typically used is a little like introducing a random effect, a little like snakes and ladders. The Virtual Safety Car, seems much fairer, in that no advantage is arbitrary gained or lost.
  15. There does appear to have been some issue with the safety car. Not that I completely understand what, really happened. Superficially appears that Lando Norris benefitted from a new set of tyres, that non of the other drivers benefitted from. I suspect that played a big part in Verstappen, not being able to challenge for the lead, there could also have been fuel usage issues, for all our knowledge. As a spectacle Miami worked, like the Super bowl and many other USA events, As a race, I am not convinced. Although to my surprise safety was not the issue I suspected. The track appears to be particularly prone to drivers being pushed of, by drivers they are passing, Where as those being passed, seem to see a benefit, from ensuring that the pass is not completed. Not a Miami fan. From Verstappen's view point, he was lucky to have made it to the 2nd corner. It is probably Nando's turn to get a degree of luck.
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